Friday, August 5, 2011

Before and After - bedroom number 2

I am soooo tired.............

I do not have a before of the actual room - but here is the door - and the room looked completely like this -
luckily the room was painted before I got in there, but I painted out the dreaded wood trim everywhere -
and redid the floors with polyurethane - and then " staged " it................

So one bedroom - kitchen - bathroom left to do before I head downstairs into the basement.

in all it's glory.............

and now...............
I know photo looks the same - but trying to show the 3.00 ceiling light

Here is a closeup of the wallpaper - the drapes are the same color as the bronze part.


drapes, carpet, lamp are mine which I brought to my Mom's for staging
ceiling lamp was 3.00 at the " restore habitat "
desk was a kijiji find for 70.00
daisy artwork was 50.00
wallpaper was 80.00 for 2 rolls
small black artwork on window wall was 4.00 at the dollar store
paint 15.00 ( oops paint from Home Depot - sometimes it works!!! )
total cost was 225.00 dollars to do this room

cost to have a daughter like me........................priceless, ha

next room - master bedroom

have a good wknd

Monday, August 1, 2011

Staging bedroom #1 finished

I have completed one of the smaller bedrooms now ( except for some art work on the walls )

Here is the before

and believe me this room needed work..................

and here are the afters

I painted the walls and the baseboards ( which were all wood - not nice wood either - old
damaged faded horrible wood - the white baseboards bring the room into the new
millenium ) and I put a fresh coat of polyurethane on the floors - aren't the floors gorgeous?

A couple of details - traded out an old ceiling fan - for this pretty chandelier

and then found these fun curtains at Home Depot for 20.00 a panel - a steal - I think they
make the room

and that's all folks -

Furniture from yours truly ( all Kijiji finds and all for sale )
Light Fixture 45.00
Curtains 40.00
Paint ( lots of it ) 30.00
Primer 30.00
Dollar store this and that 10.00
Total cost to " stage room "

Room number 2 to be shown in a couple of days....................   I don't think I have a before
of that one - but I will try to remember to take a picture of the bedroom doors which will
tell you all you need to know