Friday, August 24, 2012

300 Follower give away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone - before I really get into my post, has anyone else been noticing an abundance of no-reply bloggers lately?  It's seems to be happening on a frequent basis and for some reason quite randomly - on addresses that I know for a fact were not no reply bloggers previously -
It must be a google problem because there's just far too many right now.
And I have tried to go to each and every site to let people know - but it's soooo time consuming - and often the problem seems to from now on if you don't hear back from me - ( after having taken time out of your day to drop me a line ) you'll see my reply on my post itself.  Please know that I so appreciate the comments - they make my heart happy - but I just don't have the time to look you up and let you know ( we also run another business - and blogging is time consuming ) 
So - if you do not hear back from me - it's not because I'm rude ( I'm so many other things believe me - but RUDE? no way - that wouldn't be one of them, lol ) I truly appreciate every single one of you - you all make me smile ( sometimes on days when I need to smile badly )


That's not screaming btw - that's just to make it easier lol - hope this helps!!!

And because I appreciate you sooooooooo much I have another give away to say " thanks " so much - 

I thought this was the cutest thing evah - ( especially since so many diy's use this motif on furniture makeovers - but mostly because you are all " Queen Bees ", right?

Isn't it pretty? ( oh so pretty, and witty and wise? )

And I included one of these in my first give away - but because I love them so much I'm included one again

I had never heard of them until I received one as a " Hostess gift " and fell in love with it so much that last x-mas all the ladies had one ( gift wrapped ) on their plates as a Thanks For Coming gift!
They're " nut " spoons - for germaphobics I suppose LOL - but they look so pretty resting in the bowl.........

and a small ( purse size ) agenda book - Candice Olson is a Canadian designer who does the most inspiring elegant makeovers!  I know her shows also air in some States so some of you may know her - 
this is black and silver - my favorite colors and a great item to have in your purse - I recently added it to mine.  THIS is something I should have in my purse unlike all of THIS - tee hee

I have a few things I'm working on - not quite ready to post about - but some neat makeovers are on their way!

Just drop me a line if you want in on the giveaway - winner will be picked by next Friday.
I'd love to have you follow me - but it's certainly not a condition - names will be picked from the list
of comments!

And because I'm feeling mushy - and so grateful for the kindness you guys show - these are my parting words for the day - just something I thought up on a whim a long time ago

I hope life, will treat you kind
And I hope that you have all
That you ever dreamed of
Oh, I do wish you joy
And I wish you happiness
But above all this
I wish you love

And if they sound familiar it's because Dolly STOLE them from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dolly please don't sue me - it's only a little bitty teensy weensy joke - everyone knows that you wrote the song and everyone knows that I'm a pathological liar ) 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guest Hosting!

Good morning everyone!
I'm guest hosting today over at KEEPING IT SIMPLE - Kaysi ( don't you love the spelling of her name ) has an incredible crafting blog - great site that I visit often - so am thrilled that my first time Guest hosting is with her!!!

Just a little sneak peak of what you will see

p.s. it involves a John says - Suzan says story!