Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meanwhile back at the ranch....................


I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.

So......................if you remember a few posts back - while we were building a plank wall in the reading room - I had a brain storm.  ( HERE - if you want to read about the Love Story of the century)  and how we could hide those horrific heater covers by adding built in shelves to the top of them......................

This room had many many layers of " stuff " on it - carpets - underpadding - linoleum - tiles - cardboard and a partridge in a pear tree.

So it was very difficult to get to the layers underneath these heaters ( they were definitely built on top of the last layer....................

I cringe showing it to you again - but it is what it is - this is our lot in life after buying a very old fixer upper after all.

This framed piece was held up with L brackets - secured to the floor behind them - very solid - which was perfect because the shelves were going to weigh quite a bit once the books were on them.

I can't tell you how impressed I've been with John throughout this whole process........................
seriously - when I met him he couldn't hang up a picture - I know everyone says that but he literally couldn't..................I can't use a blowdryer ( you all know that by now ) John couldn't use a hammer or a screwdriver - at all.

I once asked him to unscrew the top of a lamp shade off for me while I did something else - and he went and got changed - and came back upstairs with a tool box !!!
I stood there incredulous - asking him what he was doing - and he responded with " do you want it off or not "  I remember brushing by him and unscrewing it with my fingers and telling him he could put his suit back on.

So that he managed to get these built in's up for me is mind blowing - he really does deserve Kudos with a capitol K.................( made from fence planks to boot !!! ) As you can see I'm not finished with the heater covers.................but the shelves are up

Anyway - I couldn't have been happier - until THIS conversation took place.............

Did I already mention I'm going to have a nervous breakdown?

John says - You know those brackets were ridiculously hard to get off
John says - Why the hell did they do the things they did?

( we both like to say that - it makes us feel smug and superior - because I think we'd just hang ourselves if we couldn't at least ( falsely ) feel that way about this reno rat's nest - much the way the next owners will comment on our built ins made from fence planks )

Suzan says - Oh I know - but what are you referring to exactly?
John says - Well they had L Brackets holding down the carpet behind the heaters......................

I'll let that soak in for a minute..........................

the word " HAD " threw me into a complete state of panic

Suzan says - Please - Dear God John - don't tell me you removed all the brackets
John says - I HAD TO  !!!!!!!!!!!   Couldn't get the carpet out without doing it
Suzan says - The L Brackets were NOT holding down the carpet - OMG - they were holding down
the heater covers -
John says - Don't be ridiculous -
Suzan says - John please listen to me - you wouldn't use L brackets to hold a carpet down - they must have built the frames after the carpet was placed there - so yes the brackets would be on top of the carpet - BUT THEY'RE THERE TO HOLD THE FRAMES IN PLACE.

At this point I can tell he's realizing what he's done - but refuses to admit it.................

John says - NO way - they were there to hold the carpet in place.- the whole house is wacky -
Suzan says - You have to put them back
John says - I can't - they're behind the heaters...................anyway the shelves aren't going anywhere
Suzan says - What did you use to hold all the shelves together with John?
John says - L - Brackets..............
Suzan says - Were you planning on carpeting them ?
John says - Always the wise ass - always

If anyone out there is looking for a carpet layer - I've got one here with the most genius way of installing them.

I'm off to have that nervous breakdown - you have no idea how overdue it is at this point.
I wonder if I'd be the first blogger to have one in " real time " ?
Because I can feel it coming on as I type
Blast off ........................

Oh - I forgot - no time for a breakdown - I have a floor to paint

And a stencil to apply to it

and 7 chairs to paint
and a dresser or 2
and a table

but then?
Well they'll be nothing stopping me, will there?
Unless a pile of fence planks land up on my head while I'm painting the floor
That would kind of put a screw in the works......................

If I'm not able to write up a post tomorrow, you'll know why
Have a wonderful day one and all !

P.S. I really am liking my built ins now - and I really am impressed - even if I'm scared to go near them lol

P.S.S. For those of you wondering about the shutters - I spoke about them HERE - when I found 6 sets of them for a whopping grand total of 40.00 !!!
3 sets are installed - ( there are 2 windows in this little room ) and one in the living room - we've made them fit with a lot of manipulation LOL

Much love

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I Should be Mopping the Floor

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 74th Mom !!!

I'm lucky she doesn't fully understand what a blog is
I'm lucky she doesn't have a computer
And I'm very lucky she let me take the picture in the first place.

September 22, 1940

Mom says - You're not putting that out there on the computer I hope !
Suzan says - Why?
Mom says - I don't want my picture out there - there's too many maniacs - are you crazy?
Mom says - You have to be very careful you know
Mom says - What about those people out there beheading people?
Suzan says - I don't think you have to worry about that
Suzan says - Can I just put it on my blog?
Mom says - What exactly is a blog anyway ?
Suzan says - I keep telling you -  It's like an online journal - just my blogging friends will see it
Mom says - Well okay - but I don't want it going anywhere crazy................
Mom says - And I don't want my face on that Face thing
Suzan says - Do you mean Facebook?
Mom says - You have to be very careful you know
Suzan says - Yes you already told me that - I'll be very careful.

Happy Birthday Mom - Love ya.


I don't know why but the memory of shoe shopping stands out for me.
From the earliest time I can remember - till present - I've loved shoes and can very distinctly remember prancing around in my Mom's kitten heel sling backs...............
Unfortunately while my mother had a size 6 graceful foot - I inherited clodhoppers.

" You got your feet from your Father " she would always tell me

She wore a size 6.

I've worn a size 8 admittedly - ( and sometimes a size 9 secretly - for many years - until I could come to terms with that fact )

I picked up a pretty pair of shoes for her for her birthday.

I took a size 7 because I DO realize your feet get bigger as you age.

She opened them up last night - and fell in love with them - until she tried to slip one on her foot.

" they don't fit " she lamented

" I'm a size 8 now " she sighed

" No problem " I assured her - I'll exchange them for a size 8 "

" it all goes to hell you know - this age thing is not for the weak "

But all I could think about as we drove home.........................is that a size 8 or 9 is just about my limit of dignity - and if your feet keep growing am I going to be wearing a size 11 when I'm 70?


Send in the clowns - there's got to be clowns - don't bother they're here.

Have a wonderful day everyone -
I'm off to the shoe store ( and a podiatrist - I've got to stop this before it happens )
Otherwise I'll just be a nose and feet.

Much love,