Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 89

There's something about tree houses that are so appealing - I've never had one - not even sure if I've ever been in one for that matter but it's something I always wanted as a child.
Whenever I would see one I would imagine it all spiffied up ( I come from an era where tree houses were just crude little shacks - a plywood floor - walls - and roof - they were basically plywood tents that were fitted onto sturdy old limbs - with a rope ladder for access.  Seeing them, I would ALWAYS imagine them decorated - with curtains and flower boxes.  You know, into little houses instead of forts built mostly for boys.

But my little mind could have never imagined such beauty nor could it have processed it - I would have been so enamored of them I probably would have just snuck into the owners yards and slept at the base of them like a little orphan - just to be close to them !

I wouldn't need such an elaborate one - a small cozy treehouse would be fine

with a place to nap

and maybe a bath

All images can be found on my Pinterest page here GARDEN ENVY
I don't know if I could live in one permanently but if I had one in my backyard - I'd most definitely WANNA live there a couple of hours each day - without a doubt !!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday all !
Much love,

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