Monday, January 9, 2012

Sneak Peak

I am not quite finished - but I couldn't resist showing a tiny piece of it.

First I painted the border black - and it looked too stark - so have repainted it in a silver - I have a lot of touch ups to do - the legs have not been secured - and have to put bolts in the top drawers because the handles do not fit properly on that one AND there is still a design I want to incorporate on it - just do not know what or where yet ( well I have several ideas - just have to wait and see which idea pushes all the rest out of my brain - it's sooooo crowded in there )

Here we go

and a reminder of how it was before

I have to retape and repaint the border - I had taken the drawers out to paint - big mistake - so tomorrow I will fix that - they won't look the way they do now - they are a little crooked up close. Once that is fixed I can move on to my last idea.
But you have an idea sort of kind of in a way what it will look like when it is done................I love the little legs!

Better Debbie , n'est pas?



  1. Tooooooo cute! Much better off the ground on those lovely legs. Great job!



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