Sunday, October 26, 2014

101 uses for Fence Planks

Suzan says - John do you think you could cut a few of those wood planks for me
John says - What for now?
Suzan says - I have an idea for an empty frame
John says -  How about putting a picture in it?
John says - Now that would be a unique concept, wouldn't it?
John says - What do you want to do with it, put wood planks on the back of it?

And he laughs his head off

Suzan says -  YES !!!
John says - I think you're getting carried away with the bloody fence planks now

But the idea was born this summer - when I put empty frames on the actual fence outside in the eating area

Suzan says - Something about the decorative frames against rustic wood spoke to me
John says - Why is it that whenever something's speak to you - it involves work for me -
John says - What do these things say?  " Oh look John's taking a break - can't have that "
John says - And the bigger question is - why do inanimate things keep talking to you ?
Suzan says - Well it's much the way your golf clubs call your name on the weekends ..................

The original plan was to white wash the planks - but he hammered them all in before I could get to it

It's perfect for above the bed ( in the guest room bed nook - which is not finished )  Does anyone else hang artwork while a room is still being painted?

Think of the possibilites ( other than just leaving it is of course - because more is more is more, right? )

Later on I noticed John gathering up all the remnants of the leftover planks

Suzan says - HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
John says - Getting rid of these
Suzan says - Well you can put them right back down
John says -  Aw c'mon Suzan - what are you planning on doing - writing a book on 101 uses for Fence Planks?
Suzan - Holy cow - that's a magnificent idea John - maybe I will -
Suzan says - But in the meantime can you cut me just four more little pieces sweetie schnookums?
Suzan says - I have another frame.....................

Have a wonderful day everyone
Back to that little guest room for me

Update:  I added a round mirror I had to the center !

Much love,

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Friday Chat about This and That

So there I was at a comedy show - tons of people in the audience - and I find myself walking towards the stage door - where I talk the manager into giving me a chance to get on stage -  I start telling jokes and everyone just stares at expression -
I then start making faces and hopping around like a lunatic - again - no expression - until someone screams
" Get her off the stage "

Having no luck there - we moved on to a Karoke bar - and when I got up to sing people started leaving the bar................
And the manager came over and begged me to please stop.

I woke up devastated.
My dreams are getting weirder and weirder


Amazon stalks people................has anyone else noticed that if you're on Amazon looking at items - the next time you visit a blog - an Amazon Ad will pop up - WITH THE EXACT ITEM YOU WERE LOOKING AT !!!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell me some of you have noticed this strange occurrence and that I'm not losing my mind.


I had an email in my in-box advising me that I could put an end to embarrassing elections -
WTH?  I thought.
Elections don't bother me personally - ( although they SHOULD embarrass the politicians who participate ).
Then I realized the word was Erections.  I need to wear my glasses more often - how embarrassing.


I'm receiving an abnormal amount of emails from foreign women who apparently want to marry me.
They love my manliness and have always wanted someone like me.
I'm flattered but will have to pass.


I need a facelift ( just an observation )


Or at the very least an eye lift


When we were celebrating a 50th birthday almost monthly
Can it really have been 5 years ago?

and now - back to pressing details

Have a wonderful weekend everybody !

Much love,