Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Friday Chat ( about this and that ) AND giveaway winner !!!

A couple of weeks ago I met a fellow blogging buddy from Texas..................
Lynn ( Rustic Gold ) and her Husband BJ were in Montreal on a business trip -

As I hurriedly jumped in the shower at the last possible minute I never noticed the paint on my thigh.
Not visible until I sat down in the car - and there it was - a long streak.

Suzan says - Oh my God - I have to run back in
John says - There's no time - we'll be late

As I put my hands on my face in despair I felt a long chin hair

Suzan says - Oh my God - I have a chin hair - how did I miss that?
John says - Couldn't you have done all this last night - just to be ready?

John burst out laughing - and I looked over - horrified

Suzan says - Oh My God - what happened to your tooth
John says - It broke yesterday - nothing I can do about it - it's Sunday

And so...............the Clampett's drove off.

John says - Do you have Lynn's number?
Suzan says - Oh my God - I forgot it.....................but we're going to meet up at the fountain in
Old Montreal.
Suzan says - Thank goodness I remembered the camera !!!

We got really lucky and found parking right away - and ran off in the rain to stand beside the fountain.
And we stood.
And we stood
And we stood

John says - Are you sure this is the fountain
Suzan says - THIS is the only fountain

And we stood
And we stood......................

After 20 minutes I noticed a tourist office and ran in - to which I found out that there was in fact another fountain a few streets down...................55 years old and I didn't know that.

We ran - and I mean literally ran to the next fountain and there was Lynn - standing under an umbrella, patiently waiting for us in the rain

Her husband had asked her if she was sure this was the only fountain
Yes - she replied - THIS is the only one.

Us bloggers have a LOT IN COMMON lol

We spent a lovely part of the afternoon getting to know each other - laughing a lot - with John and BJ commiserating their lot in life being spouses of bloggers -and when it was time to leave - as we walked out into the rain - I said to John
Oh my God - I forgot to get pics of Lynn and I together -

John says - It's a miracle the rendez vous happened at all.


( Lynn - it was so wonderful to get to meet you - if I ever get to Texas please let's make sure there's not more than one fountain !!! )


Last week I happened to be looking at the thumbnail pics on my follower list - and I saw something that looked strange - on closer inspection I noticed a set of naked boobs staring at me.
I'm not a prude ( I keep saying that - but who knows - maybe I am ? ) all I know is that they don't belong on my blog - so I blocked the site - BEGONE BOOBS -
If you happen to come across a set of them on your blog ( or worse ) because they'll probably be looking for another place to strut their stuff -  here's how you block them.
Go to your dashboard - click on your followers - look for the offensive photo - click on that - and an option to block them will appear.
It obviously won't stop the boobs from reading your blog - but at least you and your followers won't have to see them.
I mean really, what next?
( I must say though - they were massive - and when I first saw the photo it looked like 2 heads )
and really not that great at all................

It's been glorious here the last 2 weeks - Indian summer at it's finest - which means "you know what" is around the corner -
I refuse to call it by its name -




Congratulations Vicky - I'm so happy for you and Sadie !!!

You can either give me your coordinates or  leave a comment directly at  THE B FARM

For anyone interested in having one done - you can contact Cecilia through her blog !

And I want to take a moment to thank Cecilia again for offering to do this - I will love my portrait of Soda forever.

Say thank you, Soda

Good girl !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -
Much love to all of you

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Half a hutch !

I remember years ago - the term " burn out " was flying all over the place ( maybe it was just a Montreal thing - I'm not sure about that ) but everyone was suffering from it.
People were taking time off work for " burn out " with letters from doctors

And I - being the cynical no nonsense type of person I used to be - would inwardly roll my eyes..........( I did a lot of inward eye rolling back in the day - it's probably why I have bad eyes now  - karma is a bitch )
My go to response- was always " Well I don't have the luxury of having a burn out "
I have kids to raise
A job to get to
A house to keep in order
A life to live.

I cringe when I think of how glib I was......................

I was such a cocky little thing now that I think of it.................
I never asked for help - because I loved basking in the praise if the truth be known
" how on earth does she do it alll " was music to my ears - I'm not sure what kind of disorder that stems from ( and I don't want to know ) because I was praised often as a child.
I could curl iron my hair while making the kid's lunches
I made 2 suppers in the evening - so that the next night's supper was ready - and then made 2 suppers again the next night. ( so even when I was ahead of the game I couldn't stop )
I lived with a vaccum attached to one arm and a bottle of vim attached to the other and often vaccumed myself out the door so that when we came back home at night, it was done.
I can see now that I was a neurotic lunatic - always an inch away from that dreaded " burn out "
AND that I had a severe case of O.C.D. ( to date, wine is the only cure I've found that has any merit at all - give me a couple of glasses of that elixir and I could care less about the state of the house )

I started painting this last night -
and smack in the middle of it
( and I DO mean smack in the middle of it )
I looked at it and thought " I'm just too tired to finish you "

Those words never cross my mind - not the tired part of course- I've been exhausted daily with all of these renos - and I complain about it constantly - but the " I can't finish you " part - I push myself mercilessly  to finish what I start.
Like my whole world will collapse if I don't.
And I think it's time for me to admit that I just can't work at the speed I used to -
Okay scratch that - that makes me sound old -
Let's switch it to this - I think it's time to admit that I don't WANT to work at the speed I used to.
Why am I always racing against the clock?
If any of you have a degree in mental disorders please do NOT try to figure me out - like I mentioned above I really don't want to know.  ( and I have a ton of wine here for when it gets out of control )

And that's why the top piece of this hutch is on hold.

Because I'm now mature enough to realize that " burn out " is just around the corner.

And there's a paisley patterned floor to be sealed - which I really do need to finish - so you can clearly see that I still don't have the time for one.

Have a wonderful day everyone !

Here - let's throw a basket on it and call it done LMHO

ASCP - Paris Grey and Old White.....................

UPDATE - she needed a little more distressing - her handles needed to be painted -
So here's a couple of more photos

I painted in 2 directions - the white undercoat one way and the grey top coat in the opposite - because I wanted a little texture on this country piece

And I know - I just know - I'll get up in the middle of the night and finish the damn thing !
Much love,

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