Monday, September 1, 2014

Too much going on around here !

Good morning sisters of my heart !

I finished painting one side of the built ins

But we still haven't touched the bottom part ( where the heaters go - and that was the most important part for me )
And there's still the other side of the window which hasn't even been primed

And I can only tell you guys - I simply CANNOT tell John - but I'm not so crazy about them.
Oh.  My.  God...................there - I've said it - it's out there.  I've been keeping silent about it
( but silence like a cancer grows )

I'm hoping that once the whole room is complete I'll see them a little differently -

 I've also started painting this lady .....................

AND I have to get it done FAST - because this one is on its way tonight

 AND one more thought before I go - am I the only one who's NOT happy that Fall is on its way?

It's a beautiful season - I get that - but doesn't everyone want to hang on to summer for just a little longer?

I'm just not ready for painted pumpkins !  ( you can see that post HERE ) because I can't see me having time in the foreseeable future to paint even one pumpkin lol

And then before you know it Christmas decorating will start - do you ever feel that you're in a race with Father Time - and Mother Nature is screaming at you to slow down?

Have a wonderful day everyone
Our cruise is next month - I'm praying I don't get on the ship and fall asleep for the entire time
but in the meantime the countdown has officially begun !

Kisses & hugs ( if you don't mind a little paint on  you )

They call me Lady Bump....................

Last night John was standing in the kitchen and I sidled up to him and bumped him on his hip

John says - OW !!!   What the hell was that for ?
Suzan says - I'm doing the bump - as I bump into his butt
John says - Can you stop please?
Suzan says - I want to dance - we never dance
John snorts - You call that dancing?
Suzan says - It's the " bump " - didn't you ever do the bump?
John says - No - and can you do the " bum " over there ?
Suzan says - It's called the B.U.M.P. and I can't do it over there because it takes 2 people to do it
John says - Where do you think these things up?
John says - There's no dance called the bump
Suzan says - Of course there is - I was THE lady bump !
John says - Are you telling me there was a dance where people just bumped into each other?
Suzan says - Yes - with rhythm of course
John says - Of course...............
John says - Like this?

To which he then bumped me so hard I almost went flying into the fridge.....................

Suzan says - You're no John Travolta - I'll tell you that
John says - Well you're no Ginger Rogers

And therein lies the problem right there - I'm not quite sure if that's his era - but it sure isn't mine !!!

I was going to try to teach him how to do the Hustle - but I think it's a lost cause.................

I remember the song perfectly - I remember the dance perfectly
But I don't remember her letting out that blood curdling scream - do you ?
She sounds like a cat in heat LMHO - it's painful to listen to!
I was too busy bumping all over the dance floor to hear it, I guess.
Those were the days my friend - we thought they'd never end.......................
We'd sing and dance...........
Forever and a day

Now I MUST get back to my paint brush

Have a great day everyone
Lady Bump