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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A country vignette

I have my eyelids propped open with paint brushes ( Purdy ) trying to get this post out because I don't think I'll have the time tomorrow to actually sit for too long -

I don't think I ever posted the photo of this dresser - so here is the before ( it's the photo from Craigs list so not the best - as if mine are LOL ) 

it's a good solid antique piece but had none of the usual character these old pieces have - so had to add some on my own - and I'm not even sure it works - sometimes appliques can kind of look " forced " and not natural to the piece at all, right?

and I definitely posted the photo of this

The dresser did not come with a mirror - and none of the ones I had looked right - so I painted these 2 pieces as a set - using ASCP Pure white and Paris gray
Oh and I have such a great tip for you - for those of  you that use Pure white you know it does not cover in one coat like the other colors right? Sometimes it even takes 3 coats and this is expensive paint - so what I do now is I put 1 coat on first - and then I use a coat of Behr Ultra White Flat on top - and if it needs a 3 coat - at least I'm only using the ASCP twice.........................

The shelf has hooks to hang on the wall - but I kind of like it sitting on the dresser  - I've include the rocker because they're all painted the same colors and am going to try to sell it as a set.
Doesn't the applique look a little weird on the middle drawer?  I had to put it there though because there was an engraved design on that drawer and this covered it..................

It was already painted silver ( I literally took it off the wall in the dining room to put it on the dresser ) so I just dry brushed it with white...........
And once again I used my back plates to add a little pizazz - and glass knobs

this is how the back plates look by the way before I spray painted them

home depot in case you're interested - great value at 1.99 each - 

then I snuck into the bedroom to get a basket and tray to " stage " because I simply cannot wait until the morning - and very quietly began to sneak back out - and walked right into the door that had closed behind me when I went in ( ^&%&*$ crooked victorian flats - the doors never stay open!!! ) waking John up - 
and trust me, some conversations simply cannot be repeated.
But my nose feels like some damage was done - lol

Looks ridiculous actually doesn't it, lol - definitely was not worth waking him up for, poor guy.
But it does hide the fact that I didn't put the handles in the bottom drawer.  It's all smoke and mirrors with me.

Reve - ( dream ) probably what he was in the middle of doing

and definitely what I SHOULD be doing ......................since it's 2.30 in the morning

I have to finish this tomorrow morning - and get it listed for sell - the house is getting crowded again!

Oh and one last question - I'm really curious if this happens to anyone else - sometimes when I plug the camera in - the screen pops up and tells me there's nothing to download - when I've just taken photos!
Tonight it happened 4 times before they finally uploaded.
I wanted to take the camera and smash it into the wall - ( but that's not me talking - that's the menopausal seriously sleep deprived manic mama speaking ) 

I took a sleeping pill 2 hours ago - and it's definitely working now.  ( I know they aren't good for you - but they are definitely the lesser of 2 evils at this stage in my life ) 

Good night, sleep t...........................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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