Thursday, December 8, 2011

Branching out.......................

 Started off with this - a branch from outside - which I spray painted silver
 which led to my once again sneaking out in the middle of the night and
cutting down a few more ( this is going to be a barren looking street if I keep up with my nocturnal habit of snipping here and there lol )

 and ended up with this

 AND.............if you do not feel like branching out - you can always twig out!!!

Did I mention I am guilty of  " overkill " ?  Although I personally don't think you can ever everBranching out
over do xmas - it's the one time of year when I can get away with it, lol


Wow - It's good to be back

I have been going through withdrawal symptoms from my blog - for some reason Google would not give me access - until this morning - very very strange.  Perhaps I should look into another source for my blog............

Then for some reason my new camera wouls not install my photos - so have been working my little fingers off trying to fix that - God, it is not easy being so technically challenged.

Furniture painting has taken a back seat to xmas fast approaching - so here are some photos of my christmas madness!

Have not picked up a tree  yet - very very late this year - but will post photos of that as soon as I can

Off to my mom's new place later today to help her decorate - will take lots of photos