Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A - you're a door able

Good morning everyone :)

I'm trying to figure out where I'm going ultimately with this kitchen of mine ..................

There are so many styles in it that I think it's in a state of mass confusion at the moment ..............

I have the clean crisp look of black and white - which definitely trends on the modern side

The window we're installing is French Cottage

I kept the little original window which is vintage

The metal shelving on either side of the stove is definitely industrial

and now I've gone and thrown in country - real country lol

Somebody stop her....................

I don't know whether to cook Cheateaubriand for deux - or grits

I'm not sure when or how it started - but I'm becoming addicted to doors
and I have to break the habit..............

But for now it's tucked into a corner - where I'll look at it for awhile before making any final decisions on it

Can we call it eclectic?
I like that word - whoever first coined it for decor dilemmas was a genius !!!

See that sign peaking out?
Here's a close up - the time is on a square of blackboard paint - so Margaritaville can happen at any time at all ( as long as I can find the chalk )

Here's an eclectic menu lol

Have a good one all - that's the last of the doors for now ( I have 2 for the Spring to put outside and than I swear to you I'm finished with them )

If you have a fetish for doors you can see 2 others HERE and HERE :)

See you all tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away
( I'll be waiting by the K-K-K-Kitchen door :)

oops - forgot the before

ASCP - Paris Grey mixed with Old White - half and half - dry brushed
and Old White for trim :)

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  1. It all works together! I prefer eclectic! Your kitchen and your project are adorable. I just love that vintage window, and I am so glad you left it!

    I have an old door off my spouse's office that I still have not figured out what to do with.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Great job, thanks for sharing. {ChicByTab}

  3. I love the eclectic look you have going in your kitchen. The door sure is good storage....who would have thought! Your kitchen is just beautiful and is the perfect space to whip up any of those delectable dishes....:)
    Blessings, Vicky

  4. I love it but then I'm an eclectic type of girl...I always say I have decorating ADD...I can't settle on one style. Ha!
    Love, love, love that door. Lucky you to have space to place them! Oh, and can I come for dinner? Sounds like quite the feast! :)

  5. It's the Suzan style! I like it and as eclectic as it is, it's also yours. I do love the farmhouse look with pops of colour like red, aqua and vintage green. The door is awesome! I love your collection of pots (the green one is my fave). Love your kitchen too!

  6. I love doors. The way you have yours displayed is great though. Do you have it mounted on anything?

  7. I love doors. The way you have yours displayed is great though. Do you have it mounted on anything?

  8. I love doors. The way you have yours displayed is great though. Do you have it mounted on anything?

  9. Everything seems in harmony to me and it all looks beautiful. I think the doors are wonderful!

  10. love love love the door. I believe you can now refer to your style as "eclectic" (I say that about myself although personally I think my style is "confused")


  11. Suzan, eclectic is great - that way you can use what you like instead of using all of one style... I definitely mix it up but, I'm not a professional. It's what my family and I love whether modern, country, french cottage - if we like it we use it... no rules...I love how your kitchen is coming along... Cathy

  12. That God for eclecticity. Is that a word? It is now. I never know what "style" I'm supposed to be doing. So screw it. I'm just going to put things in my house that I like and don't care if they don't "go"!!! Be Free Suz-ee!!!


  13. The kitchen, like its creator, is a mix of this and a dash of that, a sprinkle of this and a pinch of that, and all together, makes for a most tasty treat of an eclectic retreat!

    LOVE IT!


  14. Where is that kitchen mixer you are using? Love that door. Despise I will be asinging Tomorrow until tomorrow. Darn you, Suzan!

  15. I'm all for eclectic....better than the 'early parent's attic motif', which is what I lived with for years. I have an old door I don't have a place for in the new house :( Yours is perfection, of course.

  16. I think your kitchen looks beautifully eclectic and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that door. I've said it before - I've never seen anyone decorate a door like you do Suzan! Chateaubriand or grits? LOL!

  17. I think it looks great and I'm with Andi on my "style"

  18. Oh how fun! I love it Suzan and if you need a style name, check with Mel...she invented a name for mine! LOL! I did a Valentine project just for you, that posts today.

  19. I love that door with the pots and pans. If I had a bigger kitchen I would run right out and find me one and do just that....
    Visiting from Common Ground today.

  20. That's what I call my decorating as well, very eclectic. I also have a mix of country, industrial, thrift store and Grandma's hand me downs. I love that I can watch you decorate and make your home so pretty. My house is a disaster zone, I think I should have bought a bigger house. Every room is so full I can't move, I had to use the broom to get at the light switch to shut lights off. The word Hoarder definitely comes to mind. For now I will live vicariously through you and your beautiful home. hugs Tobey

  21. I love your kitchen: it's the perfect and very trendy "Simply Vintageous style", don't look for an other name for it!
    Can I ask how easy is your countertop to use/clean? Against all advice that has been given to me, I still have marble in my list of possible countertops... And I was wondering how you liked yours (and I don't mean about the look of it, it's obviously gorgeous!)

  22. I think it's perfect! To me, adhering to any one style can get boring. Love the doors and I love the sign. I have a clock that is stopped at 5p.m. so it's always 5 o'clock. :)


  23. OK. I don't think the door is country. I think it could be considered cottage. Which goes with the window.... I love eclectic. It is me. So I always like it when I see it in another home. If you like it, it doesn't matter what it is called.

  24. I love old doors! Great use Suzan. Maybe you could use one as a sled with all this darn snow we have!!

  25. Oh my! I love your style! The door is so creative and looks fabulous in your kitchen!!! Thanks for joining THE SCOOP! Pinning and giving you a shout-out on facebook!

  26. Replies
    1. thanks so much Debra - I think it just might be a keeper lol

  27. The door turned out just fabulous, Suzan! I love eclectic. Mixing styles is fun and adds some excitement.

  28. Hey Susan, I came over from "Roadkill Rescue", you're featured today! I absolutely love your door, especially the margaritaville, lol! We repurposed an old one like that at the store with hooks. Aren't they great?

  29. That door is really cool Susan!!

  30. Suzan what an amazing makeover! I have a big collection of old doors and I am always looking for new ideas for them. I just love this!

  31. Saw this over at Angies Susan. Love it!

  32. suzan, love your door! I love the mix of things you've added to it. Now I think I need a couple of doors, too !

  33. I'm feeling the same way lately Suzan, I keep changing lanes when it comes to decorating! It can make one crazy! I don't think you're too far from your lane though. Your country door looks very pretty! And it looks beautiful in your kitchen.

  34. One word: FABULOUS!!!
    Can I come live in your kitchen????
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  35. I am a BIG fan of mixing the old with the new, and you have achieved that! A total personality maker this old pot holder door is! Love it! I've featured you in this weekend's Party Junk post. :)

  36. I caught your pots on a door pic at Funky Junk Interiors. Way cool! Suzan you have done an amazing job on your kitchen!

  37. Esta muy lindo todo,me gusta el arreglo de la cocina con las cacerolas....gracias Saludos


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