Monday, June 2, 2014

Turquoise chairs from Target

Aren't they a pretty color?  Vintage inspired folding chairs !
I painted the small table years ago ( to go with another patio ) now I'm wondering if black is ok? )

12.99 each here in Canada - which probably means they're a dollar in the States....................

We've been digging out weeds from the brick work for days.................SO DON'T LOOK AT THAT, OK? ( would I sound like a spoiled brat if I told you I don't like the color of the brick they chose ? )
Get a life Suzan - really - just get a life.

I was missing the chairs for that little table ( think I gave them away ages ago ) so when I saw these ( only 2 of them left ) I jumped all over them :)

They sort of tie in with the 2 I painted last week (  HERE )

I love the cut out detail on them

Suzan says - I hope they rust up sitting outside
John says - Excuse me?
Suzan says - I want them to get a little rust on them - turquoise and rust are so perfect together
John says - That's the most ridiculous thing you've said this week

I noticed last night he folded them up and put them away - I ran out a little later and put them back - and prayed for didn't.

Want to see the difference a week or 2 can make?


Do you see that white chair in the background?

John says - Did you tell everyone what I scored - or just the things you do ?
Suzan says - You really want me to tell them?
John says - Yes, I do, why should you get all the credit.................
John says - Tell them mine are more practical
John says - Tell them mine won't rust
Suzan says - Relax mister..........they're okay - but mine are pretty
John says - MINE are functional

John went out to pick up the paper on the weekend and passed by a garage sale and bought 5 of those chairs for 25.00 - 5.00 each -  he LOVES them because they recline all the way back

Soda's seat matches everything too don't you know?

There's a little window in one of the bedroom's upstairs - and every single morning I run to it to see how the pool is doing ( from a bird's eye view )

Then I run downstairs - put the kettle on - and run outside ( like a kid on Christmas morning, seriously ) 
If you're looking for me I'll be sitting here.

and gazing at this

 which is so close to being done I can taste it ( but I won't because it would taste like chlorine ) 
I've only ever had above ground pools - this seems so luxurious to me ( with a house that's literally falling apart in the background LMHO ) but if I sit at a certain angle and concentrate really hard - than this is all I see - not bad for a break in reno's, right?

Ok everyone - get to Target - there are chairs with your name on them !!!
And I know you must be sick of seeing my outside by now - so I promise - cross my heart and hope to die that I will have a makeover on Thursday...................and I'm going to look for the most special of special
IWLTW's tomorrow

I'll be at these parties !!!
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thank you Tree................


But I watch daily as it starts to bud - and I think how beautiful it will be when it's in all it's full glory - we'll have a dappled curtain of privacy created by nature and I'm grateful.
I feel the breeze from the rustling leaves in the evening and I think how perfect a spot this tree was
planted in - it'll allow breezes into the bedroom on hot summer nights and I'm grateful.
I look down as I make my bed - noticing the shade it creates by the side of the house - outside the backyard and I make plans to create a secret garden and I'm grateful.

Each morning it seems to be a little more full and as slow as the process may seem at times it happens rather quickly - one day you hear your better half excitedly shouting

" Sue - Sue - come quickly - you won't believe this "

And you grab your camera - ( because you're a blogger and well, that's just what blogger's do )

And you stand in awe - so silently that you can almost hear this beauty blossoming - and marvel that THIS belongs to you - this magnificent gift - this totally unexpected magnificent gift and all of a sudden you know - you just know - that as much as you've been complaining about this house and how you've taken on more than you can chew and how the renovations are maybe just a little more than you bargained for and all of the nasty surprises that come with buying an old - very old house all come down to this one singular moment and you're moved - almost to the point of tears - and you and your husband stand arm in arm and gaze at it like 2 small wonderous children - and you smile at each other and think..................

We're home.
It doesn't matter what the inside looks like for the next few months - not when the outside looks like this.
We're home.
This is where we're meant to be at this time in our lives - everything happens for a reason - and this tree was
planted here - in this exact spot - so that one day I could sit beneath it with a favorite book and a glass of freshly made lemonade - with my feet up and the world resting on the shoulders of my glorious tree - instead of mine.
We're home.
Even if the bathrooms need to be gutted and the floors still need to be done - and the ceilings are a disaster and there are far too many rooms left to paint and the windows are dangerously close to falling out of their frames................
We have a tree that speaks to us
and that beckons us towards a little peace and quiet -
that tells us it's ok to take a break
that it's not going anywhere
that all it needed was time and patience ( much like the house )
and most importantly it tells us, that no, we did not make a mistake when we signed the papers.

I think of a family that planted a seed long before I was born and I am dangerously close to crying now - not frustrated tears, not tears of despair or grief or sadness - of which there have been too many since purchasing this house - not even menopausal tears - these are tears of gratitude................

I think that I shall never see 
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
I walk around the yard in wonderment at all this majestic beauty, taking photos as I go, looking up, always looking up - because after all that's the place where hope and inspiration and peace come from.

I snap one more photo of the cherry tree

and go to where I store my paintbrushes with renewed energy - with a replenished spirit - with something that closely resembles a skip in my walk  and I think how wonderful it is to be me right now - today - owner of this ramshackle house.

Thank you Tree -
I'm grateful
And will paint my next piece pink in your honor 


JOYCE KILMER......................

For finish the tree didn't bear much blossom - just enough to restore hope - but maybe at the end of the day that's all it was meant to do after all - to remind me that when things seems too big for me to handle on my own - I simply need to look up.

Have a wonderful day everyone
Take a moment to look up at some point today - past the trees if necessary.
( and give thanks )
Much love,

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