Sunday, May 4, 2014


Good morning everyone :)

Thought I'd share a brainstorm I came up with last week ( because what's a brainstorm if you just allow it
to rage through your brain all alone? )

So far the marble TILE countertops are holding up - I'm praying they do for a year or so until I can install a proper marble slab countertop
This solution cost roughly 300 dollars - a 10th of the price of a slab.


But since changing a counter top is a pretty big job - there are other ways to incorporate a little marble into
a kitchen...................
Such as this round slab ( which is perfect for cheeses - or breads )
It was the top part of a small table I picked up on Craig's list for 50.00 - these are something I see on a weekly basis - check it out - a great cheap way to incorporate a touch of marble in the Kitchen
( Better yet - look for a coffee table - and incorporate the larger slab onto an island top )
Here's my former small table top turned kitchen slab ( it's quite large and perfect to roll out dough on )

You can add a dome to it for a little extra something-something

A marble mortar and pestle can be picked up very cheaply - I paid 12.99 for this one on sale a couple of years ago

Suzan says - Oh I didn't know we had baguette left !
Suzan says - Can I borrow it for a minute?
John says - WTH????
Suzan says - I just need it for a photo
John says - Leave me alone, will ya?  I'm making a sandwich
( a little verbal struggle ensued right after these words - hope you appreciate the next photo )

John yells - WHY'D YOU CUT IT THAT WAY???????????????
John yells - I'm so tired of this blog business, I can't tell you
Suzan says - Puh-lease - there's plenty left in tact for a sandwich
Suzan says - Why do you make such a big deal out of everything?
Suzan says - You're famous - everyone loves you - stop already !

It's not easy folks - ok - I ordered one of these also ( Amazon - for 12.99 )

But the next idea?
I so ♥ this !

When we laid our kitchen counter tiles - I bought marble thresholds to use as the backsplash - you know, that piece of marble you place between a bathroom floor and regular floor? ( and I thought THAT was genius ) If you scroll back to the 2nd photo you can see what I mean :)
They cost a little under 30.00 dollars I believe, from Home Depot

I had one left over

I also had a shelf that I had placed under the window - but it wasn't the right dimensions - looked like a lost soul actually
(The shelf was picked up at Home Depot for under 10.00 - it was natural but jointed pine so I painted it white)

I installed it by placing the screws right into the window frame

Then I simply placed the " threshold " on top of the shelf ( the weight of the marble prevents it from moving )
You could do this with brackets - you don't necessarily need a shelf ..............

I stood on the counter - spread eagled taking the next pic - John walked in -
Never mind - not repeating what he said
But I think I saw movement from my neighbor's window ( which is directly in front of mine )
Suzan says - OMG - I think the neighbors saw me standing on the counter taking photos
( as I jump off the counter with a thud - actually hurting my foot )
( I wasn't naked - but I WAS in my nightgown - you don't need to know what time it was )
Suzan says - I needed to get a certain angle and -
John interrupts - They have small children you know - this isn't right
Suzan says - You make it sound dirty - I'm just taking photos of my marble shelf

I thiink they may start plastering photos of ME all over the neighborhood - warning kids to stay away.

But look how pretty the marble shelf looks lol

I had to stop at this point - and wash the sink - it's not easy blogging you know.
( this post is going to kill me )  but I want to show you how the marble just rests on the ( too small ) shelf

And that, my friends, is how you do marble on the cheap !

( and have a place to keep flowers or herbs in the summer )
It's perfect for renters - simply take it down with you when you move ( a little spackle will take care of screw holes ) an instant touch of glam for your kitchen ( or any window for that matter ) that doesn't break the bank!
I own this house - and it'll be going with me when I move as well :)
Total for this was under 40.00

Ok - that was one exhausting post - going to take a nap now - I'm in my nightgown after all.

Have a great Monday - add some marble to your kitchen or something :)

( give to me your marble - take from me my lace ♥♪ )


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Friday, May 2, 2014

A little rant.....................Yoko OH NO !!!

Ok - I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say I think there's something seriously wrong with this woman....................always was btw.
The only way one of the love stories of the century could have ever happened is exactly the way it did,
he was stoned out of his mind.

It's very unkind of me I know - but c'mon - this is just so ridiculous - and that people actually stood around watching this " performance " is even more ridiculous to me.
How are they able to keep a straight face?
There'd be a puddle of pee on the floor beneath me ( because I KNOW I would have literally peed my pants laughing watching this in person - I almost did just watching it on you tube !!! )
It's what I would imagine a hippo mating call would sound like...............

But then again I'm an ignoramus when it comes to art - you can read about my take on art  HERE
and see some of my creations such as this one

For your viewing pleasure I present YOKO ONO - the one and only ( Thank God )

You'd think she'd have gotten better with age - you know - practice and all that stuff - take a look at this one - OMG -

That's it - just thought I'd share some of the " talent " that's out there :)

If you feel the earth move under your feet
or the sky come tumblin' down
That's just John Lennon rolling over in his grave :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone