Tuesday, August 28, 2012

M.B.F.E. ( my best find ever )

Remember when I said I found the most incredible dresser?  Well I finally got it home - ( thanks Dorothy - thanks David - what would I have done without you guys - pls don't move to WINDSOR)

Here's....................................Joanna ( that's her name - she told me so )

She's BIGGER than she looks - 6.5 FEET - but take a look at her details!

Now I bought her for my bedroom actually - and was going to sell this one which is I'm currently using

but I'd like to show you what the hallway of a Victorian flat looks like

that's my bedroom door just to the left in the photo

there's absolutely no way we can get that dresser into the bedroom - without breaking out the wall on top of the bedroom door - which I would do without any hesitation at all - but I think that would be the one conversation NOBODY would want to hear between John and myself.....................

( just a side note - I came across this once - it's a hallway in Brooklyn - blogged about it before I had any followers so no one has seen it yet, lol - in fact I could just repost my first year of blogging and I'd be pretty safe LOL - this Brooklyn hallway is my Montreal hallway's doppelganger - mirror image almost - )

isn't that amazing - 2 different countries....................

Anyways I may sell this instead

which I've wanted to sell for a long time - but we had this little problem

John promised he would fix the leg when we picked it up - let's see now I've had it now for at least 18 months so that tells you how long it takes for me to get things done around here!!!  I " propped " the leg
up and it sat like this for all that time.......................
Today he's gone to Home depot to get the supplies to fix it

Suzan says - John, do you think you could fix the leg on the buffet so I can finally sell it?
John says - I told you already that I'm going to fix it
Suzan says - but that was a very long time ago - I hate to be a nag about it but......................
Can you sense his annoyance?
Suzan says - I don't know about that John - I snapped my fingers 18 months ago- and if this is how fast you run - we're in deep *&%* here darling.

But in all fairness he did get up and RUN today -
So I'm thinking he just didn't hear my fingers snapping away the first time.....................

And by the way - we're here 2 years next month - before we moved in I painted the entire flat - he promised he would do the ceilings ( at over 10 feet they're a killer for me ) before the furniture arrived.
The ceilings have not been done yet.................................

Snap, crackle, POP mister.....................


P.S. Here's a small snapshot of where I'm going with the dresser

Everytime I pick a piece - I think " oh this is nothing - a little paint - a little distressing - presto "

But now that I've actually started working on her she's far more work than I anticipated - this is going to take quite awhile for me to finish because I'm working on other things at the same time - she's kind of like
my " go to " when I need a break from the other stuff.  I'm trying a new technique ( you can see it on the bottom 2 drawers - if it works out I'll share! )

The only saving grace is I don't have a time limit on the dresser ( other than my own OCD brain which tells me to keep going.................going................going.......................



  1. You need to have a makeover with your dresser I have seen a broken line at the image.

  2. Love what you are doing. 18 months..hubby laughed and said "see, I'm not the only one" LOL I've nominated you for the "one lovely blog" award.

  3. OMG - did your husband talk to my husband because he said the same thing to me last night ALMOST verbatim! I love where the new dresser is going and I can't wait to see it finished! That buffet is fabulous too by the way and if I didn't live thousands of miles away, I would hop on it in a heartbeat!

  4. Ha! that sounds like a conversation we have in our house, too! Except the fire that lights under him usually happens when we have house guests coming :P

  5. ha! I must show you a picture of my hallway in new york.. oh man, i'm surprised WE get through it sometimes lol.

    newest follower, love the blog, can't wait to hear about how you get the dresser into the bedroom.


  6. hey suzan! i love the way you put "darling" at the end of your statement to him!!!! makes it not sound so "mean"!!!!!

    tell john i said it's high time he paint those ceiling "turtles"!!!!!!!!

    1. NOT that i was implying you are mean!!! FAR from it!!!

  7. At least John repairs stuff...mine says: "Find a guy". I say to him: "You are a guy." That's as far as our "He says, she says" go.

    My daughters' closets have had no doors on them since we've moved in. We wanted to replace the old decrepit ones.

    Sigh. I need a guy.

  8. I love love love that dresser, can't wait to see it done. Unfortunately I am married to Mr. Tommorrow as well, I will fix that tomorrow, I will do that for you tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. When my son was little he said for Christmas I am going to buy daddy a motorcycle and mommy a hammer lol , that says it all.
    Wish I was closer I would love to buy your cast offs.
    I think my hubby would be scared to say go find a guy, because I would find a guy alright lol
    hugs Tobey

  9. gosh I love that dresser..it's going to be GORGEOUS when you finish with it. Can't wait!
    David is wondering why I'm giggling when at the computer. All I have to say is two words "Suzan's blog". Then he smiles. After asking me, for the upteenth time..what is a blog?
    miss ya

    1. Well girlfriend I have you to thank for it
      Would not have found it without you -
      and definitely would not have been able to get it here without you
      You're simply the best
      If I have to have competition - I wouldn't want it to be anyone but you

  10. Speaking of gone...Been gone all day myself..I LOVE that piece- I do think you would have to look long and hard to find something to beat that.

    ps. I have plantation shutters still it the boxes waiting to be put in 3 windows...office and laundry room. How long you ask? 1 year? nay...18 months...nay....2 years...you are getting warmer. It will be SIX years in September...we will put them up just before we sell, I'm sure! xo diana

  11. Hi
    Joanne's sneak peek is lovely. I like the touch of silver paint.
    Thanks for visiting me and now I am your newest follower.
    Oh - your two twin hallways are crazy!

    1. Thanks so much Rhonda - you're a no reply blogger by the way

  12. I can beat you on John's tardiness. I told my ex he had to finish the reno on the upstairs bath before my daughter came to visit with her new baby. Husband is long gone, the room is still only half usable and the baby just turned eighteen! I don't think he's coming back to finish it! ~ Maureen

  13. Joanna is GORGEOUS. I can't wait to get more of a glimpse of how she looks after you get your capable hands on her. From the look of your other furniture, Joanna is going to be a show stopper. Really beautiful.

  14. Hi -- If you really want this gorgeous 6-foot piece in your bedroom, can't you bring it down the hallway standing on its head? Or side, actually -- vertically? Its feet and top to the sides, its sides at top and bottom? We have moved many seemingly impossible pieces that way. Surely your bedroom door is at least 6.5 feet in height? Stand that gal up on end, on top of a blanket or those wonderful furniture moving pads, and she should shuffle right down your narrow hall and into your bedroom.
    We've moved 7 times, including in and out of wacky NYC apartments -- there's pretty much almost always a way!

  15. Hope you will fix the leg of buffet and sell soon. I like that dresser, can't wait to see it done! xoxo

    - Herman Swan


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