Monday, June 4, 2012

drawer interiors before and after

Happy Monday ( I hate them )

Remember this? From my pink lady

We installed new drawer bottoms - and fancied them up a little bit - until they looked like this

slightly better, right?

And I bought the ASCP color Versailles - which I CANNOT WAIT TO PAINT SOMETHING WITH!
My hands are itching ( my mother interprets this as coming into money ) to get started.

dear God - there were bubbles in this when I opened it
I think Annie Sloan is going to send me some money

By the way, my Mother is a firm believer in such things - bubbles in your TEA?  Oh yeah you're getting money.  Now the funny part of this is it could mean money your were expecting - like a paycheque -
it doesn't matter she says -
So if she gets bubbles in her cup on the 31st of the month, guess what?
Yup, her pension cheque will be in the bank right where it's supposed to be.
And what, pray tell, happens dear mother of mine, if you do not have that magical sign in your morning cuppa on the 31st of the month, will you have to go through the month with no moolah?
Don't be ridiculous Suzan.............
I try not to be Mom,
I try not to be.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, I do declare!!!

Canada Duty-Free Limit: Cross-Border Shoppers Enthusiastic, Canadian Retailers Worried..................

and they should be!!!
We have been overpaying for many years now - as I expressed in my rant here (as you know the goverment
reads my blog daily - and I think this was the push they needed, lol ) 

Once upon a time, many many years ago - in the land of trust and innocence - we used to cross the border constantly - and it was always such an easy process between custom officers and travellers - have a good day folks - wecome to the States -  wink wink nudge nudge..................
We would come back hiding all of our treasures - and very innocently say to the Canadian customs - Oh nothing to declare - just went to enjoy the day, lol - and 99% of the time you were simply sent on your way.
But for a long time now we have been under immense scrutiny upon entering the States and then again upon returning to Canada.
It's become a headache - even though Montreal is only a half hour or so from the N.Y. border.

Wow - we can now spend 800 dollars if we go for 2 to 7 days - I can cram a lot into my suitcases with that!
And online shopping will become more feasible as well.
Anything to declare Ma'am?
Yes - a big huge THANKS!

BTW - I really am a little torn with this - it's going to hurt CDN retailers big time - but maybe - just maybe this will turn things around?  I mean our dollar is now on par - shouldn't our merchandise be also?  There is going to be a lot of CDN dollars going into the U.S. economy until things shape up at home I'm afraid.
In the meantime

Hobby Lobby - here I come ( the drawer pulls - the stencils - the crafts - oh my )