Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It felt like Easter anyway................

Good morning everyone!
Hope you all had a nice Easter wknd :)

I'm ashamed to say that not only am I late showing any Easter decorations - there was nary a bunny to be found in my house this year.............

They're were birds ( that had just laid eggs )  

and nests  

and birdhouses  

and a fresh bouquet from the dollar store that I bought for THIS 

and there was some left over sprigs to put on each plate 

Sometimes I use my Willow Tree ornaments for my kids place settings
Ashley, you sit here sweetheart

Lindsay honey - you're over here

and Gordie, you sit here, handsome

And we didn't have lamb, or ham, or turkey
We had roast beef and yorkshire pudding...................
& a chocolate cake that I whipped up from scratch Duncan Hines

and of course some candy coated chocolate eggs ( my absolute favorite )

In fact I cheated my whole way through Easter this year.............short cuts everywhere I could find 'em

And guess what?
It worked.......................even without a single bunny!

Hope you all spent yours surrounded by bunnies love

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Monday, April 1, 2013

The reason I REALLY love Downton Abbey!

Just me rambling again everyone...............about commercials.
I HATE them - unreasonably so perhaps - but I really do hate them -
For the most part they are insulting - too frequent - and just plain stupid.
And because they interrupts shows every 5 minutes - I end up losing interest in the show, often.

I was reading a blog the other day - and an AD was placed right in the middle of their post - wth?
Turn OFF..........my mind automatically turned off.
Mostly all of them make me sick - but here's some of the one's that do a spectacular job at doing so


1) Why do teeth whitener ads pick the actresses with the whitest teeth possible - and THEN try to show us them even whiter?  Wouldn't it be more effective to show someone with yellow teeth?  It worked for Pepsodent for decades - ( now I'm left wondering where the yellow went )

2) I wonder why it is that every time I see a before and after ad for hair - I almost always prefer the before shot?

3) To ANY product out there.
Just because you show your AD 15 times in 30 minutes doesn't mean I'll buy your product - in fact you frustrate me so much that chances are I'll avoid your product like the plague on principal alone.
Please keep in mind that my demographic, the one who remembers 3 ads per 30 minute shows - 1 at the beginning - 1 in the middle and 1 at the end - are the ones you are completely turning off.
Which demographic do I belong to, you ask?
The one that BUYS...................

4)  Kentucky Fried Chicken - I don't care if you come out with a crunchier coating every year for the rest of my life - I still feel sick after I eat you.

5)  Cascade Kitchen Counsellor - please find another job - I have to change the channel at this point - nothing personal - but it makes me physically sick to see you jump up between 2 people fighting over dishwasher tabs..............

6)  If I see another woman sniffing her armpits on National T.V. - I'll smash my converter to smithereens.

7)  Banks and insurance companies - WOW - you've got nerve to even place an ad on T.V. - when you come on - I go for a pee.................it's too insulting to my intelligence to listen to your lies.

8)  Palmolive - please bring Madge back............

9) No - No hair remover - No - No - more.................. If you really have, in fact, sold millions of these as you claim - can't you hire a proper marketing company to come up with a better ad?

10)  Swiffer - as much as I love you - I have never - not once - been tempted to blast my music and start dancing around my living room in a mad frenzy while clutching you close to my heart - that may be just me however...........

11)  Weight loss ads?  You speak - I DON'T listen, period.

And that may just be the reason I love Downton Abbey so much - 1 hour of glorious ad - free television -
Maggie Smith's role wouldn't have half the humor for me if it was broken up by 5 ads every time she opened her mouth.....................

I really don't enjoy painting chairs - but I'd rather paint 100 of them than watch another one of the above mentionned ads

Happy Monday All,