Saturday, August 2, 2014

Very strange noises in the backyard..................

Today I started working on another hutch you can see here ( proof - I need to show you proof )

When all of a sudden I heard some kind of commotion outside - like people arguing - the weird thing is it was coming from my back yard..................

I sent John out to investigate but he came back saying I was " nuts " - that there was no one out there

But the arguing persisted - so I ran to a window to check myself

Nope - nobody there -
I came back in and picked up my paint brush - but now I could clearly here someone calling my name !

I ran back out just in time to hear this

You're right - I whispered - nervously looking around - ( I don't need my neighbors to know I talk to floating mattresses )
And then just to shut them up - I plopped myself down on it - I really didn't want to - I have things to paint.

John says - Hey - what's going on - I thought you wanted to get that hutch done?
John says - Why'd you make me help you move it ?
Suzan says - I'm keeping the peace - leave me alone.................

My son made a DIY paddle for his float - using a broom handle, 2 pieces of wood and crime tape - yes - rednecks live way up here in Montreal too ( y'all )
I don't particularly want to know what he was doing with crime tape.................

While Johnny Cash blasted in the background - lamenting that he was stuck in Folsum Prison...............
I was stuck in the pool - I'm telling you - it's always something.

Hope you all had as great a Saturday as I had..............
Now I seriously have to get painting
Oh and Cecilia?  I tried - I really did try to get a decent shot of Soda - but she looked like a rug rat - so I gave her a bath last night - photo will definitely be coming now LOL
( Y'all )

Friday, August 1, 2014

A FRIDAY laugh -

This was an ad that came on when I was you tubing -
I always press the option SKIP AD - always - because for the most part I HATE ads - I hate them so much I once did a " rant " on them HERE
but this one is hilarious...................which made me realize - if you can make me laugh you have a much better chance of me me being interested in your product.

Oh - and it made me buy the product !!!

I made John watch it - and then told him I was going to post it .

John says - What kind of a post is that?
John says - Talk about turning people completely off.......................
Suzan says - But this is one of the best before and afters I've ever seen !!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - lots of work being done in the house this weekend

Much love,