Thursday, January 21, 2016


Lindsay came by last night with a bag of diapers - some ribbon and 4 receiving blankets.
She's in charge of making her sister-in-law's diaper cake ( centerpiece ) for her soon to be shower and so I did what I do best - completely took over.
I know everyone has seen one of these and I'm betting most of you have made one

so if there's ONE of you that haven't made a diaper cake this post is for you -
we used one pack of pampers ( new born size - 88 diapers ) but any size will do
and rolled all of them - securing each one with an elastic like so

which we then placed in a pan to create the shape for the bottom layer

place an elastic around the layer while still in the pan so that it retains its shape while removing it.
( the elastic will later be removed and replaced with ribbon or blankets ) and your first layer is done!

You can then insert a wrapping paper tube in the middle of the cake - this will hold any additional layers

continue rolling diapers and placing them on top of the bottom layer until you have as many tiers as you want three seems to be the perfect size - and what a full pack of diapers allows for.

and then the decorating starts !
we chose to go with a " fondant " icing - using up the 4 receiving blankets Lindsay had bought - by folding them and wrapping them around the diapers - and securing it with straight pins - ribbon was then wrapped around that.
For the second tier I have two blankets folded into different widths

and to cover up the tops of the diapers on the bottom tier I placed a ribbon ( with cut up yellow straws holding the ribbon down in between each diapers )

I found some tiny stickers in my supplies - letters and numbers and stuck them on the ribbons but I'm still awaiting my daughters approval on that step - she kind of put a kibosh on my first design - which included flowers - Hey what do I know - I'm just the baker !

There may still be a little tweaking - we have a few diapers left which I'm going to turn into cupcakes but it's basically done

John says it looks good enough to be on Cake Boss

It's such a pretty way to present a gift - in my day we wrapped up a box of diapers and tossed it at the Mother to be LOL
whoever first came up with this idea ( John thinks it was me - I'm not going to disillusion him ) was a genius!
Level of difficulty?
PIECE OF CAKE ( couldn't resist - absolutely could not resist )

Have a wonderful day everyone
This is the first day in a week I'm not walking around doubled over - my back is on the mend - Oh Happy Day !!!



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  1. Cute!! I'm so glad your back is feeling better!

  2. Great outcome! This is a very beautiful and practical present, indeed. I also love the colors. You nailed it :-)

  3. You absolutely amaze me!! This is stunning - and I guess you wrote this post for me because I have never, ever made a diaper cake!!!

  4. I love it! You did an outstanding job. Wish someone around here would have a baby so I can make one.

  5. Well, I may be the only person who has not made one of these. I have seen many, at showers thiough and think they are adorable. GREAT job, it looks awesome!

  6. Hi, Suzan!
    I just love these diaper cakes! I would have to keep it out of sight from my husband because I worry he'd think it was real! You think not? Well, once a friend of mine gave me a soap shaped like a cupcake, and he cut into it when I wasn't around. He honestly thought it was a real cupcake. He says he just thought maybe it was a different kind of cake that was hard. He took a bite, and bubbling at the mouth thought, wow, this isn't very good!! Thank God he didn't swallow any! I told you he was a Sheldon, (like on "The Big Bang Theory"). Do you ever watch that show on TV?
    But I think that those diaper cakes are such a darling present. If I were the recipient, though, there's no way I would take it apart!! I would just leave it out as a decorative centerpiece in the baby's room!! It's too pretty to dismantle! Will you give it to EVAN, that little cutie?
    I hope your back is better now! You poor thing! Remember I told you that 3's a charm so counting John's stumble, you should have met your quota! HA! Hope-a Hope-a!
    Love ya,

    1. LOL - cutting into the soap cupcake and then taking a bite - MEN LMHO !!!
      I don't really watch The Big Bang Theory - but I know who Sheldon is !!!
      The cake's not for Evan - it's for his Aunt's ( my other daughter ) sister in law who's expecting.
      Back seems to be better - and now...............I'm getting a cold for the THIRD time this winter - unless it's the same one and never completely leaves? What an awful start to the New Year I'm having Ethel - I need you to brew me up some concoction to make me better LOL

  7. Super cute---and I love the letters and numbers...what a great gift, Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  8. I've never made one but I've seen them. Cute way to give diapers. :)

    Glad your back is better!

  9. That diaper cake is beautiful! Using a toy animal as a cake topper is a great idea. I am so glad you feel better and hope you will continue to heal.

  10. This is the best tutorial I've seen to make these. Wish I would have seen this last year this time when I was organizing my daughter's baby shower. But, my niece is due in March so I'll be referring back to this post to make one for her shower. Pinning to share!

    1. Oh Marie - now you've made me feel so guilty - I never made one for Ashley's shower either !!! ( Although she received one as a gift )
      I just made some complimentary cupcakes LOL - I'll post them tomorrow !

  11. I was wondering if you could make me one using Depends for a retirement party!??! It would be a real "party pooper" if you know what I mean! (I am so sorry, I don't know what is wrong with me today! Butt for an "over the hill" or retirement party, it could be a real "gag". There I go again......I am going to bed!) Nanny p.s. yes, you can put me in time out.....

    1. Just Nanny,
      I LOVE your idea for a retirement party! That is just GREAT!! Pat yourself on the back!
      Have a wonderful day!

    2. Isn't she brilliant? I think it would such a fun gift to bring LOL !!!

  12. Wow, this is great! I need someone to have a baby soon so I can make one for them! Pinning!

  13. I have literally NEVER made a diaper cake.

    You won me over with letters and numbers as part of the decoration.

  14. The diaper cake is gorgeous! A lot of work but I guess fun to do. I'd be the guest with the box, unwrapped but maybe a bow and card on top. Haha. Yours, my friend, is beautifully done! I know people who do this for a living - make and sell them. I don't have enough imagination. Have a super weekend. I hope your back is doing much better.

  15. Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

    and for the idea for the next baby shower I attend.

  16. Absolutely one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! What a great shower gift. Thank you so much for linking up to tonight's SYS party. Have a great week Suzan!
    XO Barbara

  17. golly bum; I missed this post.
    Actually in a way you did come up with the idea. . your own idea in the decorating part. It's cute by the way and done in pretty colors besides the normal pink or blue.

  18. Adorable. Any mother to be would love this. I wanted to make one, one of these days, if my friends are ever having kids, LOL. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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