Thursday, April 17, 2014

With Thanks ♥

I've been a lousy blogger.
Really I have been.

I don't participate like I should - but I just haven't had the time.

I know that when something happens in my life - or when I complete a project - or when I see or hear something particularly funny I can't wait to get on here and share with all of you - but I've been terrible with visiting - and replying to all of the wonderful heartfelt comments I receive - daily.
When I do visit, I seldom have time to leave comments.................

And I've struggled the last month - ( well the last 6 months to be honest ) really struggled with bowing out gracefully from Bloglandia - but sitting down each night and writing up a post has been my saving grace - I'm not good with diaries - but writing up posts?  I rarely miss doing that !!!
Seriously - it's my own personal form of cheap therapy - and since these renovations have eaten up all my money - I have no choice but to continue my therapy this way :)

I'm very late giving thanks for some wonderful gifts I've received - is it better to be late than never?
Hope so - because these are treasured gifts - that lifted my spirits like I can't tell you ♥♥♥

Judy from Cranberry Morning makes home made soaps - such as this



I received 2 as a house warming gift - and can't tell you beautiful they are - the natural fragrances are just heavenly !!!

Don't they look good enough to eat?
You can purchase you're own at her Etsy shop ( I know I'll be ordering some in the future as gifts - these are really special and very affordable ! )  Cranberry Morning Etsy Shop
I LOVE them !
They're sitting in a gravy bowl because I can't find my soap dishes lol - but I'm kind of liking them in
there - so they may stay even when I find the proper ones !

Thanks so much Judy - you're simply the best ♥

I know a lot of you follow BUTTERFLY & BUNGALOW and for those of you that don't - DO IT !!!
She is my home renovator inspiration - and does beautiful work

Look at this kitchen !!!

Sheer perfection

I received this in the mail a little while ago - it's so beautiful I almost can't stand it lol

Most of you know my affinity for all things Paris so this just melts my heart.................
I could drape myself in this fabric - just gorgeous !
When I saw it on her blog - I asked her to please send it to me - even though it has special meaning for her and her husband - I STILL asked her to send it to me LOL
She went one step better - and made one for me !!!

It's so feminine with such details as the ribbons on the end of the banner

AND IT'S MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much Susan - you're simply incredible ♥

A lot of you only know my next " benefactor " through comments - she doesn't blog ( but she really should - Danni from SILO HILL FARM and I have been pushing her to do so - no luck yet...........
BUT she did a few posts for Danni a while back which you can read Here and Here and Here

Someone who lugs home a wrought iron balcony - and turns it into a beautiful one of a kind potting bench should be blogging, don't you think?

or when they create a kitchen window like this???

A package arrived from Cheryl that contained these !

The most darling glass magnets - and yes - she made them all !!!

This particular one made me teary eyed - this world renowned cafe is where a girlfriend and I sat for an entire rainy afternoon - while she made a heart breaking decision..............
We laughed - we argued - we cried - we argued - we laughed -
And we drank hot chocolate....................
I can remember saying - " we're in Paris - why are we arguing?"
" better than arguing in Montreal " she replied.
It takes a special friendship to be able to argue and make up and sit arm in arm in a little cafe in St Germain de Pres, I'll tell ya................

I adore these !
They're on the hood of my stove where I see them everyday

Thanks Cheryl - you're simply amazing ♥

This week a tube arrived from Texas - from a very dear friend Tina - from What We Keep

She's the one that sent me this ( and which is in my new kitchen - never to be used lol ) isn't it the prettiest tea towel?

She has a heart the size of her home State...............
After reading my post on how much I'd love to have a Mora Clock she quickly outlined a pattern from hers and sent it to me !!!

I can now create my own ( stay tuned - that's one that I intend to start soon ! )

Thanks so much Tina - you're simply wonderful ♥

And lastly - If you don't know Maureen from It's all Connected - now would be the time to introduce yourself !  She's a fellow Canuck who's led an extremely interesting and entertaining life - not to mention she'll have you in stitches ( ok sometimes tears ) with her Chicks !!!
Her posts are like reading miniature books - always engrossing - so it was quite fitting that she sent me a book - and not just any book - but a book written by her daughter !!!
What an incredible read - her daughter adopted a family of 4 special needs children

Maureen writes :

The Promise is a truthful, raw and inspiring memoir of the struggles of one family to heal their four adopted children and create an atmosphere where everyone can thrive and grow together as a true family.  Written by the mother of the children (and incidentally my daughter) and the Child and Youth Counselor, who helped them develop strategies for success, it has proved so valuable to adoptive parents that it is endorsed by many adoptive agencies and the authors are enlisted to speak at Adoption Council functions. You can buy the book HERE

Thanks Maureen - you're simply fantastic ♥

And now I'm filled with a huge amount of dread - terrified I've missed something - somebody - please let me know if I have - I promise it won't take me another 5 months to say thanks............
Even though it's taken this long - it couldn't be more heartfelt, truly.

I think a giveaway of my own is in order right about now - stay tuned - I've ordered something special for one of you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - Happy Easter if you celebrate it - Happy relaxing if you don't ♥