Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Decision time is fast approaching

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions

We'll be purchasing our cabinets from Ikea
I will NOT be having the metal legs but rather a standard kick plate on the bottom

I have to tell you I'm really loving this soft grey 
I think it would be just beautiful with white countertops 
( and my black window ) 
( and that's how fast the intention of an all white kitchen can fly out the window )

             But I'm completely torn about it - and think perhaps I should be going with white for neutrality -
                                                                     Thoughts anyone?
                                                         Want to help a drowning woman?
                                          You'll feel better about yourself if you do - I promise

Go with my heart and get white marble ?

or my brains and get white quartz ?
( trouble - stain - scratch resistant )
sort of looks like marble without all the maintenance, right?
This is going to be the most expensive single purchase
for the kitchen so I HAVE to get it right

I think I found the window though
I went back to the black window post
and added it - but since I don't think anyone
goes backward on my blog to see if I've amended a post
I'll show it again now lol

Have no idea what it costs - we'll go look on the weekend I suppose
but it's a European style shutter window - because it opens on the inside
and has no bar in the middle
and OMGOSH - I'm LOVING that hardware - look at that little knob!!!
Is that the most charming window or what?

I'd forfeit the ceiling tiles to have this
( if it's over budget - and I can guarantee it will be ) 
and afterall a ceiling can be added at any time really

I might even give up a fridge and stove to have this LMHO
( and possibly my right arm ) 

Oh - did I mention it comes in black?
I still have this vision in my head
like a tattoo on my brain
and I'm liking the break between the 2 windows after all

Found these panels while cruising around Reno Depot
( Home Depot's competition here in Canada ) 
13.95 a panel - made of MDF - you install them with glue and nails 
add a chair rail to the top edge
and paint paint paint
( white white white ) 
Are they fabulous or what?
Instead of the same old - same old - bead board panelling 
( of which I'm a lover of - but I've done it so often I really am ready for a change )

This will make a HUGE impact for not a lot of money don't you think?

Wonder how hard it would be to turn this

into this 
because this is the one I meant to buy LOL

AGA KHAN'S GUEST HOUSE ( click to see all the images )
source - Huffington Post

I'll be at the notary's this morning - signing off on our house
And then I'll be at the notary's tomorrow morning - buying our new house
and then I'll be moving the day after that

Time to shed a few tears
Pull out some more hair
and try to make a few dreams a reality 

Much love

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black Windows.................

I LOVE THEM - especially against an all white background
and although I know  "the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray"
I can guarantee you my new kitchen will have a black window.



I painted the living room window in the house we're leaving

A little while after I had finished John made window grids out of " molding " so it ended up like this
( I always meant to spray paint the grid and never got around to it )  I was SO proud of him
I always meant to spray paint them black - but never got around to it :(

But I DID get around to painting the french doors in the entrance way black as well - ( although there again I never got around to painting the transom above LOL )

Anyway, you just know these windows will be painted black, right?  Along with the door
( and for WLU - Wood Lovers United - the front door is NOT wood - it's a composite material made to look like wood - which in my world is the worst kind of wood )

 The black window may be the first thing I go shopping for !!!

And I'm really really loving this one ( have no idea how much it costs - but really love it ) of course it would have to be in black - love the hardware - and the fact that there's no bar in the middle.
It would suit the style AND age of our new home perfectly!

There's something so European about it, n'est pas?
Especially paired with WHITE

Moving in 4 days everyone :)

Can you believe this?
I mean, really, can you believe this?

Lots and lots of last minute stuff to do today - being the last weekend here and all :)

Party Time !!!
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