Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My outdoor " kitchen "

Good morning everyone !

My little mini outdoor kitchen " station ".created from a vintage kitchen unit ( I think these may have been made for campers back in the day - although I can distinctly remember seeing these in the country " shacks " we rented for summer holidays growing up.)

It sits against the fence in a corner ( with the bar-b-q resting against the other side of the corner
( so I have an outdoor kitchen " triangle " - triangles are very important in kitchens don't you know? lol )

It was in the mud room when we bought the place - a piece of furniture really because it wasn't attached to anything except by way of plumbing - but we had to remove it when we built the niche for the was tossed out on it's ear in the back yard where it waited until Spring to be brought to the dump - however once Spring arrived I had other plans floating through my brain ( it kills me - absolutely kills me to send things to the dump )  This unit still had a " life " to live in my opinion

I had a metal bar on hand ( from Ikea - used to hang pots from in our previous home )  which I attached
directly to the fence.................a few pasta tins were spray painted Turquoise ( left over paint from the chairs I painted HERE - to hold untensils ( for parties - flowers I suppose when not partying lol )

The square wreaths were placed on top of square Ikea mirrors ( I think they're 2.00 each ) the wreaths
were square panels that I cut into wreaths ( dollar store finds ) you can see how I made them HERE

Holes were punched into the containers and hooks placed on them so they could hang from the rod.

The rod also allows me to hang a napkin holder and a towel

Since the sink is not functional - I placed a plastic bin ( again from the Dollar store ) in it - this will be a perfect ice container for parties - to house beer or soft drinks !  ( and not left over annuals that I haven't planted yet )

but really I could always put the bin in the cupboard underneath the sink - there's a plug so I could drain out the water into the bin once the ice melted - just thought of that this minute, duh ...................

I have a cutting board that will rest on the counter when needed but for now the counter is a place to put a vase of my beloved peonies ( you can see how I patiently waited for these babies to bloom HERE

The " nests "  hanging over the wreaths are lights - I haven't attached anything electrically yet but I think they'll be pretty when they light up this area in the evening

For now I'll settle for candles -

Battery operated ones

and the real thing ( a Christmas tea light holder but evergreens grow year round so it's okay lol )

Sorry I don't have a photo of the whole unit - but the " body " of it wasn't quite finished when I wrote this up between the garden - the little bedroom makeover - and this, I'm just a teensy little bit overwhelmed.  I'll post as soon as it's fait accomplis !

And there you have it - my outdoor mini kitchen
The cost of this area was exactly one big fat ZERO................I had everything on hand.
So................ can I get you anything?
Wine?  Sangria?  Beer?  Soft Drink?  You name it - I'll just run to the counter and whip it up for you

John says - I'm making tea, want one?
Suzan says - I'd love one thanks
oh oh - forgot about that.
Suzan says - They're out here - I was just taking a few photos
John says - This has to be your worst idea ever, they're going to be full of bird crap.................
Suzan says - Well aren't you just full of Sunshine, Lollipops & amp;@#*&(*@ Rainbows

Well the Lollipops part is fitting anyway since we're Lolly & Pop to the little ones.
Scrap the tea - I'll have a glass of wine................... ( you don't need utensils for that )
Have a wonderful day all !

( I just realized I never did a full INDOOR kitchen reveal post - have to work on that ! )


I found a couple of images of 40's & 50's steel kitchen units - mine is smaller than this one - but I guess they were quite the " thing " back in the day - this lady looks as thrilled with hers as I am with mine 60 years later LOL
I'm soooooo happy I found a way to use this - talk about history!

This one's as close as I can find as mine except I have a drawer on the upper right hand side

Here you can see the front of it - and though some rust is a good thing - we have to keep in mind that it's part of an erosion process and I want this baby to last a lonnnng time - with a little love and a little paint, hopefully she will.

I'm in the process of painting it now :)
Much love,

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  1. Lol! Love how you saved and salvaged!

  2. LOL Oh John, seriously I would love to spend some time with him he's a scream. It looks so lovely out there you'll enjoy it all Summer long with your wildlife friends...hmmm maybe John had a point :P

  3. How stinkin cute is that :) Brilliant idea!!

  4. the best part is it cost you zero to create such a beautiful spot, I love that! The peonies are beautiful,

  5. OMG you and John crack me up... thanks for a good chuckle to start off my day! I personally love the kitchenette - poor John, just doesn't have any "vision"!

  6. Love every detail, from the peonies to the painted cans! I'll take a sangria, please!

  7. I love your solutions to problems - "I'll have wine" seems to work in lots of situations.

  8. Such a sweet little spot! I have peony envy again. They are so beautiful and they were worth the wait, weren't they? I'll have iced tea with lemon and mint. Unsweetened, please.
    Contrary to popular belief, some of us southern girls don't do sweet tea. :)
    Take some time to relax and enjoy your little oasis! xo, T.

  9. super super cute!!!!! Chrsitine from Little BRags

  10. Very cold chardonnay for me, please ~
    Your little kitchen is adorable!
    And thanks for the "ear-worm" ~ I'll be singing that all day!

  11. Hook up a hose to that faucet and you can rinse your outdoor tools and wash pots. And maybe you could use enough hose to reach nearby plants and just redirect it now and then to share the drinks.
    And I 'm making mimosas......can I do one for you?

  12. What a neat idea! I would love to have a corner like that in my backyard - so practical.
    Have a good day (even though it's pouring cats & dogs).

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

    1. Thanks Mary - I think it's going to come in handy for summer parties !
      Miserable day out there, I agree.

  13. Just totally adorable! Love the boxwood framed mirrors and the sprayed cans for utensils or flower, very fun corner or your back yard!

  14. I will have the peonies please : ). What I hoped would be peonies here are proving not to be so. The plant that wouldn't be, so too speak. Love your outdoor kitchen! Patty/NS

  15. Susan you always put a smile on my face. I love what you have done with your back yard. I can't wait to see the whole kitchen reveal.

  16. I like it. You are so creative.
    Wow! Your peonies are beautiful, still waiting on ours to burst open. :-)

  17. So very cute, Suzan. Love how you think out of the box!

  18. Perfect repurpose, if you ask me. And I'll take a glass of wine please. :)
    Yes, please share a reveal of the whole kitchen. We like to see the progress you're making. :-)

  19. Your outdoor kitchen turned out really cute. You can pot plants there by day and entertain by night. I like the painted cans. I spray painted strawberry baskets the other day. The 'wood' ones. They look cute but I'm not sure what I'll use them for yet.

  20. What a wonderful repurpose of that unit. Love all the blues and greens!

  21. Heck- You don't even need a glass for that- I say go straight for the old wine bottle.

    LOVE your sweet little kitchen. I love it and think it is perfect...and what's a little bird poop among friends anyway---JOHN!!!! xo Diana

  22. Super Duper Cute! Love this. I now will have a drink station for when I am floating in the pool. Love this.

  23. Hi Suzan!!!!!

    Yes!!! It's me!!! I've been so busy I haven't been on my computer for months!!! Puppy business!!!

    Your outdoor kitchen is so great of an idea!!!!

    Can't wait to see what you've been up to!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  24. Where's the spoons?????? LOLOLOL Good job Suzan! It looks so inviting!

  25. How pretty! This is such an amazing idea! Love it!

  26. I think this looks fabulous and love the way those wreaths. Tell John the bird crap will wash off with hot soap and water, not to worry about his spoons, LOL.


  27. Adorable. I love the plant mirror & the use of tin cans for the silverware! :] // ☼

  28. What a cool outdoor kitchen! I love those old metal units! You did good Suzan! I really want a square wreath! I might make one :-)

  29. I already told you I love this, but I'll tell you again!! LOL!

  30. Super fun repurpose! I love the barn wood backdrop too!

  31. Ah! Such a cute cute outdoor kitchen. Please come share with us at our link party going on now, if you've not already!

  32. So cute! Such a fun idea to have a outdoor kitchen! We would love for you to come and link up with us at Your Designs This Time!

  33. This is just the cutest idea!!! LOVE the idea of a outdoor kitchen! Pinning and featuring your outdoor kitchen on fb! Thanks!

  34. Oh my word, I want to come to a backyard party at your place! I love it! My husband would have the same reaction if I did something like this. Haha! I was laughing hysterically at your conversation with John.

  35. Oh my word, this is such a perfect piece. I remembe these. What a fabulous find and how perfect for the patio. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  36. Dear Suzanne,
    absolutely fantastic. I love your kitchen and how you decorated it! It's fantastic! Was always thinking about making one - this is the best idea I've ever seen!
    Have a wonderful and happy time
    All the best from Austria

  37. This is so lovely, Suzan! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi - and for having me :)

  38. These units are in big demand here. So glad you were able and willing to save it.

  39. Cute outdoor kitchen Suzan! As much as we like rust, yes; things need painted now and then to make them last. A little poop never hurt anyone. Just added protein. lol! So happy to have you share at SYC.

  40. Love your Outdoor Kitchen. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  41. Very creative idea for your outdoor space---love it! I especially like how unique it is. Who would ever think to repurpose a sink/countertop combo outside?!

  42. Oh my goodness'd better hurry and paint that cabinet....we all want to come for the party. You are having a party for us? Yes???? [wink]
    Thanks for sharing your creative entertaining station with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  43. This is great. Talk about recycle/refurbish. My Aunt's kitchen looked like the illustrations your found ... all metal. It may still be there!

  44. Hi, Suzan.I found your blog over at the "Bloom Designs" Link-up party. I really have enjoyed reading your post and am following your blog, now. Love your outdoor kitchen area! You have used some unique and creative ideas as storage and decor surrounding this space. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your creative ideas. Feel free to stop over and check out my blog, "Cairn Cottage" sometime.


  45. Can I come to your house? I would love to play with this little pretty:))


    PS Just pinned and shared as one of this weeks Features at Freedom Fridays

  46. OMG I really NEEEED one of these!! this is just fabulous!

    1. Isn't it the coolest thing lol? It was actually being used in the mudroom of this house when we bought it!
      Thanks Helen :)

  47. I love everything about this project! How so cute is this!


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