Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gingham Anyone?

DIY painted gingham

It's a funny thing - I can barely use a thread and needle - really I can't - I can sew a hem ( kind of ) but other than that I'm in unfamiliar territory - this coming from a daughter whose Mother made custom drapes and window coverings for a living .................but give me a paint brush and I can paint a pattern on anything !

I searched high and low for gingham wall paper to no avail - so decided to paint the doors in the little guest room with a gingham pattern instead - this is such a little touch but it makes a big statement!

I started off with taping vertical lines in the insets ( or panels ) of the doors

I then painted the spaces between the tape with ASCP Paris Grey ( it should have been blue but I'd run out of the blue paint from the walls )
Note:  I always remove my painters tape while the paint is wet -

Once it was dry - I started taping horizontally like this

The reason you see three pieces of tape together in the above photo is because the middle one is the one I use to gage my space...................I stick it under the top line - add the bottom line - and then remove the middle one -leaving a perfectly measured space in between - like the below photo shows
( I did the same for the vertical lines - I don't measure so this is the next best thing - the lazy way I suppose )

Here it is ready to paint

I very lightly painted because I was going for a look of faded cotton - not sure if I accomplished that or not
As I painted in between this set of lines - I went a little heavier over the existing grey " squares " and lightly
over the white ones ( although the grey automatically goes darker since this is it's second coat )

When you take the tape off this time, you're left with this

A Gingham bedroom door !
I'm in love with it - it's just what this little " country " style bedroom needed

The 2 panels allows a perfect break in the middle - stopping it from looking too busy
That door handle will be changed out to a glass one -

I'm telling you I haven't worked this hard on a room since my kids were little ones - the Master bedroom was a breeze compared to this one - but hey - it's a guest room - and guests are kind of special, right?
I'm ohsoclose to being able to show the final results of the entire room - although for today - I'm sorry - but
I'm showing you the door.

Painted Gingham on door

or I should say DOOR ( S ) because as soon as this one was finished I did the little Alice in Wonderland closet door too

John's in love with it - he looked at it - and looked at it and came out of the room
John says - You know, I think you should copyright that
Suzan says - What?  Gingham?  Too late
John says - No - don't be ridiculous - painting it on doors 
Suzan says - Sure - I'll run down to the patent office tomorrow morning
John says - I'm serious
Suzan says - I know - that's what scares me
John says - quite irritated - Fine - just give all your ideas away
Suzan says - You're starting to sound like a pimp for crying out loud.................

So I'm just putting it out there - if I see this on anyone's doors - first of all I'll be very flattered - and then
I'll immediately call my lawyer - I'll speak to John about how much I should charge for this idea and get back to you all.

Oh and these are arriving today from Amazon

2 of the above and one of the below

If you missed yesterday's post, you can see why I ordered them HERE

You all have a wonderful weekend - do a little of something - and a lot of nothing - you've earned it!
Much love

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