Wednesday, December 11, 2013

House Inspector Clousseau at your service !!!

Back when I was painting the linen closet - ( Here ) I discovered something a little strange.

But first let's go back a little - as in when I first came to see the house - and how when I came upstairs to the little landing the first thing I was met with were these doors.............

and a couple of thoughts struck me - the first one being " ugghhh " which I hesitate to write because someone loved them enough to install them at one time obviously - having said that, however - I hate them enough to want to un-install them

that top panel is some kind of plastic imitation of " tiffany " - and the doors themselves don't belong in this house at all - they're modern builder's type of hollow doors.................

here's the one to the linen closet

except when I opened it and found this on the other side ( excuse the photo - I'm in the midst of painting it )

Panels on one side?
OMG !!!
I almost did a happy dance - because panels on one side mean there must be panels on the other side!!!
Why would anyone cover that detail up with veneer???????????

And then my mind starting going a little crazy - c'mon with me downstairs!!!

Check out this door!

Do you see what I see?
( said the house inspector to her blogging friends )

THIS DOOR USED TO BE THE SAME - I'M SURE OF IT - THEY REMOVED THE WOOD FROM THE TOP SQUARE AND PUT IN THAT PLASTIC SHEET - AND THEN COVERED THE REST IN VENEER ( sorry for screaming - but I'm so excited by this - I feel like I've just discovered Uranium or something )

How am I so sure of this?

Suzan - on her hands and knees - knocking on the door in various places - says -
I've made an amazing discovery John !!!
John says - What?  That no one's home?
Suzan says - We just have to remove the veneer and we'll have solid wood doors - complete with molding and panels !!!!
John says - You're nuts - they're basic doors -
John says - Listen I'm not damaging the doors to prove a point to you -
Suzan says - Why would the linen closet have panels on the inside - and not the outside?
John says - I don't know Einstein but we have too many other things to worry about with this house right now................
Suzan starts knocking on the door again
Suzan says - Listen !!!  Where the panels would go in the knocking is echo-y - where the panels would come out - it's not...............THIS IS VENEER - I'M TELLING YOU THIS IS VENEER............
Suzan says - I've discovered something magical here honey!!!
John says - Great - now I'm living with the great Kreskin - she can see through doors.................

Guess what we're doing this weekend?
Dear God - let me be right on this one!

Stay tuned for my hidden window discovery :)

Oh and we bought a really pretty pair of linen drapes from Ikea today -
and left them in the cart as we drove off on our merry way....................

and now we can't find the bill.

THAT'S the reason zombies don't go shopping - now I know :)

Merry Christmas someone out there with a free new pretty pair of linen drapes

Much love,


  1. Suzan , I have to tell you, latelly your blog is the main reason I open my blog's dashboard....SO I CAN SEE INSTANTLY WHEN YOU POST SOMETHING :) I just love the way you write. Good luck with your panel doors! Hugs, Cristina

  2. Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your paneled doors! That would just be awesome. I'm sad about the IKEA adventure though.

  3. Inspector Clousseau - that's the boehm! No, really, the BOEHM! I am certain that the boehm of finding the real doors was intended for you! ;) See for yourself:

    Oh my, I'm sorry you have to be everyone's comic relief through this stressful holiday season, but your posts sure are the boehm these days. For that, I thank you.
    Rita C. at Panoply

  4. What a great discovery Inspector Clousseau!! Amazing, in fact. I'm so sorry about the IKEA drapes. That would be…..well….maddening, annoying, sad, freaking awful!!! I'm sure the store has more. Have fun pealing the veneer off the doors!

  5. What a bummer about the drapes, but if you're right about those doors... how awesome would that be?!

  6. Dear Kreskin: I'm going to request that Geraldo Rivera show up at your house to cover the opening of the veneer. It's potential is more transfixing than opening what's his name's vault. I mean it.

  7. Don't you wonder what on earth they were thinking, to cover the doors with a veneer???? Very exciting discovery, Suzan! :-)

  8. That's so cool about the linen closet doors!

    Your Ikea slip might be computerized like here, and maybe it can be looked up. Maybe a clerk set them aside for you. It is worth a try.

  9. I hope you can track down the curtains.

    Obviously you have way to much on your plate, or maybe I should say on your doors.

    John needs to leave the house for a few hours so you can attack those doors.

  10. How exiting, Suzan. I can`t wait to hear if you are right on this one. I HOPE.

    Hugs from here

  11. Oh Suzan the door discovery. Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!! What a great surprise. Hope you can get the curtains. I bet they will look gorgeous.
    Good luck with the doors.

  12. I sure hope you are right, too! John will lose his mind if you are wrong!! :)

  13. By Jove! I think you are on to something. Good luck, that would be an awesome find.

  14. Fantastic discovery and I'm sure you're right! How exciting! All we found when we moved into our first house was that the previous owners had painted around the furniture - yes around their furniture! We had to live with the outlines of their dressers, etc. until we painted LOL!

  15. LOL
    Love your storytelling.
    Dang! I hope you're right ... how awesome would that by ... and why would anyone want to cover the old doors up???
    Keep us posted.
    diane @ aug's blog

  16. Ohhhhh.....I SO want to come and live with you two, Suzan! I'd spend the rest of my days rolling on the floor laughing hysterically at your shenanigans! lolol! You be sure to take photos and record every word during your deconstruction of those doors, girl. We don't want to miss a thing! lol

    You were just someone's Secret Santa today with those curtains. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Lucky it was only draperies. I drove off and left my purse behind and it took two weeks to replace all the cards and checkbooks, etc. And $250/yr to have public documents checked in case someone used my ID for behaving badly. You need Lifelock as a sponsor. Draperies…a pieceacake….
    But the door news is exciting. I love the back of that one door. Reminds me of a New England farmhouse. Lovely.

  18. Crazy veneer loving people! Glad you found out before you destroyed the doors. It wouldn't hurt to just call Ikea and explain to them and see if some good soul turned them in. IF you used a credit card they can look it up on their system (at least they can do that here). Have a good night- xo Diana

  19. Oh boo about the curtains, I've done that before :( I really really hope your right but and I know it's mean, but a tiny part of me can't wait to hear what John says if your wrong LOL ( I'm a horrid person you already know that)

  20. What a great discovery! Good job Clouseau!

    I've been trawling architectural salvage yards to find old solid wood doors and I'm making progress! I also bartered for some old glass door knob sets too. Thankfully with age I've gained patience and think that all will work out as planned.

  21. Hi Suzan!!!

    What a great find!!!!!

    Let's hope they're are paneled doors, we can't have John being right!!! Seeing the transformation is exciting!!! Have you taken down the wall paper yet?

    I'm so excited for you!!!


  22. That is exciting!!! I once discovered a gorgeous original sink hidden under a tacky 50's laminate counter. That's the joy of home renovations (sometimes).

  23. Hey I had the same thing in my house! And it was worth it. It's beyond me why someone would cover up a beautiful door with veneer. That's just like you Suzan, spreading the cheer with beautiful drapes! Cheers.

  24. I think it's better than discovering uranium! I just know you are right about those doors. I can't get over that someone would cover up those panels and replace it with the "glass" and veneer. You are really bringing that house back to life.

  25. Fantastic discovery, Suzan! They are going to look a 100 times better when you remove the veneer! And I remember leaving something on the bottom of a cart I don't know, it was quite large.
    Debbie :)

  26. I do hope they hid som dollars behind the veneer!


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