Monday, December 1, 2014

Kitchen Curtains

John says - Is that the table cloth hanging on the door?

Suzan says - Yes it is - do you like it?
John says - Why not? We've got pillow cases on windows and blankets hanging off walls
Suzan says - It's not a blanket - it's a duvet cover - and I created a bed nook with that - I would NOT hang a blanket randomly on the wall !!!  ( the guest room HERE )
Suzan says - You've got to think outside the box sometimes honey

John says - It's ridiculous now..................really - why can't we just use the table cloth as a table cloth?

I knew it, you know.
I knew that would be exactly what he would say ( bet most of you knew it by now too )
But I did it anyway

Now we have an ongoing issue in this house -
John leaves his winter coat thrown on either a living room chair or one in the den ......................
He doesn't see the sense in putting it away since he'll have to put it back on ( get it?  much like the reason I'm going to stop making the bed )

He asked if I could bring him the newspaper he'd left in there..............
I walked into the room and let out a blood curdling scream

I thought somebody was up in the window - ( does anyone remember that horrific scene in Peyton Place? )
He sat in the kitchen roaring his head off.....................

John says - Well if you can keep raiding the linen closet - I thought I'd take something from the coat closet.
John says - You keep complaining that I leave it laying around.
John says - You've got to think outside the box sometimes, honey.

When I came back in the kitchen he was holding the camera.

John says - Here you go - go blog about it.

And so I did.
But I'll get him back -
Not sure how yet but I most definitely will.
When the kids finally have us committed I want my own room.
With windows to hang duvets and pillow cases and table cloths from.

It's December 4th - winter's practically over !!!
Christmas decorating has officially started !
Have a wonderful day " y'all "
Much love,

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My love of branches continues !

There were branches laying around the property and before I knew it I was snipping away and dragging them into the living room.

Most of you know my love of them - ( and John's hate of them HERE - it's quite funny actually )

But they work well with Christmas berry garland thrown in for good measure

Oh and I discovered that an old ladder is the perfect place to hang a wreath - the wires from the lights look a little messy I know, but this is sooooo pretty in the evening that I'll try to ignore it in the day .
The mandatory branches remain in place.

I then snipped some evergreen branches and put lights in them...................

Christmas decorating starts in earnest this week I suppose - I have a lot to make up for since we couldn't decorate last year..................because well - it looked like this, remember?
This was taken a week after we'd moved in...............

It's far from finished - much farther than I thought I'd be a year later - but at the very least there's some areas I can place a wreath and garland..................

That pedestal with the candelabra on it?
That's holding up the shutter doors that still haven't been installed.
There's a lot of things just precariously placed where I want them to eventually go lol - but the den sits cosily behind them.

Have a wonderful day every one !
Much love,

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