Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My knight in shining armour

When I met John he could not hammer a nail in the wall, ok well maybe he could do that but just that, believe me when I say nothing more than that - so for many years I was the handy man around the house.
Well baby, look at him now....................

My french window grid

I still have to paint it - and there are still 3 more to make- I also want to make picture frame moldings
for the walls inside the ledge because they are deep enough to warrant a little architectural detail but we are soooo close - I keep walking into the living room to look at it - I couldn't be more impressed if he came riding down the street on a white stallion and scooped me up ( unless he had a miter box in one hand )

I'll do a tutorial on this one when it's completely finished - it's not quite as simple as I thought it would be - I have a very bad habit of saying everything is easy with a flick of my hand - truth be told I am wrong about that
more than I am right - but still all in all it only took a couple of hours to make this grid - and
cost under 25 dollars - ( it's the measuring that kills me - I tend to always want to skip that part )
with sometimes very disastrous results, lol.

And this is how we ate dinner this evening

I think that's parsley on the plate but it could be wood chips - who in the midst of this mess
would even want to decorate with parsley - and then I didn't like how it looked so I was
going to start over and had to stop myself because sometimes even I can see the insanity
peeking out of my brain and laughing at me.  Sitting in the midst of tools and sawdust and
a miter box on top of a yellow towel and worried about decorating my shrimp dinner.
I'm surprised I didn't put tea lights all over the place, lol.

So again - this is how the window started -

xmas photo because it's the best shot of the all white window!

and here it is so far

Have a good one all,

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My Spring Mantel

The weather has been so warm outside that I decided it was time to match the inside ( still in winter mode on the inside!!! )

I bought an orchard - which I can never keep alive - but at 12.99 it was the price of a small bouquet
of flowers and will definitely last longer than a few days.............

I spray painted my little owl - because copper just wouldn't do

5,99 - should have bought more of these!!!!!!!!!!
 and so I was having one of my reflective moments................and kind of spoke out loud my thoughts that
 no matter what happens in the world - no matter how many tragic stories we hear - how many losses there
 are, nature has such a way of restoring our soul every spring - the flowers sprout - buds appear on trees - the
 snow melts to reveal new grass .............and John replied
 " and the dog still needs to be walked and I still have to pick up it's crap"

 yes, Spring is so rejuvenating,
 isn't it?


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