Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sharing is Caring

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Good morning all!

Have you noticed my " martini and hearts " curser?  I know a couple of you have and have asked about it.
Well I found a great site - tons and tons of choices - I picked something that had hearts on
them for the month of February for Valentine's on the below to choose one for
Totally Free Cursors

And in case anyone is looking for a customized signature - the site I use is great for that too!
Free Personal Signatures - I keep the code on my desk top for easy access when signing off.  Just remember you have to switch to HTML to insert the code.

Have you found a graphic you want to use but need a larger version?  This site allows you to download
your image and enlarge it - a great feature to know about!
Block Posters

Are you curious about how many times a photo from your blog has been pinned?
You can find out the exact number here
Get your site's pin count

To incorporate the trademark symbol ™ - simply press ALT and 0153 at the same time...................

And if you're looking for an alternative site to Pic Monkey - there's also this one - I use a mix of both of them sometimes!

When you sign up for Google Plus - they do not let you know that you become a no reply blogger -
Click on FLUSTER BUSTER - a wonderful site where Robin will take you through the process of
fixing this problem - thanks Robin!

How to resize and align blog buttons - A Typical English Home offers a fabulous tutorial on this!!!

GREAT site for free collages - PIZAP

Learning how to use Google Analytics - GREAT SITE  KISS METRICS

Ever wonder how bloggers have permanent content at the bottom of their post?
Tuula from THE THRIFTY REBEL will show you how to do it!

How to center your blog header in blogger

That's it for today folks - hope some of these come in handy for you - a little Valentine's day sharing
have yourselves a wonderful day!  I will add to this page whenever I come across something I think you may be interested in :)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

A drop cloth wreath

I have a lot of drop cloths - brand spanking new - that I don't want to use as drop cloths..................
I don't want to get them dirty.
Boy these quirks are getting quirkier by the minute.....................
Anyway, I decided to make a wreath with drop cloth fabric ( actually I'm starting to try out some decorations for my daughters wedding and wanted to see what this would look like )

So I started off with a typical wire hanger ( not so typical really- it seems so much smaller than they used to be? )  and sort of - kind of - pathetically attempted to make a heart -
No can do -  so I sort of - kind of - pathetically made a lopsided circle..................
and cut my drop cloth into small strips........................and then tied them on to the hanger

The exact same way we used to make the garbage bag wreaths when we were kids - do you remember them lol?
I think I made my mother 10 of them one year -
Much better with drop cloth don't you think?

make your own wreath, dropcoth, hanger

I pinned a little charm that my daughter once gave me - it's a heart - which makes it a valentine's wreath in my world!

I'm really loving how the drop cloth frays after cutting it!

dropcloth, wreath, hanger, diy,

For now it can stay on the mantel - if I do indeed use these for my daughter's wedding I'll need to make a lot more of them for what I have in store.

hanger,diy,dropcloth,wreath, quick,easy

OK - so here's this evening's wacky conversation

Suzan says - do you know where the good scissors went John?
John says - No - what do you need them for?
Suzan says - I need to cut up some drop cloths
John says - Well if you're going to paint something small just fold them - it's stupid to cut them - what'll you
do when you need a bigger one?
Suzan says - I'm not using them as drop cloths
John says - Pardon me?
Suzan says - I'm not using them as drop cloths -
John says - What are you using them for?
Suzan says - I want to cut them into tiny strips and make wreaths.......................
John Yells - You made me rush out just before Christmas because you had to have them -
John says - You said you didn't want the floors getting ruined and newspaper made them dirty
John says - 90% of what you ask me to do is for absolutely NOTHING
John says - We're fabric agents - You want scraps of fabric go downstairs and grab a bunch - leave the drop cloth alone
Suzan says - No - I have a vision in my head - and it involves drop cloths
Suzan says - Oh, that, I can just use newspaper

John sulks

Later on he put his jacket on

John says - I'm going to the store - do you want anything?
Suzan says - Yes please, could you pick up a few newspapers in case I want to paint?

I can't repeat what he said.............................

Have a wonderful heart filled kind of day

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