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Monday, February 24, 2014

Country bench

Good morning everyone

I picked this up some time ago - but with everything that's been going on in my world - reno's - disastrous discoveries etc - she just sat in the dining room patiently awaiting her makeover -
In order to escape a little of my reality I decided to get lost in a makeover - a quick one - but a makeover none the less

Seller's photo

and now

Painted Bench, shabby

I added a few " country " words - and that Hen towel?  Tina from What we Keep created and sent me
I can't use it - I simply can't - it's too pretty ( what IS wrong with me? )

stencilled country bench makeover

Hens and eggs - get it - got it ? Good !

I can't use these either - which Dani from Frugal ain't Cheap sent me -

I'm even too scared to leave them out on display in case John uses them LMHO -

And just as I was finishing up, look what arrived !!!!!!!!!!

and the new window is here too !!!

Oh my gosh - it's close now folks - it ohsoclose to being finished ( the kitchen that is - the rest of the place is still vomit inducing )

In the meantime my country bench is " fait accomplis "

And she's saying Merci ! ( she's a bilingual bench don't you know - she advertises in English but she speaks in French )

White shabby country bench makeover

Annie Sloan Pure White
A Sharpie
And stencilling.................voila !

Have a great day everyone

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If he were a Carpenter

Thanks so much to Rooted in Thyme for the feature!!!

Hi Everyone!
Remember this pile of pallet wood I was supposed to make my son artwork from?

Well Mama got greedy - and decided to use it for herself ( don't worry Gordie - I promise I'll make you something - scout's honor - just not THIS week )

Well progress in the bedroom continues -
We have a very small master - very very small - so everything has to be stragically placed to optimize space.
I've always liked having a bench at the foot of the bed - but just couldn't make it work in this house - without walking around with black and blue legs from smashing into it constantly.
After walking by this pallet wood for a few days, an idea started forming in my head - what if we ( I use "we" very loosely in this case ) could make a custom piece - very narrow - but still a BENCH???

Suzan says - John, do you think you could make me a bench for the foot of the bed?
John says - No Suzan, I cannot, I'm not a carpenter
Suzan says - How hard can it be to do?
John says - Very hard - if you've never done it before,
Suzan says - Oh but it's nothing really - just a few planks of wood - and some more wood for legs - there's nothing to it really
John says - So you make one
John says - Listen to me carefully, I'M NOT A CARPENTER
Suzan says - But it doesn't TAKE a carpenter to make a little bitty bench -
Suzan says - AND it doesn't have to be functional - it's not to actually sit on
John says - Well what the hell is the point then?  Just to look at ?
Suzan says - Yes - just to look at, it would make my heart so happy just to have a little bench to LOOK at.

That night John started working on one -
Look what he made!!!
Keep in mind he has never built anything before - EVER.

Pallet board, DIY, Bench, White wash

It's rustic - and shabby - and perfectly imperfect - and fits exactly how I thought it would.

bench, pallet boards, white washed,

Oh oh, there's some space beneath the bench - can't have any of that!
( remember, small room, have to utilize every square inch )

Does anyone remember this? ( if not you can find it HERE )
It was an old wooden crate that I picked up for 5.00 last summer - I painted it white and stencilled it AND

DIY, Parisien address, storage box, white washed

it fits under the bench like it was meant to be there - and gives me more storage

Bench, diy, pallet wood, white,

I love that I have somewhere to place a few books

I dry brushed it white - with a little blue here and there - and for 5 dollars I have a bench and storage!

Suzan says - Do you think you could build me a little bookshelf
John says - Relax. I think you're overestimating my abilities here.
John says - And whatever you do - DON'T SIT ON THAT BENCH.................
John says - I TOLD you, I'm not a carpenter
Suzan says - Oh but John, I beg to differ.......................

DIY, Bench, white, pallet wood,

Oh yes, you're a carpenter

( and I am his lady)
At this rate maybe I'll get him to build us a house....................
I mean how hard can it be to do?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Union Jack

My " picker " friend ( Dorothy - my competition actually ) took me to a favourite place of hers today -
and btw who does that?  Who takes their competition along with them to pick?  Unheard of and incredibly generous on her part - and I bought this for 10.00!!!
Now we're talking - don't have a clue when I'll be able to finish it because I'm actually drowning in piece to do - but I couldn't walk away from it at that price - just wasn't physically able to do it - even though I promised John that I would wait before purchasing any new pieces

Did I mention it was only 10.00?
I purchased a dresser that you are going to go nuts when you see - I promise you - if you're not already nuts
( and most of you are as nuts as I am already - this I know by now, lol ) than you will become stark raving mad.
AND I bought a dining table - and all 3 items came to the grand total of 100.00 - UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I took my camera so I could share photos with y'all ( I think I'm becoming a southern belle ) but I was so busy doing cartwheels I completely forgot I had it with me.

And remember the little bench I got for 5.00?

Well after a little bit of tape - and a little bit of stencilling - and a little bit of paint - and a whole lot of patience
it looks like this.  When I finally got to take a good look at it I realized it was an Ikea piece - and because I am now officially a furniture SNOB I kind of held up my nose and thought Oh - it's Ikea - what am I going to do with this -
Now pls keep in mind I used to live in Ikea - was there all the time - never gave real wood a moment's thought - I'm such a turncoat really, lol

Anyway because it was Ikea I thought I'd better do something a little extra special with it and came up with this - I know a lot of people out there must be sick of seeing them but I don't think I'll ever tire of it - I just love the Union Jack -
We'll see if it sells - if it doesn't it won't be the first time I sand everything off and start over ( won't even tell you how often I've done that - it's embarrassing really )  There were so many ideas crammed in my head on this one I just grabbed one of them and went with it.

I used graphite - paris gray and pure white - and left it pristine - no sanding or distressing on this one.
The Stencils come from the Dollar Store - and they're pretty incredible because they stick on to the surface which is such a plus - if you ever see them in your neck of the woods - BUY THEM - they look like this
you just peel off the protective paper on the back - don't mind the condition of them - I've used the same ones for more projects than I can remember - and I don't use a stencil brush - I always use a foam brush - which I used to buy at Home Depot and have now discovered my dollar store carries them as well - I think I got 5 of them for 1.00 - can you see my little union jack printed out lol -
oops this is the one from Home Depot - but the dollar one is the same except the handle is plastic -
And you can wash them out for a long time before it's rendered useless -

I added stripes to the legs for a little extra something something - not sure if I should have -

Ok - have to go now - my inbox is loaded with comments that I haven't had time to respond to yet -

In the meantime Keep Calm and Carry on - great words to live by


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