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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To cuss or not to cuss.................

That is the question......................

I was not going to post my thoughts on this because I really don't want to offend anybody - but hey - it's a fact of life - a lot of us different degrees of course - but I really just can't imagine doing furniture all day - and all of the mishaps that that entails without letting a few of them slip under my breath.

I mean how can " Oh Dear " cover the anguish and despair of half a tin of paint spilling on to the floor.
How can " Dang it " ever possibly convey the gut wrenching pain of stubbing your toe against a dresser that's
in the middle of the room because it's being worked on?
How can " Oh Oh! " ever - in a million years - describe forgetting to put clear wax on BEFORE applying the dark wax. 
And " for goodness sakes " just doesn't make the cloth when you've spelled something wrong on a Subway Dresser and only realize it after it's completely finished.................
This business calls for - insists actually - that we let a few of them out now and then or quite frankly I think we would explode - 
But the problem with that is it sometimes spills over into our everyday life as well.
And then it becomes verbal gas - something that just slips out when you least expect it - and you're left having to murmur a meek " excuse me - I don't know where that came from " as your eyes dart all over the
room - actually it's worse because in this case you can't say " what are you looking at, that certainly didn't come from me"?

Which brings me to the reason I am writing this post.

John went to the bank today and was standing behind 2 elderly ladies - his guess would be that they were in their late 80's - dressed to the hilt - hair coiffed - beautifully manicured - jewels hanging from anywhere jewels can hang from - heels - the whole shebang - you've got the picture, right?
Now here's the conversation

- So tell me, have you sold your place in Florida?
and the whispered reply
- Yes I did - but I think they F_ _ _ed me.................

There you go -
My guess would be she worked on furniture most of her life.


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