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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wanna play checkers? ( On my Checkerboard floor? )

Morning all !

I thought it was time to show you - even though the baseboards aren't finished and the quarter rounds are just a distant thought - it was time!

I know a few of you have mentioned the sneak peaks you've seen when I've been busy showing you other areas - so last night I got down on my hands and knees and cleaned it
( foot prints of dust from sanding dry wall - glue residue - dog hair - you name it - it was on it - a mere mopping would have never sufficed )

And Voila - here you go

the other side - the sink area

Now I'll let you in on a little something - something

I ordered these tiles from Wayfair - and I'm afraid I can't give them a very good review.

1) They arrived with one box damaged - all the corners had cracks in them - I was going to return them -but in the end we used them for the perimeter of the room where only 1/2 tile was used
( I just didn't want the headache to be honest with you. )

2) Though these were stick on tiles - the glue was in no way, shape or form strong enough to adhere to the plywood underneath.............we had to buy a tub of tile glue and spread it on the floor as we went

3)  What should have been a cinch turned out to be an extremely messy job - with that tar/glue ending up all over the place.

4)  The tiles are very thin - thinner than any I ever seen.

5 ) THIS has happened to one of them ( actually 2 of them - but the first one was in the box like that so we just threw it out )  Now it's on an edge - and no transition piece has been installed yet so there's a lot of rubbing up against it - but still there was one in the box like it so.......................

That white part you see curling up is the top layer of the tile.

As most of you know this was a temporary fix - because of the disaster of the first floor we laid down
I'm not even putting a link to it - it made me that sick lol

I chose stick-ons because the plan was to see if I liked the look or not - God Forbid I would have had ceramic tiles installed and decided I couldn't live with them either - SO for me they'll last as long as they'll last - and I'll have the ceramic laid - because I do in fact LOVE the look -
But if anyone is thinking of doing this - I'd recommend not getting them from Wayfair - ( and I have to tell you I love Wayfair - just not their tiles )

They were exceptionally priced - and in the end you always get what you pay for - always !

In the end - the kitchen floor will have been laid 3 times ....................there's a joke in there that John muttered under his breath -  but this is a family friendly blog so forget it - I'm NOT going there.

And there you have it - my checkerboard floor - and a full review - all in one post lol

For some reason I feel guilty writing it up - but I wouldn't want anyone to buy them because of seeing them here - and not know what they would be getting.

Here's another before ( am I going to show the seller's before photos with every single thing I do in this house?  Yah, probably - it gives me hope lol )

I'm trying to frost out the fact that there's dishes in the sink - and no trim around the new window
( did it work? ) But you can see where we installed wheels on the table ( I'll do a post about that one of these days too, promise )

I still have a lot of finishing touches to do in this room - like paint that back door - I'm not liking it black at all - I'm thinking white - with a big boxwood wreath on it - I'm also looking for pendants for over the island/table - and and and and and.......................

But it looks clean doesn't it?  I'm at the stage of reno's where clean is almost good enough.

Have a good day all!
And if I don't see you this weekend - well, have a great one of those as well :)

Much love,

I'll be playing checkers at these great parties !

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