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Monday, July 30, 2012

There was an old man named Michael Finnegan

he grew hair upon his chin-a-gan
the wind came out and blew them in again
poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again
there was an old man............................

Does anyone remember that song, lol?
I think I'm related to Michael Finnegan - because I certainly have hair upon my chin a gan................

I don't know about you but I spend a ridiculous amount of time on anything hair related -
I'm either shaving it - or plucking it - or having it streaked - or waxing it - or putting it up or one thing or another.
The other night while shaving my legs I noticed that I don't have as much as I once had - a couple of days
had gone by and I almost didn't have to shave ( they weren't smooth to touch - but they looked smooth and that's almost as good, right )?  And that may just be the one and only positive thing I can find about the aging process EXCEPT - and this is a biggie - you young'uns can turn away now, thank you, I really don't want to scare you unnecessarily - it starts sprouting up in areas where you really don't need it to.
What the hell is it with turning 50?

I've noticed that I have a chin hair that grows very long before I realize it's there.
I painstakingly put my makeup on - have my hair done - do my nails - and off I go with a bloody long hair dangling off my chin ( seriously - it grows long enough for John to pluck it out with his fingers in the car - because I only notice it's there when we're on our way out ) And I'm screaming at him - GET IT OUT -
I'LL DIE IF ANYONE SEES IT - and he frantically starts pulling at my face while driving - can you imagine
what people in the next car must think?

Why do they start growing on our chins at precisely the time our eyes are going and it's impossible to use tweezers?  If they grew there when I was younger and could still thread a needle it wouldn't be a problem - it would have just been part of my daily ritual.

What's next?  God forbid if I start sprouting hair out of my ears or nostrils.

And we will NOT talk about what's happening in the Netherlands....................because I'm just plain in denial about that..

I knew an old man named Michael Finnegan.......................