Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Black Beauty?

I have 2 interested potential buyers on this piece -

the funny part is - I don't feel it shows well in pictures - so while at my mothers tonight I took
home an aqua paint I had left there while staging - I was going to repaint it this evening when I
got in, set it all up - and decided to check my emails before starting - and lo and behold 2 people
are asking for it.................imagine if I had painted it first lol?

and the 2 pieces I thought were going to fly out the window, are sitting here in my foyer,
and the longer they sit there the homelier they are starting to look to me, sooooo, I am
repainting them tomorrow .................they both just may become my Union Jack dressers.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

again SOLD

this is the pc I was selling with my previous post, I listed them together but ended up selling
them to two different people - both within hours of each other?
lucky break.............

but aren't the details just beautiful?

hmmm - maybe should have kept for my bedroom - lol - what a basketcase I am