Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All things Paris...............

I used to go on business - every year - but business has not been so great for the last couple of years so John has gone on his own - I am definitely going this September ( even if I have to sell every piece of furniture I own, lol ) My memories of that incredible city include the following:

-Making it up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at midnight - the year they started lighting it with fairy lights every hour on the hour - and telling John, quick for God's sake - kiss me
-Laying down on the grounds of Ecole Militaire with a good book - and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
-Falling asleep on a park bench and waking up not knowing where the hell I was - until the delicious moment I realized I was in Paree, ( how cool is that? )
-The Moulin Rouge ( enough said )
-Sitting in the oldest church in Paris ( no it is not the Notre Dame ) and feeling the history in my bones - thousands of notes taped to ancient pillars with messages for loved ones and writing a message to my Dad who passed away when I was very young - Hi Dad - it's Suzy - I'm here in Paris - and I am thinking of you.
-Sitting on our hotel bed eating baguette and cheese - with a St Emilion wine - which cost 2.50 euro ( unfreakingbelievable sooooooo expensive here )
-Walking along the Champs Elysee - and pretending I live there ( I actually do that everywhere I go - pretend I am a native -
-Every trip we go to the " L'entrecote " if you are ever in Paris - please please please go to this restaurant - always a line up but absolutely incredible. ( we used to travel for over an hour to get to it, for years and years and then one day walking to the Champs Elysee we looked down a side street and Voila - there was one right where we used to stay - lmfao - they are a chain - stupeed foreigners )
-The flea market
-Sitting outside with a blanket around me - drinking Chocolate Chaud ( this is the real thing folks ) at night at a bistro.
-The Louvre ( enough said )
-The Musee D'orsay ( enough said )
Buying vintage postcards on the Left Bank from an old man that I can see still in my mind
-Walking over the bridges in the rain - what an incredible city in the rain
-Going on a boat tour of the Seine with a mill we represented and telling my Mother during the mandatory presentation of fabric lines - " just pretend you work with us " omg - I can remember her face as she nodded approval each time a new fabric appeared - trying to look like she knew what was going to work for the new season - priceless.
Getting lost my first time there - all alone - and not feeling afraid - I walked for at least 4 hours until I found my way back to the hotel ( and purchased the most amazing ring from a small boutique somewhere along the way )
-Taking the funicular up the mountain at Montemarte - what a breath taking part of the city - to be looking down at all the wonderous landmarks below
-Drinking Citron Presse (  a beautiful way to say Lemonade - for years I walked around saying Citron Presse s.v.p.)
-The cemetary in Montmarte - I know that sounds gruesome - but it is one of the most peaceful idyllic spots in Paris very similar to the cemetaries in New Orleans - all above ground ( google it - like the rest of Paris it is an outdoor museum
-The year I went with a girlfriend - she had never been - and I can honestly tell you that Paris is not only for lovers - it can simply be with someone you love, what an incredible experience, life changing moments sitting at a cafe in St Germaine de Pres (at the Cafe de Flore where Hemingway used to sit! ) for hours and hours laughing and crying and even arguing a little bit ( so parisien n'est pas ) listening as she made decisions that were painfully hard to make - soul connecting moments that I will treasure always.
My favourite city. Period.......................

And just in case you don't believe me lol here are some memorabilia I have around the house

very large photo in my office from IKEA

again from IKEA - I think I sat on one of those benches!

picked up from a second hand shop for 25.00 water paint of Champs Elysee circa 1950's love love love this one
oil painting of Paris
too cute - I make my Chocolat Chaud in these - lol
xmas decorations I found one year - cheap - perhaps a dollar and used them on gifts
soap dish - but too pretty for soap? it's in my dining room

purchased in Toronto - was originally a brown/brassy color - nothing is safe from Suzan's paintbrushes
A painting I bought in Montmartre - oil on canvas - this is really beautiful - the pic does not do it justice

had it signed in case he becomes the next Picasso lol ( hey you never never know )

xmas gift from my son - because after Paris - comes New York - perfect gift for his Mom

And lastly this wallpaper I bought last year - count to 10 - hold your breath - because this is the most spectacular wallpaper in the world - it should win an Oscar - the Queen should make it a Duchess - it is so special to me ( think gold bricks ) that I have not put it up yet - me. Miss Mad Compulsive - is taking her time because this has to be in the perfect location.

It is wrapped up like it is the crown jewels - couldn't you just die? Well maybe that's a bit strong I suppose - but I could swoon and maybe faint -

Adieu for today - mes amis -


I love chairs

I have a thing for chairs -
Actually I have a thing for everything.............lol but I really do love chairs -
This one is my favorite redo

I don't have a before - but it was god-awful - dark brown chipped wood - orange and brown and green floral velvet upholstery - but it was 25 dollars - and I knew I could do something with it - AND - after I had finished it I started seeing the finished product everywhere ( same painted color - same black fabric - same tufting and I swear to you I did not have an inspiration photo of this!!!! ) Elte Furniture has a very similar one for aprox. 500.00 dollars.  It did not have tufting on the back originally and that makes it I think.

This is my next chair

Not nearly as ugly as the one above one was - actually it's kind of pretty ( if not a little boring ) -  not sure what I will do with it yet - but I really do love the back.

BTW - the pretty dresser and mirror are mine ( all mine ) being picked up on Saturday!

And I have emptied out the buffet/hutch - the lady is coming today to pick it up so have been scouring CL and Kijiji trying to find another. I absolutely cannot leave an inch of space uncovered ( part of the sickness, don't you know? )