Friday, April 3, 2015

A Friday chat ( about this & that

One of my favorite movies was on this week - My Life with Michael Keaton ( there's something wild and wacky and wonderful about that man )
Anyway at one point I say " Oh, look who's in the movie - I didn't remember her in at all "

Now you should know that when I want to point out someone I NEVER divulge names - it's a game I play
and it's a game I love almost as much as scrabble to be honest with you - because John very seldom knows who it is - and on the off chance that he does, he never gets the name right.  NEVER.

John says - Oh Yeah !
Suzan says - Bet you don't know who it is
John says - Of course I do
( these are the rules - we must always say the above sentences first )
Suzan says - What's her name ?
John says - Queen LAFITTA, he says with great pride.
Suzan says - Would she be related to Queen Latifah do  you think?
John says - Oh go boil your head.


He says that a lot....................
I always thought it meant that someone should fill a pot with boiling water and stick their head in it, a very strange thing to tell someone - but better, I guess, then telling someone to Piss Off ( another very British thing to say ) John's too much of a gentleman to say THAT to me.
This week for some reason I decided to google it to see where it derived from.
Curiosity can kill a cat.
Or a relationship.
I'm horrified.

Suzan says - Don't EVER tell me to go boil my head again !
John laughs - Why?
Suzan says - Because I now know what it means - and I can't believe you've been saying that to me all these years...............
John says - It means get lost
Suzan says - Um also means PISS OFF apparently
John roared.

And then I flew to my desk to write it all down because I felt you should  know about it - you know - in case any of your better halves tell you to " go boil your head "
Although ignorance is bliss sometimes - you really should know that they don't mean what it sounds like.

Another thing he says is

" do you think I came over on a banana boat? "

Which always makes me stop whatever I'm doing - immediately - and sing out  loudly - at the top of my lungs  DAY - O - ME SAY DAY O -

He usually begs me not to start that again

" Come Mr. Tally man - tally me bananas "  while I sort of " limbo " around

Every now and then I shake things up with " Yes - we've got no bananas "

It's important to keep an element of surprise in a relationship - I don't like to be too predictable.

We have some very meaningful conversations in this house, the Tally man and myself.

We played Scrabble this week.
John has never beat me at a game of Scrabble -
Not once.
I'm not bragging -
( okay - so I'm bragging but it's the truth ! )

John says - I don't know how you do it - but I know you're cheating
Suzan says - How on earth can you cheat at scrabble ?
John says - That's what I'm trying to figure out

I don't know how most people play - but I have words lined up in advance - I always know where I'm going next - John however treats Scrabble like a Chess game - he sits there rubbing his chin - rearranging his letters - counting out the squares - it can sometimes take 10 minutes each round
All he's missing is a pipe for crying out loud.
After this tortuous wait - I quickly lay my tiles down in 5 seconds and wait another 10 to 15 minutes while he weighs his options.

Suzan says - That's it - we're using the timer from now on - this is ridiculous - I could clean the house while waiting
John says - What do you mean we're using a timer?
Suzan says - It comes with the game John - and it's there for a reason - you're supposed to get a word before the sand runs out
John says - Why does everything have to be fast with you - we have to whiz through a game now?  It's supposed to be a relaxing pastime - and you need time to concentrate you know - I don't want to just throw down any word there - I'm looking for the highest value when I play - not like you - throwing them all down there without giving it any thought

He gently nudged me because I'd nodded off waiting for him - and I'm NOT joking - I had time to take a freaking nap !
And then I won.
Tally man tallied up the points.
422 points to 230

John says - I'm not playing this with you any more
Suzan says - Why not?
John says - Because you're cheating - I KNOW it and you know it..............

I have a very weird thing in my phyche  ( well I have far too many weird things )
If someone tells me they have a cold - I get a cold.
If someone tells me they have a headache - I get a headache
If someone tells me they've cut themselves - I cut myself
So with Ashley ( my daughter ) being pregnant .........................
I'm gaining weight.
Precisely in the general area where a pregnant woman gains weight.

Suzan says - OMG - I think I'm having a sympathetic pregnancy ( rubbing my belly )
John says - YOU'RE PREGNANT??????????????????
Suzan says - No - It means I'm sharing Ashley's symptom's with her.
John says - Maybe it's just all the chocolate you've been gorging on ?  Or the second helpings ?  Or the cakes ?  Or the
Suzan says - Oh go boil your head.

Have a wonderful Easter or Seder everyone !
Hope you have help cleaning up after it

I'm off to train Soda...................if that dog can load a dishwasher - she can at least help me peel vegetables.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


And so the collection grows !

I received this one last week

I don't think I've ever used this word in a sentence before - but isn't it delightful?

Check out the balcony off the master bedroom ( don't ask me how I know it's a master bedroom )

I love it so much I want to shrink myself and walk through the front door

kick my shoes off and run upstairs so I can sit on the balcony with a good book
you know, the one off the master bedroom

You can see the first one ( and how this collection began HERE

There's a couple more on their way !

Have a great day everyone.................
Much love,


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