Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scroll work and a bed frame

Good morning everyone

Last week I mentioned that I had changed my mind about making the second little room into a dressing room - and had decided instead to go with a second guest room. I showed you some options for bed frames I had found online - none of which I was able to get for one reason or another.................but I did find this one.

It's nothing at all of what I had imagined - but it'll do - and I DO happen to like the curves and  scroll work which will tie in ( kind of, sort of, maybe ? )  with this small dresser I'll be using as a night table

Transferring an image on a dresser

The scrolls were transferred on using a transfer from the The Graphics Fairy and later darkened with a sharpie.....................

It served as my end table in our last place and I was thinking of freshening it up and selling it - now it'll be staying with me a little longer since it's the perfect size for a lamp and a few books.

This is how it looked before

Transferred image on dresser

You can see the tutorial for the transfer  HERE

Meanwhile I haven't stopped painting in that room for 3 days - and it's only going white
( with one deep grey accent wall which you can't see in this photo )
The first 2 coats barely covered - I'm on the 3rd and it's looking a little cleaner now
And as much as I love the little windows I can't tell you what a pain they are to paint !!!
( much scraping involved - I'll just say that - there's paint on the glass panes that I swear to you has to be 50 years old )

This room's the brighter of the 2 guest rooms because it has a small sash window on the other side of as well.................( where the deep grey will go ) and the bed will be placed in a sort of nook on that side ( made to measure almost )

And that's what I've been working on non stop now.....................before moving on to the offce ( and final upstairs room )

I'm determined that it'll be finished before we hit our first year " anniversary " in this place.

The first guest room was done with particular little princesses in mind

You can see it HERE - but this one's going to be all grown up - not fluffy at all
All white - with black accents ( much like my room now that I think of it )

Before and after my room is HERE

Okay - gotta run before the paint dries on the roller ( AND I change my mind about the whole thing again )

Come, let's scroll  ♪
Scroll across the floor
Come, let's scro oh oh ll  ♪♫
Scroll across the floor
Now turn around baby.......................

Let's scroll once more   ♪♫♪

Have a wonderful day everyone -
Much love

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

John says - It's DIABOLICAL .........................

Last night we were watching the news......................

John says - You know, these reporters are diabolical
Suzan says - Well that's not exactly a word I would use -
Suzan says - I can think of a lot of " D " words to use but that isn't one of them
John says - Like what?
Suzan says - disgusting................delusional................dangerous.............disaster driven ( bonus for a double one ! )
John says - Same thing
Suzan says - No it's not - Diabolical is saying they're like Satan - and I wouldn't go that far
John breaks into huge laughter.
John says - What the hell is it with you and Satan this and Satan that?
John says - The word has nothing to do with Satan
Suzan says - Are you serious?
Suzan says - Are you telling me the word Devil - D.I.A.B.L.O. - is not the root of D.I.A.B.O.L.I.C.A.L. ?
John jumps up from the bed - still roaring -
John says - Oh this is going to be fun
Suzan says - What is?
John says - Proving you wrong
Suzan says - Where are you going?
John says - To get the dictionary
John says - Want to place a bet?
Suzan says - If I'm wrong I'll never post another John says - Suzan says on the blog
Suzan says - WHOA big boy - what will YOU do if you're wrong?
John says - I'll eat the bloody book - because I know I'm right this time.

John comes back upstairs - snuggles up to me on the bed - and starts reading
Suzan says - OUT LOUD please
John says - Not necessary - it looks like we're both right

And tosses the book off the bed - to which I - of course - scramble off the bed to pick up

Suzan says - I don't expect you to eat the whole book - but you have to at least eat this page
John says - I guess this is going on your blog?
Suzan says - Oh yeah ...............
John says - You're diabolical, you know that?

It's sitting on the bench at the end of the bed - for a midnight snack
Enjoy sweetheart, enjoy

The conversation pretty much obliterated the nightly news - which is a good thing

Because between you and me and the lamp post - it IS pretty Diabolical
( but I didn't say that )

Some couples go
We engage in the most ridiculous conversations on the planet
and sometimes we even have fun with it.


Soda should be back home in my arms as you read this - I was a complete zombie yesterday -
She had to be brought in at 7.30 A.M. and was only operated on at 7.30 P.M.
All day in a cage - no food -
I was ranting and raving - really I was - until I heard she came through it and was sleeping soundly.
Then all was forgiven -
I can't wait to see her - I just can't.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - I'll just be here spoiling a little girl I happen to love.
Big hugs,