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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Good morning everyone !

Just a quick little makeover that I did for my daughter last week.

Her Mother-in-law had found this sewing table by the curbside and brought it over - Lindsay wanted color
( she's not a white distressed kind of girl - she's into color MOM !!! )

and so Mama gave her some color

complete with silver slippers

and a hidden message inside

We had a bit of a " debate " over dirty waxing - but I think the next time I go see her I'll have a tin of dark wax hidden in the bottom of my purse............

I used ANNIE SLOAN CHALK PAINT ™ - Emperor's silk - and a grey made by mixing Graphite & Pure White ( looks almost like Paris Grey actually )

Ok - here I go - paint brush in hand - waving good-bye !
I'm doing a dresser and desk now :)

Have a great Thursday all !
Much love,


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Monday, July 22, 2013

Approaching Lavender....................

enjoy Diana :)

If you'd like to spend an afternoon approaching Lavender
You'll feel fine but one thing's sure, you'll never feel the same

ascp, custom color, old violet, white, dresser, makeover, contrast, colors, annie sloan

If you'd like to try your hand at understanding Lavender
Then you must be very sure that life is not a game

lavender, annie sloan, custom color, old violet, white, paris grey, dresser, makeover

You might even learn a thing or two approaching Lavender
You'll soon be on a one night tour forgetting your own name

You won't need a reason just to be alone with Lavender
For the light so warm & pure will draw you like a flame

ascp, annie sloan, custom color, chalk paint,dresser, makeover

The colors that surround you there will be a shade of Lavender
Shadows dancing everywhere like flowers in the rain

You will find your tongue's on fire while laying next to Lavender
With words you never spoke before and will not speak again

stencil, french, furniture, dresser, makeover, annie sloan, chalk paint, words

Oh sweet Lavender, I understand you perfectly
There is no way that I can see you living by yourself

chalk paint, dresser, makeover, annie sloan,

Oh sweet Lavender, I must be with you constantly
Your presence means so much to me, much more than life itself

Oh sweet Lavender, as fragrant as the name you bear
Please cast away the clothes you wear
And give your love to me
Oh sweet Lavender , your smile is like the golden sun
I'd love to see you laugh & run
As naked as the sea

chalk paint, annie sloan, spray painted handles,

If you'd like to spend an afternoon approaching Lavender
Don't try and get the best of her, she will not share the blame
If you'd like to try your hand at understanding Lavender
Then you must be very sure that life is not a game.

annie, sloan, lavender, creating custom colors,before, after, makeover,dresser

PRAYING someone will actually want to approach Lavender and take her off my hands!!!!!!!

I think Gordon Lightfoot should buy it, personally.

Colors used:
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Half and half ( roughly ) of White and Old Violet
You can read about my fiasco HERE

The Humidity has broken here - Oh Happy Day...................oh and Happy Monday too!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dressers are Red, my love ........................

Morning everyone!!!

I don't have a before for you this time - guess I deleted it before I should have :(
But I had decided this too needed to go red long before I dragged it home to do it!!!
But it looked very much like this one


red,emperor's silk,annie sloan, french provincial, dresser, makeover

This is the third one I've done - and the third one that's sold right away ..............this color is magic - it
may become my new signature color  !!!

As most of you know Quebec has a majority of French speakers................and Red is the color of passion
Maybe that's why?   And Oh how those romantic people love RED :)

Most of my Paris Grey and White's are bought by English speakers LOL

The depth

red, dresser, emeror's silk, annie sloan, chalk paint, original hardware

The richness

red, emperor's silk, dresser, makeover, chalk paint, brass handles, annie sloan

speaks to their hearts I believe

and doesn't it look like one big gigantic heart?

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Emperor's Silk

dresser, clear wax, dark wax, emperor's silk, annie sloan, makeover,

ASCP, red, emperor's silk, clear wax, dark wax, makeover, dresser

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I may as well just paint myself Paris Grey and White really

Well here we go again - back to my signature colors it seems.....................

I started off with this - and I would apologize for this photo - except I didn't take it - the seller did -
Hey even I can do better than that

Oh oh - looks like I can't actually !!!!!!!!!!

Trust me this was in pretty rough shape - she has been filled - screwed - sanded - glued and hammered
Came out of a college student's dwelling - but I should have had my camera once again - he was in a 120 year old apartment building - falling apart but filled to the brim with architectural beauty...................

I started off with the drawers - Paris Grey ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ) on the interiors - with white trim along the outer edges.

I painted the top of the dresser Pure White -and the body of it in Pure Grey
The handles got a fast sweep of white spray paint ( rustoleum ) and when I say a fast sweep I mean I only just quickly sprayed the surface - I wanted to leave some of the dark in there just to antique them a little.
OK - do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?
Hope so - because half of the time I'm trying new techniques and have no idea if they'll turn out like I want them too LMHO...............and then when I write about it I try to come across all expert like :)

My absolute favorite part of French Provincial furniture is the scalloped edging ( and when they have
" serpentine " drawers, well that's just a bonus ) this photo is before I waxed it

paris grey, white, dresser, makeover, chalk paint, annie sloan, before, after

Behind the middle door ( think " Let's make a deal " )
are 3 small drawers - I painted them white - and then for a cute touch I added these
Whenever I paint numbers on drawers I always picture this conversation in a house
" honey - where's the baby's socks?"
" in number 2 sweetheart "
People that take my furniture have to be in love...............them's the rules.

All the drawers should be numbered in my house - including the ones in the kitchen
Now that I think of it - the shelves in the fridge should be numbered too - that would
save me having to go in it every time John's trying to find something
Where's the onions Suzan?
On shelf 2 John
Where's the lemon Suzan
On shelf 1 John

 John removed the door so that I could paint thoroughly inside the cabinet - which I NEVER do because some of these older pieces are very fickle - and difficult to put back on

french, provincial, paris grey, white, painted, chalk paint,

When John screws something in - anything really - he does it so tight that it never ever closes again - doors to rooms - he's cracked light switch plates - kitchen cupboard doors - it's ridiculous - at some point don't you realize it's not working?
I make mistakes - I make a ton of mistakes - but I tend to learn from them.

I watch him putting the door back on and he's actually shaking with the force he's applying to it  (and maybe some of you remember the table legs fiasco HERE?)
He's shaking - and turning red - and the sweat is pouring down his face - and it's 3 tiny screws ..................

Suzan says - Whoa big boy - please don't do it so tight
John says - Don't start with me OK?
John says - It's too damn hot to be doing this
John says - I don't need you breathing down my back
Suzan says - Well just remember what happens when you screw things in too tight
John says - It needs to be screwed in tight Suzan - or it won't shut properly
John says - You just do what you do - and leave me alone with what I do
Suzan says - You're making it too tight, just saying..............
John says - There you go, perfect!

Suzan says - ummm - excuse me - but the door won't close
John says - of course it does
John tries
John says - well it's the dresser
Suzan says - it DID close before though
John says - Why don't you go blog about it ?
Suzan says - I'm NOT going to blog about it - but you're going to have to fix it, sorry
Suzan says - About 10 less shakes should do it I think
John says - Buzz off ok?

And if he thinks it too hot to screw 3 tiny little screws into a door - he should try waxing in this heat. I think I lost 10 lbs waxing this thing - it's so humid here.
But it's so damn humid lol
I was still able to buff it a pretty decent shine - even though I have one useless shoulder and the sweat dripping into my eyes basically took the color off my irises................

chalk paint, annie sloan, paris grey, white, french provincial, makeover, painted

this piece is huge - wouldn't it make a great changing table in a nursery?

dresser, french provincial, before, after, chalk paint, annie sloan, paris grey, white,

or a buffet?

or a dresser lol .......................

I don't think I'll ever tire of this combination..................although you may get sick of looking at them

I keep running all over the place taking things to stage the dresser - John's watching T.V.
He ignores me on the first two - by the third.................
John says - what exactly are you doing with all this stuff
Suzan says - staging the dresser
John says - dead serious - Overkill - it's too much Suzan
It takes me a moment before I realize he thinks I'm putting it all on at once

Have a great Friday one and all!!!!!!!!!
Much love

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shhhh................I'm learnin'

Morning all!

I'm still learning - every single day - with every single mistake - I keep learning!

Last week I showed you a sneak peak of a desk I was working on

Here's what I was working on

I wanted to put 2 transfers on this from the Graphics Fairy - but I messed up.
Because I never never never know when to leave well enough alone.

I tried to take it off before it was ready - although I like that it looks all ripped and shredded and authentically very old - LIKE THIS - there was still a lot of paper to rub off ( where you can see the whitish patches ) and there would have been only a few words of the graphic left...........
The " stamp " fared much better - still some paper left to rub off - but the graphic is in tact - except for the fact that it's UPSIDE DOWN...............that's what sleep deprivation will do to you.

So I asked my official " Sander " if he could sand the section down where the postcard graphic was
And it came back in looking like this

GASP - EUREKA - PAYDIRT - SIGH...............................I fell instantly in love..............
Much like I did over this Oops makeover

The dark blue that this piece was originally - with the old white ( ASCP ) and the wood peaking through?
Perfection - so I promptly began sanding away the entire top of the desk and somehow the upside down
stamp doesn't look so bad?  In fact I'm loving the graphic - looks like it's been there forever!!!

John says - OMG - what the hell have you done to it?
Suzan says - I LOVE IT
John says - It looks like crap ( the other version of that word )
Suzan says - Thank you very much
John says - First of all it'll never sell - second of all I don't want it here -
John says - It looks like crap ( the other version of that word )
Suzan says - You already said that
Suzan says - It's rustic chic
John says - It's RUSTIC CRAP ( the other version of that word - which sounds like Chic almost anyway )

In his defense ( NOT that I'm defending him at all ) he may be right ..............Montreal seems to be a little behind with all this rustic - prairie - farmhouse - stuff.  My " clean " pieces seems to outweigh this type in
" demand " and it may have to be changed in the end but I'm loving it.................

John says - you're going to have to repaint that now, hope you know that
Suzan says - nothing - absolutely nothing - because she's learning how to keep her yap shut!

Things I learned this week

1)  Sometimes mistakes are good things
2)  Getting a proper amount of sleep is very very important
3)  John has no idea what he's talking about
4)  John really likes to say Crap ( the other version of the word )
5)  No matter how shabby a piece is - bling ALWAYS works - so I'm going to start wearing a tiara when I'm in my painting clothes ( e.g. nightgown )

John is yelling from the Kitchen that there's 2 glass knobs missing off the cabinet doors as I type.

You'd think he'd learn by now !!!

Anyway they can be replaced - the STAR needed them more

Have a great Thursday all
Go out there and make a few mistakes..................
I'll probably be repainting this by friday LOL
Much love,

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