Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 115

Sometimes - in the midst of gutting out a home - it helps to see what others have done.

When I came across this house at This Old House - I was completely blown away - but sadly it didn't help at all because now I want to sell the one we bought and find one like this instead LOL

Wait till you see what vision can do !

It can create this

from this

You can read all about it by following the link  This Old House - what an amazing journey 

I most definitely WANNA live there !

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dining Room Dreams !

Our last home was only a 2 bedroom flat with small rooms - but the way it was laid out lent itself to entertaining perfectly -

There was a large entrance way which was open to the living room which then opened to the dining room

Allowing people to be in both rooms and still be together

So the 16 or so at Christmas fit in the space perfectly.

With space to even add another table when we had to.

We knocked out a wall in the house before that one, to turn a bedroom into a dining room with French doors that led to the living room - again allowing people to be in both rooms.

This current house, however, isn't laid out in a way that I can achieve that.
The dining room is off the kitchen - which is at the back of the house - I worry that it'll be too small.

I've thought of opening up the kitchen entirely to create a kitchen / dining room space because I know families today prefer open spaces...............( resell - everything I do is always about resell ).but it's a tiny old cottage and I kind of feel it would lose some charm by doing that, which is why the plan has always been to have French doors installed ( which would lead to the garden ) because I think a small dining room would feel so much larger with the view that the doors would provide.  ( I may have an ocean put in the backyard as well )
It would bring much needed light into a very dark dining room.


BUT the idea hit me this weekend that I may have 2 sets of French doors installed.

Sorry for showing this horrid room twice in 2 days - but I'm itching to get started in there ( April - I'm praying by April I can at least start ! )
Again I'm showing the seller's photo

What do you think?
Is it ridiculous?
Or charming ?

If the entire room is white with black French doors ( black and white would tie in with the kitchen )

The wall where the single window is leads to the garden

The wall with the double windows leads to the side of the house - which is fenced in and filled with trees making a perfect spot for a little " secret garden " area.


John says - 2 sets of French doors in one small room?  Ridiculous !!!
Suzan says - I think it's brilliant !
John says - YOU my dear, think everything you do is brilliant - and sometimes it's not

But if this beautiful space can have 4 sets

Surely we can have 2 ?

Can you help me convince John or are you on his side with this one?

Have a great day everyone !
( dreamer of double sets of French doors )