Monday, March 3, 2014

I Paint Furniture ...................

Good morning All !!!

Lately for some reason I've been seeing people get upset about wood furniture being painted -
( not here - more on Hometalk to be honest with you )

There's a lot of beautiful wood furniture out there - I know that - some pieces leave me drooling at times ( not often because I truly love painted pieces ) so I kind of - sort of- get it - that it troubles some people to see a perfectly fine piece of antique or vintage  furniture covered up ( and in their minds " destroyed " ) with paint.

I GET IT - and so I never go to someone's site and say - YOU SHOULD PAINT THAT -

And to those people - I say - NEVER paint a piece of furniture - it's obviously not for you - and you can, after all, do whatever you like with a piece that you own.

But, there are, many many people out there that are very close to getting rid of a piece just because they're sick of looking at it - or because they've inherited it and don't like it very much - or they want to hold on to a piece for sentimental reasons but want it updated to fit the decor in their home because it just doesn't " belong " and then there are those that are thinking of the environment and don't want to put a piece in a landfill.

These are the people I paint furniture for.

It's their decision - and they always go from hating it to loving it.

They are not Antique dealers - they are not looking to hold on to a piece for financial appreciation down the road - they are simply people who are looking for an updated solution to something that is theirs to do with what they choose.

I hope I'm not offending anyone - I SO hope you know that - it would break my heart if I thought I was - I just want to clarify what I do - and gently remind you that often my customers come by the blog.

If seeing wood furniture get painted upsets you - this simply isn't a blog you'll be enjoying any time soon :)

A HUGE facebook page ( they had over 120,000 likes )  featured this piece recently ( most of you will remember it I think? )

and a LOT of people thought I shouldn't have painted it - that this piece should have been left alone.
I'm wondering what they would have had me tell my customer?

I don't take personal offence, honestly I don't - I'm really too thick skinned for that type of thing -
just thought I would put it out there though - painting furniture is what I do after all !

And I will be starting on this later today :)

The customer has decided on ASCP - Graphite - Even though it comes with a certificate

and a Crest

It's a gorgeous piece - and a pure joy to work on - except for a couple of scratches that were easily filled - it's in incredible condition.  And even if it's painted it'll be beautiful in a different way.

You'll see - I promise - you'll see :)
( and it's much darker than it appears in this photo )

Have a great Monday -
Much love,

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

John's Asking for your help

John says - I have a question for you
Suzan says - Shoot
John says - WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TOILET PAPER IN A BIRD CAGE in the bathroom????????
Suzan says - To keep Soda from eating it ( Soda eats toilet paper - weird I know - but she DOES )
John says - Could you ask your blogging friends if they think it's normal please
Suzan says - You really want me to ask them that?
John says - Yeah - I want to know if I'm the only one that think it's completely abnormal to have to unlock a tiny little birdcage every time I have to wipe my...............
Suzan says - I think you always make a big deal out of every little tiny thing
John says - Can you ask them please - I'm curious -
John says - You ask them for all of YOUR decisions - just ask them this for me

So guys - here you go - John's asking for your help - on the most ridiculous matter possible

Personally I would never bore you with something like this.
BTW - it's our upstairs bathroom - I wouldn't expect guests to have to fiddle when they piddle.........

Tell me you guys get it :)

Suzan says - I think you need to start a blog
Suzan says - I'll put it out there this time - but you really need to have your own blog - this is a waste of a post for me
John says - If you think you're the queen of decor - you're not -  It looks like it's there to catch Bird Sh*t.................
Suzan - Thanks sweetheart - thanks very much...................

Vulgar post - but this is what you get when you let a man dictate your blog.