Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stone Fireplaces

I LOVE them - I love the warmth they bring into a space - and I think any time you can bring in natural elements into decor - it's a good thing.................( think branches - which John hates lol )
Son't you love the sail boat?



I LOVE all of them -
As you know - this house has a stone fireplace - and I DON'T like it - ( sorry Cheryl - but I really don't - and after 2 months I'm not " warming " up to it either- pun intended :)
It looks like the " poor " cousin - a sad wannabe of a stone fireplace - and in turn it makes me sad every time I look at just looks like a bunch of jagged rocks sticking out of cement haphazardly.

I even got permission from the previous owner's artwork to change it up a little
Since we've had the floors redone in a dark ebony it looks even sadder.

We thought of changing it completely - but that's a huge job - and not really in the budget when there's
so many other things we want need to do.............and I did want to keep the natural stone somehow

OH NO, YOU'RE ALL THINKING - SHE WOULDN'T ...............................

Yes actually, she would - and even started - and if it doesn't turn out like I'm hoping - then we'll change it completely :)

We had a brick fireplace in the last house - red brick to start with - veneer brick to be precise - and it looked horrible with the natural 100 year old exposed brick on the walls - I suppose the previous owners wanted to keep a theme going - but it was a huge fail -  so I painted that white too and it worked.
( John fought me on that one tooth and nail - so I did it when he was sleeping one night - stayed up the entire night painting it - it took 4 coats if I remember correctly - and he loved it )

So I'm praying I'm making the right call here.....................because its not that easy to do
( well it is and it isn't if you know what I mean - those crevices aren't easy to get into ) and I think there was half a century of grime and fluff and dust in there. It'll be clean if nothing else !

Oh the weather outside is frightful - but the fire is so delightful........................Christmas song but it'll
do in a pinch lol

Have a restful - peaceful Sunday all !

Much love,
( I'm feeling better today - thanks so much for all of your kind words - most of you have been there - done that so I know you get it - I think exhaustion has crept in to be honest with you - absolute exhaustion )  So I really took it easy yesterday - laid around a lot - painted at a much slower pace - played music ( my go to therapy - and it works every time )
AND we have our cruise in March - I have to hold on to that thought on the rough days :)

Giant hugs, ( now where did I put that paint brush? )

If home is where the heart is................

Then I'm in big trouble ............
It doesn't feel like home yet.
At all.
It feels like I've been hired to fix up someone else's house actually.

Our last place felt like home the first night - it fit so perfectly into what ( we thought at the time ) our needs were.

I miss the city -
A lot.
A little too much.

I haven't been out of the house basically in 2 months - little jaunts here and there - but otherwise I've been in this house trying to make it feel like home.

Nothing is completely finished - well except for our bedroom - it's still a bit of a disaster everywhere else.

I look around and I think " if only "

the living room were done
the kitchen were finished
the dining room was complete
the french doors were installed
the baseboards were up
the painting was over
the bathroom was renovated
the pantry built
the kitchen floor changed
the office was gutted
my little boudoir was actually a little boudoir
the guest room was gutted

What was I thinking?
How could I have left the last place?
A Victorian beauty right in the heart of the city

I'm overwhelmed with the work
and underwhelmed with the house
A deadly combination to say the least...............

Did I mention I miss the city?
A lot?
A little too much?

It's a bad day today - no fighting it -
It's an almost on the verge of crying day today
It's a deep feeling of regret day today

And I'm terrified I just may have left my heart somewhere downtown
when we bought this one.

Because it sure ain't here.  I've been looking for it for 2 months now.

Maybe I have too much on my plate right now?

ahhh - this is better

I got some troubles but they won't last
I'm going lay right down here on my ass ( sorry there's no grass to be seen anywhere in Montreal right now ) 
And pretty soon all my troubles will pass...................

Cuz I'm in Shoo Shoo Shoo
Shoo Shoo Shoo
Shoo Shoo Shoo Shoo Shoo Shoo 
Sugar town

Ok - off to eat my sorrows away with some cheese cake
It may or may not help - but strangely enough this song put a smile on my face :)

Right now I have my cake
( and I'll eat it too )

Have a better day than I -
And if you're having a crappy day you have my sympathies -
what an awful way to start the weekend
( try to find some cheese cake )

Much love,