Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh It's ladder time again.....................

John doesn't get it -
John never will I suppose
But I keep trying.....................

Oh it's ladder time again - he's going to leave me
I can see that far away look in his eye....................................

I had a ladder in our bedroom in the last house and the conversation that ensued from that was ridiculous ( HERE )

I decorated a ladder one Christmas ( when everyone in blogland was doing it ) and he went over the moon nuts about it - thought it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen..................and was actually embarrassed when people came over.

Last Spring - when we were marvelling at all the surprises that kept creeping up in the garden ( our first Spring here ) I saw something poking out from behind the shed and jumped up and down with glee

It was an old hand made weathered ladder !
( you know, you think he'd be grateful that that's all it takes to make me do a happy dance - I don't ask for diamonds )
Which I quickly hung up in a corner and used it as an arbor during the summer - a place to hang flowering plants - a bird feeder or 2 and fairy lights...................and yes he thought that was ridiculous too - a ladder is a ladder is a ladder - not an arbor..................sheesh.

Anyway,  that F word has been floating all over the place lately..................
You know that 4 letter word.................
I hate to use it - it goes against my nature completely - but here goes.
uggghhhh - sorry all you Fall lovers - you have to live in a 4 season climate to get it................
Where we mumble Fall Off ................frequently.

Anyway I ran in and got the ladder while John was out - because nothing says that 4 letter word like
a perfectly aged - rustic - home made ladder - that reaches the ceiling ( we have high ceilings ) no less.........

A place to drape a throw
Display some cotton ( but I've never picked cotton ....................I bought them )
And waited for him to come home .................knowing this time he was going to marvel at my genius and remark on how fabulous it looked.

And that he'd agree that a ladder works perfectly in this little cottage -

And that he'd be insane not to see that this time

Suzan says - LOOK what I did with the ladder !!!!!!!!!!
John turns his head around to look in the living room - shakes his head and walks by it without saying anything
Suzan says - Don't tell me you don't like this one either?
( and don't tell me you're not going to say anything - it's half the reason I blog after all - but I didn't say that )
John says - I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL
Suzan says - You know, you'd never believe you grew up in England - I'm trying to incorporate a little English rustic chic into the house
John says - ENGLISH RUSTIC CHIC????????
John says - What the hell is that?
John says - We kept ladders in the tool shed - or the cellar for God's sakes.
Suzan says - but you said we don't have enough wood in the house - so I thought you'd
John says - What in God's name is wrong with you?
John says - You get everything looking nice and than you stick this in there?

I can't win -
Well I CAN win - because it's staying
And he's insane.................obviously - it's quite clear to me now.
And I also know - without a doubt - that somewhere in England - there's an old cottage with a rustic hand made ladder leaning against a wall.

and if there isn't - than there definitely should be - don't they know English Rustic Chic when they see it?

If you want to hear a conversation and a half on those branches you can read it HERE

Wonder what he'll say when he sees miniature pumpkins on the rungs?

Because whether I like Fall or not................I'm a blogger - so I HAVE to decorate for it, don't you know?

And I wonder where I should put this one?

Update -
John mumbled as he walked by it again - " maybe it'll grow on me "
Glory be to God !!!
He's not quite as insane as we thought !

Have a wonderful day everyone
Much love,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 95

Good morning everyone !

I seem to be a little starstruck lately I know - but here's another one that captured my attention -
Some of these rooms are to die for !

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
All photos from CELEBRITY HOMES

She had me at Red Front Door lol

And I'm in love with this gallery wall

OMG - that worn leather chesterfield????

My girls are twins - so this nursery just melts my heart away - ( I'm sure they have as much security as Royalty - but French doors in a nursery would terrify me - I'm way too neurotic for that ) but everything else is just gorgeous !

Morrocan inspired sun room?  Love !

Sheer Perfection ( in my humble opinion )

You could have a party in the bathroom - looks like there's an island

Not quite sure what this is - but it sure looks comfy


and the piece de resistance?

Which is what that Sheer Perfection room above looks out on

And that's how the other half live folks !!!
Now I'm back to the reality of this
The floor is ready to be primed - hooray - freaking hooray LMHO

You all have a wonderful day -
I'm going to ask John to start doubling up on the lottery tickets !

Much love,
Hugs too

Sharing at these fabulous parties !

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