Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surely my Ancestors had a choice?

They did not HAVE to settle in Montreal ( although on my Mother's side the large Irish population here at the time must have had something to do it )

What were they thinking?
Was this a conversation that was happening around the dinner table?

Husband - Not potatoes again, listen lass, I'm fed up to here with potatoes
Wife - Well it's potatoes or nothing
Husband - That's it - we're setting sail for Montreal - at least we can throw a hot dog in the mix
Wife - What's the weather like there?
Husband - A wee nippy - but nothing we can't handle


MINUS FORTY........................

I'm terrified to go outside - in case one of my limbs just snaps off.

I'm terrified to go outside - in case my eyeballs turn to snowballs

I'm terrified to go outside - in case my blood freezes and I fall down like a piece cardboard

I passed by a Snowman last night - and I swear to you - I heard him mumbling

Suzan says - Excuse me?
Snowman says - This is just ridiculous
Snowman says - I need a hot chocolate
Snowman says - Can ya fix my scarf for me - I'm freezing my carrot off

I'd cry - except I've been cold so long - I'd be crying icicles instead of tears (the singer Meat Loaf must be from a cold climate - only someone subjected to this crap could come up with such a great line )

For those of you that follow, you know how I feel about squirrels - ( you can read about my near escape from death by squirrels HERE)  but if one of them showed there little face around here today I'd invite it in for a cup of tea and a muffin - NOBODY - NOTHING should be out there.  Period.

I was going to make something to eat - but bought an Eskimo Pie instead - seemed more fitting.

Does anyone know where I can pick up one of these?  ( maybe in pink? )

Electri - O - Phobia
The overwhelming deep rooted fear of losing power during a cold " snap "

Butane - O - Phobia
The overwhelming deep rooted fear of running out of butane for the fire place during a cold " snap "

I placed the furniture in the living room yesterday - leaving 2 beautifully ( perfect ) gouges in the freshly done floor.

John says -

But I'll tell you there's no easier way to forgive yourself than have your better half mad at you for the same reason - it cancels it out entirely

The walls aren't even painted and I'm ready to decorate lmho

It's coming - ( like a slow train to China - but it's coming )
I really just wanted to see how the furniture would fit - the magic will only happen once it's finished.
BUT when you've been living out of boxes for a month - trust me - just having couches in the room is magical in and of it itself:)

And this week I'm extremely grateful for that fireplace - let me tell you!

If you're in Canada or the Northern States - I sympathize - stay warm - please.
If you're from the Southern States - NO GLOATING - it's bad enough you were lucky and had
ancestors who actually " thought " before getting on the boat - there's no need to rub it in :)

Time to sign off - a hot chocolate is waiting for me


Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Oscar Wilde  

But it's just too cold to use my imagination Oscar - if you lived here - you'd get that.

Have a great day !!!
Much love,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 Everyone !!!