Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guest room dresser - before and after

Good morning everyone !

For such a tiny room - this undertaking has been huge - I've had a paintbrush in my hand - non stop - for a week now - and I'm still nowhere finished ( although I can see the light - praise the Lord I see the light )
Anyway, another one bites the dust

I've chosen to go very " clean " with the furniture in here to try to keep it simple.
( and to remind me of the way furniture was painted back in the 60's when I was growing up )
And to keep it even simpler I've used the same gallon of paint for the floors - the baseboards -  the dresser and the armoire ( hoping there's enough to do the headboard and baseboard too ) let's see how far I can stretch that 50.00 dollar gallon LOL !!!
( Behr's Porch & Patio paint if anyone is interested - extremely durable )

I spray painted the handles - the 4 on the bottom drawers were original to the piece - as were the 2 knobs on the top middle drawer - but the 2 for the top ends were missing their back pieces so I found 2 completely different ones in my stash -  and spray painted them as well - there's nothing like antique knobs on dressers - the craftsmanship is so gorgeous - like jewels, no?

There's a remnant of molding on the bottom of the dresser - missing on the other side - should we saw it off or leave it with it's imperfection?

The details don't show up in the photos very well but they're really quite pretty in person
( subtly so )

And I just love that it tucks into that little nook like it was made for it  ( the mirror is temporary - sad I know but I can't fit the original mirror to this piece - which is gorgeous - because of the slanted ceiling )
I'm on the look out for a decorative door mirror - which will fit perfect horizontally

I hand painted a couple of dollar store birdcages in layers of colors a couple of years ago but never had a place to put them - so they'll rest upon the dresser for now

Here's the before for those of you that may have missed it
The details are the same obviously - but they jump out at you too much in their original state - and those 2 curved ones look like upside down boobies to me - nipples and all

I'm working on the Armoire now - and the last remaining wall - and the rest of the floor - and the headboard and footboard and oh yeah the ceiling lol
And I want to be finished and done with by Sunday evening when I close my eyes - wish me luck!

Really I should have been born with paint brushes as appendages - Suzan Paint Brush hands - like Edward
Scissor hands.............

Yeah, I have to saw that little piece off - looks like a lost soul actually ( it wasn't even noticeable in the before photo!

Have a great sun shine filled day everyone !!! ( in between everything I have to do I intend to be jumping in the pool quite a lot too! )

Much love,

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  1. You always make miracles with your hands Suzan! Your dresser looks fantastic!!!

  2. I would have to cut that little piece of moulding off or it would drive me crazy. I love it in white and the new "jewelry" you have on it is perfect! Can't wait to see the armoire!

  3. I just am never going to be hip and experiment with wild colors. I love this white piece! Perfection!

  4. Do you know anybody with a jig saw? I would try and have a matching piece of molding made for the other side before I would permanently remove the orphan piece. Or if you do remove it, replace some kind of decorative molding. I think that middle bottom section wants to be a little blinged out.

  5. Do you know anybody with a jig saw? I would try and have a matching piece of molding made for the other side before I would permanently remove the orphan piece. Or if you do remove it, replace some kind of decorative molding. I think that middle bottom section wants to be a little blinged out.

  6. It is a gorgeous dresser. I can imagine what it looks like in person. Great job! -Bev

  7. Love it Suzan! I would have to saw that little piece of molding off too. I'm a symmetrical girl, and it would drive me batty. The details on the front of the dresser are really lovely. What an amazing transformation!!!

  8. So pretty Suzan!! I love it and the nook is the perfect place for it! You amaze me with your talent.....painting takes patience that most people don't have. Love all that you do! Don't let those paint brush hands shrivel up in the pool water...;) Have a great day!

  9. It is beautiful Suzan. And, yes, the little detail has to be removed. It's distracting. :( I love the dresser and can't wait to see the whole room on Monday. Right? :) Enjoy the pool.

  10. So pretty! I like the imperfection. I would leave it.

  11. Beautiful dresser, Suzan. Here you can`t think about jumping in the water. We have rain and 10 degrees C. Freezing cold. Brrrrrr

    Hugs from here

  12. It turned out so pretty! The detail on this piece is incredible. And no, I will not share a double bed with Danni. I barely share a cal-king with Magoo. ;) I swear, I don't know how people slept in those tiny beds back in the day. All the French antique beds are too little!
    I will share anything else with you, Danni! xoxo

  13. I think the details show and this is another fantastic job. Love the hardware. Me I would have to take it off.


  14. Such a pretty piece....the white is perfect!

  15. What a huge transformation! Love the results! Just beautiful Suzan! I'm still amazed how you manage to weave how you're getting in the "pool" into a furniture makeover...Ha! Have fun! And I'm cheering you on to finish up on Sunday. If you can keep your butt out of the pool. LOL!

  16. it looks great, I will say it as rather ugly before, lol, sorry, but now , wow, its a stunner!!!!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Good to see my room is nearly ready, I'll hold off booking my flight just in case you don't make the Sunday deadline though - especially with that pool distracting you! MUCH better painted and I would go INSANE if I didn't remove the lopsided moulding.... OK more insane then :-) I see what you mean about the boobies, mind you it could have been worse, one of the other dealers just sold a very ornate pine continental dresser which on closer inspection seemed to have meat and two veg carved on it (if you know what I mean - otherwise ask John)!!! Once I spotted the resemblance that's all I could see and I kept getting the giggles, I think some 19th century craftsman had a very strange sense of humour :-0)

  19. You are so right, the before dresser is just a bit odd-looking. But your transformed dresser? Fabulous! Love that you're using all the same color. Wish I could do that -- my family would have a cow!
    xo Kathleen

  20. It's stunning!! You really had vision with this one!

  21. It looks great but porch paint on the furniture, that would be fabulous for kid wear and tear. Hope you stretch it out to finish.

  22. Love it. Behr porch paint is THE BEST. I have used it several times on floors. I like the plain white in there, Suzan. I was going to tell you to saw that little piece off but I can see you already have a handle on that. I bet it will just pop off and you won't have to saw it. Looks like it might have been an added piece to begin with.

  23. I see that stupid hassan mouse found you, too. I sent him to spamland!

  24. Such pretty details, looks wonderful!

  25. Looks way better painted...hides the boobies for sure. Lol. So very pretty! Good luck finishing by Sunday!

  26. Oh Suzan, I do love the transformation! And also those sweet bird houses! I have acquired a huge standing cabinet out of a hospital. It has wonderful drawers and doors. The first thought that came to me was WWSD? And because it's so plain, I'm thinking of adding some woodwork detail, then painting the whole thing with that wonderful Marseilles (?) blue from LeCreuset. or something. It's currently just flat white, of course. Very boring, but great storage and those wonderful drawers glide so nicely!

  27. What a gorgeous piece painted in white! I love that you are painting everything in the room white as well! Looking forward to that reveal!

    Seeking Lavender Lane

  28. Wow Suzan this piece is a win win! The before was pretty awesome and it became really awesome after your magical painting to it. So pretty. Love the details.

  29. Love this piece and love those sweet birdhouses too!!

  30. Well Suzan Paint Brush Hands, I must say it looks amazing and I would cut that off, although I never noticed it until you pointed it out. And thanks so much for pointing out the boobie nip area too cuz I would have never seen that one either! Cheers to an awesome weekend!

  31. I absolutely adore how paint brings out the details in furniture that you don't otherwise see.
    I love your new alter ego. Suzan Paint Brush Hands. I can't wait to see the reveal. It inspires me to get upstairs and scrape some popcorn off of the ceilings.

  32. It's a great piece, and the white paint really shows off the details, boobies, nipples and all!

  33. Great work, as usual! I love your color choices and that little stool is just darling! :)

  34. It looks fresh and updated now. You sure are getting your money's worth on that can of paint. I had to chuckle at your description of the details lol.

  35. I am about to update some older furniture and I like how yours turned out. Thanks for sharing!!

  36. Gorgeous transformation! Honestly, I didn't even notice that molding piece until you pointed it out. It looks so clean and fresh!

  37. Wow, another beautiful piece of furniture that looks fabulous painted white. You sure can find amazing (#5 perhaps) furniture!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  38. Love the details and your refinishing! Pinning

  39. Beautiful transformation! Thanks you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  40. You never cease to amaze me Suzan. I think this one just pops in white... totally meant to be! I'm delighted to be featuring your dresser in Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.

  41. Suzan, this dresser is gorgeous in white! Must tell you, I'll be seeing those boobies in my sleep tonight. Just made me laugh! I love how clean and fresh the white is! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  42. Wow! This is such a beautiful piece, Suzan! Gorgeous! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week!


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