Friday, January 22, 2016

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Things I googled recently

Is there a way to remove the burnt taste out of spaghetti sauce
Is it possible that Donald Trump can win the nomination
Montreal winter weather for 2016
Tea Towels in frames
John says - Suzan says -  ( just because )
Duggars - ( just to torment myself )
What causes pink eye
Cure for pink eye
Why would the flu last over a week
Back Pain
Back Spasms
Back Pain Cures

Things John googled.
He googled " google "

John says - How do I search for something on the internet ?
Suzan says - Just google it

A few minutes later I hear him mildly cursing under his breath

John says - It doesn't work
Suzan says - What doesn't work?
John says - Well I typed google in front of the word and I didn't get anything
John says - YOU TOLD ME TO !
Suzan says - No I didn't - I told you to just google it..............

I went over to help him out

Suzan says - You're on Yahoo?
John says - Of course I am
Suzan says - Ok - just type your word in - that's it - nothing else.

And he found what he was looking for

John says - I don't know why you mentioned google when it had nothing to do with it.

This is the man that keeps threatening to start a blog,

I still have to show him how to open an attachment !!!

I'm really terrible with technology - extremely so - you have no idea how amazing it is that I actually have a blog - but John?
He makes me look like Steve Jobs ...................
or Suzan Jobette

I have a pet peeve - and it's a big one.
I don't like it when people post pics of me on facebook or anywhere without my permission.
And the reason why would be because I take horrible pics.
Cindy if you're reading this STOP IT.


But I'll show you the last couple she posted from waaaay back in the day -

This is just too hilarious for words really - I look like a clown

Check out the hair - wth IS that ???  It looks like half of a lion costume !
And that dress - well I was so in love with it I wore it constantly - the polka dots add to the clown look

And this is Cindy ( the guilty party ) and I over 30 years ago - rocker days - I'm on the right

Have you noticed we're each wearing  a Canadian Tuxedo?

What's that you ask?
Well apparently you Americans have named it so YOU show know LOL

You can see some examples HERE
And a mention by Levi's HERE

Hey Cindy - I think we were trend setters !  ( well us and every other Canadian back in the 70/80's )

So I've been thinking about this for a while because of what a blog friend mentioned to me some time back.
I know we can all be a little guilty of hypocrisy - every last one of us - ( I'm always suspicious of those that claim they've NEVER been guilty of it - it's been my experience that those are the ones that are the worst ) but I believe that it's usually done as a way NOT to hurt someone's feelings - it's a different story when it's used specifically to hurt someone's feelings - that's a whole different ballgame and one I stay away from.
There's a few bloggers that don't like me.
You just know certain things and I can't be everyone's cup of tea - I get that.  And there's a couple of bloggers that I don't like - just because they seem ( to me anyway ) to be very cold people. Coincidentally the couple that I don't like are not very liked by anyone ( from the emails I get )
But I can tell you - with a clear conscience - that I have never left a negative reply on someone's site.
Not once.
And I can also tell you that I've only received a couple on my blog ( Hometalk - where I post - is a complete different story - holy cow - I was massacred there for something I painted once - as most of you know )
But I don't understand people that go out of their way to be nasty.
Are they lonely?
Are they bitter because they're lonely ( or are they lonely because they're bitter and no one wants to be around them? )
I wrack my brains out trying to understand what kind of person derives some type of satisfaction out of doing that........holy cow - life is so short - why spend so much of it being mean?
Why go to lengths to tell someone that someone else doesn't like them?  What does it get a person - HOW does that satisfy someone's soul?  I'd be wracked with guilt forever after.

I think social media has allowed a whole new type of beast to grow.  One we normally would never be in contact with I suppose.

Let's see now.
What should we do with all our swiffer products when we're done with them?
I'd like to pack them all into a box - and leave them at someone's doorstep - ring the bell and then vamoose.
Wouldn't that make a great commercial?  Because it's safe to say that the people opening their doors to a box of brand new swiffer products are not in the least surprised - they can't fool me - Ba - Bam !

John said something hilarious last night and I was too tired to get up and write it down -
When I woke up this morning I realized I had a pad right on my end table - WITH A PEN !
There's nothing sadder than lost opportunity I tell ya

Next week we begin the last week of January and I can't tell you how much that freaks me out this year.
While you're growing up in a 4 season climate - winter is never long enough - as a child it means toboggans and skating rinks -  chalets - hot chocolate outside and snow forts.
It means fun.
A lot of it.
Until you become old enough to realize that the whole world is not experiencing the same weather as you are and that Florida is a real place and once you get over the confusion of Santa not arriving on an actual sled ( and it flies in the air so it doesn't really matter all that much ) well.......................winter sort of loses some of it's appeal.
I mean Flipper was just a show I liked until I realized it was like that ALL YEAR LONG !
And then I felt horribly ripped off by the fates.
It's one hell of an awakening as you're pulling on your winter leggings to know that people are cavorting with dolphins in the ocean at the same moment and on the SAME CONTINENT !!!!!!!!

Hence my excitement that it's almost February.
Winter's practically over.


 Most of you know my back went out last week - for those that don't - I bent down to open the oven door and couldn't get back up.
So I spent most of the week walking around the house doubled over.
John was wonderful.
Really he was.
I'd lay in the bed and bang something on the floor - and then scream out TEA PLEASE and he'd run and make it for me !!!
I felt like Lady Grantham - ( minus the bell - but still I really did feel like a LADY )
Some of my requests were as follows
( for this request he had to get in the car and pick it up - TWICE )

John says - Listen Quasi Modo how long are you going to milk this ?
John roars - Well that's what you look like all doubled over
Suzan says - You know - I don't know what I'm doing with you - really I don't - that has to be the most insulting thing you've ever called me.
Suzan says - I was feeling like Lady Grantham for a little bit there
John says - Well you ARE a lady - you're my lady - so we'll just call you LADY QUASI MODO

And he laughs - and he laughs and he laughs.
Which amazes me because he isn't very funny.
At all.
In case you aren't aware of it - Quasimodo is the Hunchback of Notre Dame -

We have new computers being shipped to us as I type this because my computer has become impossibly slow to work on.
And John has decided he would prefer a lap top.
Now I have to share what happens to me with John.
When we're out at a restaurant and we've finished ordering our meals - I always second guess what I've ordered  and HIS MEAL ALWAYS LOOKS MORE APPEALING TO ME WHEN THEY ARRIVE.
Every single time.

I wanted a desk top computer.  I was 100% sure of it.  Until I clicked " done " I'm wondering why on earth I didn't get a laptop?  WHO works on a desk top computer any more?  Besides me of course.  Why do I want to be trapped at my desk?  I can't explain why I do stupid things - but I do them all the time.
And I know the moment those computers arrive I'm going to stare at his laptop wistfully............the exact same way I looked at his Shepherd's Pie last week when we were out.

I'm also on the lookout for a tablet - I DON'T want to spend 600.00 on one - if anyone has suggestions on reasonably priced ones let me know !

Ok - I'm off -
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs - kiss - kiss
Quasi - Q  - A.K.A.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Lindsay came by last night with a bag of diapers - some ribbon and 4 receiving blankets.
She's in charge of making her sister-in-law's diaper cake ( centerpiece ) for her soon to be shower and so I did what I do best - completely took over.
I know everyone has seen one of these and I'm betting most of you have made one

so if there's ONE of you that haven't made a diaper cake this post is for you -
we used one pack of pampers ( new born size - 88 diapers ) but any size will do
and rolled all of them - securing each one with an elastic like so

which we then placed in a pan to create the shape for the bottom layer

place an elastic around the layer while still in the pan so that it retains its shape while removing it.
( the elastic will later be removed and replaced with ribbon or blankets ) and your first layer is done!

You can then insert a wrapping paper tube in the middle of the cake - this will hold any additional layers

continue rolling diapers and placing them on top of the bottom layer until you have as many tiers as you want three seems to be the perfect size - and what a full pack of diapers allows for.

and then the decorating starts !
we chose to go with a " fondant " icing - using up the 4 receiving blankets Lindsay had bought - by folding them and wrapping them around the diapers - and securing it with straight pins - ribbon was then wrapped around that.
For the second tier I have two blankets folded into different widths

and to cover up the tops of the diapers on the bottom tier I placed a ribbon ( with cut up yellow straws holding the ribbon down in between each diapers )

I found some tiny stickers in my supplies - letters and numbers and stuck them on the ribbons but I'm still awaiting my daughters approval on that step - she kind of put a kibosh on my first design - which included flowers - Hey what do I know - I'm just the baker !

There may still be a little tweaking - we have a few diapers left which I'm going to turn into cupcakes but it's basically done

John says it looks good enough to be on Cake Boss

It's such a pretty way to present a gift - in my day we wrapped up a box of diapers and tossed it at the Mother to be LOL
whoever first came up with this idea ( John thinks it was me - I'm not going to disillusion him ) was a genius!
Level of difficulty?
PIECE OF CAKE ( couldn't resist - absolutely could not resist )

Have a wonderful day everyone
This is the first day in a week I'm not walking around doubled over - my back is on the mend - Oh Happy Day !!!



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