Monday, May 27, 2013

MY Lady in Red....................

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday's POST was a tie in to today's post - did any of you figure it out?

Here's the tale of MY Lady in Red..................

First of all when I answered the Craigs list ad - and found out the dresser was here in Westmount - I thought
" wow " this is great - soooo close - except this baby was living in one of those I WANNA live there Wednesday homes - way up on the hill - I swear to God had I had my camera with my I would have asked if I could walk around taking photos lol - as it were - I was promptly directed down a very dark narrow staircase into the cellar, where sadly, I seem to belong.
After trying to lift my half of it - I looked at John and shook my head - there was just no way I could have angled it up that narrow staircase.
Did I mention I was out of breath just walking up the 60 steps to get to the front door in the first place?
And it gets better - this home was up - way up - but the parking in the back was UP again - another steep winding climb to the car pad.
We had to call my son in to help John - because sometimes you just have to accept defeat -
And then it sat in the back of the van for about a month LMHO - furniture painting is for the insane at times -
just ask anyone who does it - things that other people would think are insane are just another day on the ranch for us.

Anyway we brought it in last night -
It happens sometimes - just last month someone bought a dresser and sent me an email telling me the drawers smelled bad ( is that embarrassing or what ? )
I put bowls of vinegar in the drawers which is supposed to help - I put baking soda - and usually that works but sometimes it doesn't -
A lot of the furniture I buy are antiques - and not antiques that have been gingerly taken care of - they're often in rough shape which is why they're often priced to sell.
And they have this smell which is a mixture of cigarettes and Church - does anyone know what I mean by that " Church " smell?  Sort of like incense?  It's very pungent................
Does anyone out there have a magical way of getting rid of that smell?

It appears that some sort of crazy glue fell all over the top

It was really like an epoxy - and very difficult to sand off ( which John did - I have to give credit where credit is due - Hey John - I'm giving you credit here )

and some knicks ( gouges might be a better term )  here and there

Here it is all sanded - ( why do you need to see a photo of it sanded ? I have no idea - but I think I'm supposed to show that )

and for any of you who know me, you're going to be shocked by the next step!

little Miss Paris Grey and White - opted for this instead!

The same old - same old just didn't feel right for this dresser - I was kind of aiming for a " chinoiserie " look instead.
Oh. My. God...............................
What took me so long?
Ok - I'm going to take you through the process with photos here - so bear with me

This is one of the drawers after 3 coats - no wax

here it is with clear wax on it

And here it is with the dark wax applied on top of the clear wax...................and the original hardware put back on ( which I was going to spray paint gold - then thought maybe black - but in the end left in their original state because the brassy color looks nice against the red )

And here's my Lady in Red

AND this is where having a good camera is absolutely vital - red is a hard color to capture anyway - but when you're working with a crappy Kodak - and a dark house - EVERY single photo I took captured it in a different color................every single one.
Just pick the one you like best - and I'll tell you that's the truest one LMHO

Never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight.....................

It's a much deeper red than these photos camera is not capturing the depth whatsoever - nor is it showing how dark and beautiful the wax is.  Will you take my word for it if I tell you
it is absolutely gorgeous in real life?

The middle drawers did not have handles - so I picked up back plates ( I used these often anyway when a dresser needs a little something - something )

This may just be my newest favorite color by Annie Sloan..................

Emperor's Silk

 I never will forget.................................
                                                             The way you look tonight.........................

And there you have it - an old dresser and a tin of the best paint in the world...................
Have a great Tuesday all
Tomorrow we're going across the ocean for I WANNA live there - and I do mean across the ocean!

Much love

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I Should be mopping the floor

Ladies in Red..............

Good morning everyone!

I thought I'd have another makeover ready for you today - but I still have a little tweaking to do on it - so you get all this eye candy instead..................

The power of RED - I've never painted anything red in my life know me - Miss Grey and white  and when I want my wild side to come out - well I go with Duck Egg blue lol
But I LOVE red - really I do - and when I see these my heart pounds a little - most definitely





                                            Contemporary Bedroom by New York Photographer Rikki Snyder

                                 Eclectic Bathroom by Rockwall Design-build Modern Craft Construction, LLC



And now I'm thinking realizing every home deserves at least one Lady in Red to grace it................

Unless of course you look like this in red yourself

Then a red dresser would probably just be redundant..........................

Have a great first day of the week all :)