Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shuttered Windows!

Good morning !

Some of you may have read about my " deal of the century " when I scored 6 sets of these for an unimaginable price !

John and I held them up to the window ................

John says - Didn't you measure the windows before you bought these
Suzan says - Yes I did
John says - Didn't you realize they wouldn't fit ?
Suzan says - Yes I did
John says - Well it's NOT such a great deal if we can't use them, is it?
Suzan says - I'll make them fit dammit !
John says - THEY DON'T FIT - YOU CAN'T " MAKE " THEM FIT !!!!
Suzan says - yes I can dammit.................

Yesterday - I worked out a barter deal with my friendly neighborhood contractor - Natasha!!!!!!!
Want some furniture painted?  No problemo - I need some work done too !!!
What - you like this piece?
Well that might be another day or 2 of work in the house lol

Ok - here we go -

Now these Louvre Shutters have frames in them because they were custom made for someone's windows obviously - they are meant to sit INSIDE the frame and removing them from the frame made them far too small for the inside of the window frame  which is what John was talking about - but I've never let a little thing like the correct measurements ( of anything ) stand in my way.

We removed all the window frames ( ugly anyway - needed to be changed desperately ) and attached
" L " brackets to screw into the window surround, like so

New window frames will cover up those brackets and no one will be the wiser

We also have to install some molding on the interiors -

Hopefully the window frames will be up by next weekend -

And then I can show you how I make them fit even when they're too short for another window - like this one

That wire hanging from the left hand corner is what you get when you buy a house that was built before T.V.'s were invented - let alone cable ( there's tons of old telephone wires hidden behind baseboards too ! )   have to do something about it - but this room's in major reno mode so for now it's the least of my problems
( and that's a big fat lie - it's little things like this that keep me awake at night LOL )

AND because I can't look at the shutters in the living room without them being all framed in - even for just a week - I hung up curtains to hide that little fact - and now I'm in love with how they look together!

The living room window looks out into the enclosed porch - which is a mess still - let's hide THAT too!

John says - How'd you make them fit?  I'm impressed
Suzan says - With sheer determination
Suzan says - I told you they would work
Suzan says - You never listen to me
Suzan says - When will you start trusting me
Suzan says - Why do
John interrupts - Ah shutter up already

Suzan says - That was very witty John - now I'm impressed

Suzan says - We can dance around the living room naked now
John says - What the hell would we want to do that for?
Suzan says- Oh I don't know - if the mood strikes us one day
John says - God Forbid.............

I MADE THEM FIT ( dammit !!! )

Have a wonderful day !

Much love,

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Before and almost after Entry way

Good morning !

It's an almost before and after - because like everything else in this place - NOTHING is quite finished.

Baseboards are missing - thermostats are hanging out - there's pictures and mirrors and shutters lined up against every wall - but for now you can at least see a little of where it's going I suppose.

And for all of you that are asking about that kitchen floor - a post should go up about it later this week I hope - because THAT'S STILL NOT FINISHED EITHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here we go - here's what the entry way looked like in December - after living here a couple of weeks

And then it looked like this

And this is what I've managed to come up with for you so far ( well for John and I also )

Remember that secretary?  If you don't here's how it looked once upon a time ( you can see her makeover HERE - not sure if she's staying there - but for now it's a perfect fit :)

The whole space is really in a transitional stage -  but I've started putting a mini greek key design on the stairs in the midst of mayhem,
The wall is painted black - in the day it looks navy for some reason - which is fine by me since I was torn between navy and black - I kind of now have both !
There's the kitchen floor to the left lol.................

Remember those mirrors and how stupid I can be?  You can read it ( or see it ) HERE

Why is black so hard to photograph?  Here we go - much better?
Can I tell you I'm ready to paint every mirror and frame in my house gold all of a sudden?

Hope you realize I'm still at the stage where I have to run around like a crazy lady clearing areas to take photos - it DOES not look as tidy as this right now LOL ..................

Ok - have a coffee table that I'm very late finishing - so I'm going to be busy today ( last week was sheer chaos because sanding was done on all the walls that had dry wall installed and you know what that means - dusting and cleaning for a month after )

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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