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Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY PARIS Silhouette -

Good morning everyone !!!

While I was doing the Paris Themed giveaways a couple of weeks ago - I started on a Parisien themed Silhouette - and actually painted a different building ( or structure ) for each day of the giveaways -

If you'd like to see how easy they are to create you can see the tutorial HERE

If you read further I'll show you how it ended up looking like this!!!

It all started with a sharpie and a piece of wood -  (and Annie Sloan paints for the background )

and ended up like this -

I thought this would also be a great time to promote the site FOTOFLEXER
It's a great site and can allow you to do really fun things with your photos - I'm sure most of you know it and use it - for those of you that don't - hop over when you have a chance!
I'm showing a little of what you can do below - in the EFFECTS section -

" sketch "
" comic " - look how lovely it makes the sky and it almost looks like it was painted on fabric !!!

" heat map "

" blue print "

Here I used 2 methods in EFFECTS -
first I used " invert " and then on top of that I used " painting "

You can even go Andy Warhol ( ish ) and create this

and there's tons more ......................
it's a great site - and it's FREE !!!

I know I've sung the praises of Pic Monkey before - but not sure if I've ever mentioned Fotoflexer - it's worth a look see - I promise :)

On Pic Monkey - I added some fireworks

turned it into a post card

and added some trees - a grey twilight


A brilliant sunrise ???  Wouldn't this make a great blog header?


and that's how " big people " play LOL

I've printed a few pages of the last photo - this may become my new signature on the back of the pieces I do I'll adhere it with mod podge ( which is why my name is one it instead of Paris Dreams )

Have a wonderful day everyone -
I'll show you tomorrow how I finished off the desk :)

Much love

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Paris in my drawers.............

I'm so excited to show you guys this !!!!!!!!!!
Remember I posted this last week - my newest find?

Well this is the first time I've done a make over that I know will appeal to something in EVERYONE !!!!!!

Because even if you don't like that I went all white with this one

or that you like a " clean " look- not " busied " up with a transfer from the incredible Graphics Fairy

or that painting black and white horizontal stripes on the middle drawer was just a little too much
( but I was thinking of a typical Parisien outfit when I came up with that idea - does it make her look fat?)

If you were thinking - " ok - enough already Suzan - really?  back plates spray painted black for each side drawer - not necessary at all " and  " crystal knobs are just too glitzy for this piece "

Even if I've lost you by the time I tell you the bench is being reupholstered in a black and white check
" are you crazy?  checks AND stripes are a non non "

I can promise you - without a doubt - I'll win you all back with the interior of the drawers................
If it's very early in the morning when you're looking at this - try not to scream too loudly
but if you can't help yourself - just show your neighbors this- they'll " get " it immediately

You know me enough by now to know how impulsive I am - but this wall paper which I purchased a couple of years ago on-line has been stored away like the crown jewels - I'm so in love with it that I've been afraid to put it up anywhere in case it's not the perfect spot - ME - who'll paint a room 5 times in a week until I get it right - AFRAID to put up this paper.
Now that we're putting our house on the market - I'm dreaming of using it in another home - in the meantime I begrudgingly - ( very very begrudgingly ) cut off an end to line the drawers with

I could just melt looking at these - I've SAT beside that ferris wheel ( which is right beside the Eifel Tower ) many an afternoon, reading a book!!!!
( in the days when our business was still " good " )

Something for everyone!
Unless you hate Paris
and then there's no hope for you anyway ;)

Now speaking of the Can Can  I was lucky beyond belief to spend a magical mesmerizing out of body experience once by entertaining some clients at the Moulin Rouge in Gay Paree - if you'd like a glimpse of how incredible the night was - take a look at this!
This is the show we saw - did I mention Magical?
I can clearly remember thinking " How is it possible that I'm sitting here watching this - me - just a Suzan "

p.s. if you're not into burlesque - do not click ( simplement, non ? )

There's nothing like Paris - absolutely nothing..............even if it's just in my drawers.

Paint used - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - in pure white

Have a wonderful Monday all
Much love,


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Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Paris Apartment

I think I may have forgotten to mention that I own an apartment in Paris - nothing too fancy - but with the prices of hotels I figured I'd just as soon purchase one I could call home -

My Living Room - I tried to keep it classic and elegant - 

My office - I have to work to be able to afford this place - picked up that armoire at a flea market

my guest room - come visit me sometime!

Where I kick off my Louboutin's and relax

my kitchen - and btw I never never never paint furniture when I'm here -

I had that wrought iron imported from Italy - isn't it perfect?


my dining room - and yes that's the Notre Dame Cathedral -

 another shot of my living room

this is actually my game room,although I had company in today and so we had tea in here, excuse the mess

my little balcony area - I sit out here often 

my bedroom - which I just crawled out of to snap these photos for you - now I'm jumping back into it

And then just like that I wake up from the most lovely of dreams - put on my sweats - grab my paint and start on another dresser....................

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else. 
Erma Bombeck  

Now on to a bit of reality!!!  I've been extremely lucky to have been to Paris many times ( for business ) and it really is as spectacular as you think - in fact it's far more so.
This is where we stayed for many years

Hotel Relais Bosquet
this is a simple 3 star hotel - ( but it felt every bit like a 5 star to me- isn't it lovely? )  I would highly recommend it if you're ever planning a trip to Paris!  It's 5 minutes away from the Eifel Tower. You can click on the source for details

and here are a few shots of the famous Rue Cler market - at the bottom of the street - where we'd get our Tartine in the mornings (crispy baguette with cold hard butter - too die )

many many fun nights at this little bistro - basically 10 feet from the hotel

Now we stay in Montparnasse ( adjacent to Ste Germaine de Pres )
and I say NOW loosely - I haven't been in 3 years - John's been going on his own due to this
crappy economy

Here's a few shots of Montparnasse

We haven't been loyal to any hotel in Montparnasse - stayed at a different one each time - all quite lovely - but honestly you could stick me in an alley with a sleeping bag to be in Paris....................not quite but the experience of being there is so beyond a hotel room ......................

My absolute favorite restaurant

Here's an amusing story about this restaurant ( L'entrecote ) for many years John and I ( and everyone else we knew that attend the fabric shows ) used to travel well over an hour to get to the restaurant because it was so worth it - had to take the subway ( people say it's an easy subway system - please don't believe it - not for 1 second ) and the RER ( train ) and then wait in the inevitable line up - sometimes for over 30 minutes just to get inside....................I did it for at least 5 years with John - but I know many people that made this trek for 20 years.
Anyway - the first hotel we used to stay at ( the Relais Bosquet ) was about a 15 minute walk to Champ E'lysee  and we would do this walk every couple of nights night as we were on our way I noticed a big crowd of people down one of the side streets - and Lo and Behold there was another L'entrecote 10 minutes from where we'd been staying all that time - Les Touriste Stupide LOL - there's 4 or 5 of them - and there's one on Blvd Montparnasse - where we stay now - literally a 3 minute walk.
1 item on the dinner menu only - roast beef and fries - with a special highly guarded secret sauce - and a dessert menu that's out of this world!  Crowded and noisy with laughter - it's really the perfect evening out!
But we also had many perfect evenings with baguette and cheese and wine bought locally and brought back to the room.
We've had years when I shopped till I dropped and years where we were literally counting our euros to stretch them out - ( and I mean literally Counting our Euros ) but I've learned how to travel on a dime let me tell you!  And I'd rather be broke in a cafe in Paris then just about anywhere else in the world....................................anyday.
One year I went with a girlfriend - PARIS IS NOT ONLY FOR LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact it's the perfect city to be with a girlfriend in - we sat for hours at the world famous Cafe de Flore

where we cried and laughed and cried and fought a little bit - and cried and laughed and hugged - and where she made a life changing heart breaking decision ( sorry that's her story to tell, not mine )

A little bit of reality - a little bit of fantasy - and that's what makes my world go round :)

Paris dreams everyone

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