Friday, September 23, 2011

Criminal at Large

John is in Europe this week - and I was just too lazy to walk down to the market to get my flowers ( even
though I did walk to my hairdressers and back - which was about 7 miles in total - very very proud of myself!!!! )
So I decided to steal from my garden - this is my first attempt at drying hydrangeas - I am in love - the different shades look soooo pretty - I think these will stay for a long time,
And I say steal because it is in fact what I have done - my neighbour split in with us to purchase these plants so technically they are only half mine - I literally went out in the middle of the night in my housecoat with snippers.................and because it was the middle of the night there were slugs on them, ughhhhh.
I had already bought 4 dried hydrangeas - so only added to what I already have.
Am I completely nuts?
Yep, that would be me

and if that were not enough I ran back out again and cut these from a bush that we just planted ( and of which the costs were also shared )

Is it ok to commit an act of petty theft if it makes your heart happy, lol
I even had the thought of taking snippers when I take Soda out for her walk late at night
and snipping here and there, can you imagine?  Would that make her an accomplice?

My new best friend ( power to the people my friends )

If you see me walking around your neighbourhood - be careful, be very very careful.

Do you think I could actually blame Soda?  Hmmm, she looks a little guilty to me

........................Tell it to the judge, lady.



  1. Soda. That naughty dog, teaching ya naughty things!! Ya caught him on camera. There is no doubt in my mind who done it!!!

  2. Um, you weren't stealing ---you were 'pruning'.

    Love ALL your blogs, the JohnSays SuzanSays had me spitting my tea this morning---as my husband (pocket protector electronics major) and me(artist, kook, and wierdo) have had similar conversations.


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