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Friday, August 9, 2013

Antique dresser to makeover!!!

Here's the newest one coming Tomorrow afternnon - there appears to be a significant amount of damage on the bottom molding - but will have a better assessment of that when it gets here.
( Does that sound completely professional or what ??? )
I can still " fake " it LOL

At least the top looks in pretty good condition

and she comes with her crown completely in tact..................
at least I don't have to fake that like I did HERE

what do you think?
isn't she a beauty?

It kind of compensates for the fact that I was too late to get these

60.00 for the both of them - and the seller had just sold them 5 minutes before I contacted him...............
60.00 for the both of them - and the seller had just sold them a couple of  minutes before I contacted him...............

I saw the ad - and had to pee - couldn't hold it in for even 5 more seconds - so ran to the bathroom - ran back and contacted them.
Apparently I was the second one to call.
Maybe it's a good thing - had I known I may have peed my pants and called right away................

Some things are just not meant to be I suppose!!!

But still - I'm going to buy a box of depends for the nights I'm cruising Craig's list - just in case.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - no post tomorrow - but I'll be here bright and early Monday morning


Care to see some details???

It's so nice not to be the DROOL - EE for a change.................

drool  (drl)
v. drooleddrool·ingdrools
1. To let saliva run from the mouth; drivel.
2. Informal To make an extravagant show of appreciation or desire.
3. Informal To talk nonsense.
To let run from the mouth.
1. Saliva.
2. Informal Senseless talk; drivel.


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shhhh................I'm learnin'

Morning all!

I'm still learning - every single day - with every single mistake - I keep learning!

Last week I showed you a sneak peak of a desk I was working on

Here's what I was working on

I wanted to put 2 transfers on this from the Graphics Fairy - but I messed up.
Because I never never never know when to leave well enough alone.

I tried to take it off before it was ready - although I like that it looks all ripped and shredded and authentically very old - LIKE THIS - there was still a lot of paper to rub off ( where you can see the whitish patches ) and there would have been only a few words of the graphic left...........
The " stamp " fared much better - still some paper left to rub off - but the graphic is in tact - except for the fact that it's UPSIDE DOWN...............that's what sleep deprivation will do to you.

So I asked my official " Sander " if he could sand the section down where the postcard graphic was
And it came back in looking like this

GASP - EUREKA - PAYDIRT - SIGH...............................I fell instantly in love..............
Much like I did over this Oops makeover

The dark blue that this piece was originally - with the old white ( ASCP ) and the wood peaking through?
Perfection - so I promptly began sanding away the entire top of the desk and somehow the upside down
stamp doesn't look so bad?  In fact I'm loving the graphic - looks like it's been there forever!!!

John says - OMG - what the hell have you done to it?
Suzan says - I LOVE IT
John says - It looks like crap ( the other version of that word )
Suzan says - Thank you very much
John says - First of all it'll never sell - second of all I don't want it here -
John says - It looks like crap ( the other version of that word )
Suzan says - You already said that
Suzan says - It's rustic chic
John says - It's RUSTIC CRAP ( the other version of that word - which sounds like Chic almost anyway )

In his defense ( NOT that I'm defending him at all ) he may be right ..............Montreal seems to be a little behind with all this rustic - prairie - farmhouse - stuff.  My " clean " pieces seems to outweigh this type in
" demand " and it may have to be changed in the end but I'm loving it.................

John says - you're going to have to repaint that now, hope you know that
Suzan says - nothing - absolutely nothing - because she's learning how to keep her yap shut!

Things I learned this week

1)  Sometimes mistakes are good things
2)  Getting a proper amount of sleep is very very important
3)  John has no idea what he's talking about
4)  John really likes to say Crap ( the other version of the word )
5)  No matter how shabby a piece is - bling ALWAYS works - so I'm going to start wearing a tiara when I'm in my painting clothes ( e.g. nightgown )

John is yelling from the Kitchen that there's 2 glass knobs missing off the cabinet doors as I type.

You'd think he'd learn by now !!!

Anyway they can be replaced - the STAR needed them more

Have a great Thursday all
Go out there and make a few mistakes..................
I'll probably be repainting this by friday LOL
Much love,

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Before and after French Provincial

Sometimes on these 70's dressers you'll find that the molding is actually plastic
I much prefer the wood variety - snob that I am - even though I'm slathering
them in paint !!!

So the first thing I did was paint in between all those " criss crosses " as well as the 4 flowers
in each corner with black craft paint - so there would be some contrast in the details
if you look at the photo above you can barely tell it exists even
 I wasn't overly careful at this stage as  you can see because you really want
to be sure to get " in " those lines
It can all be fixed up once the white goes over it

and here's how it looks once a coat of white covers everything

much better, don't you think?

I did the same thing to the drawers

isn't it amazing what white paint can do?

The interior is painted a baby blue

What's new pussycat?
( does anyone else see a cat's face on this? ) 
 her and her pussycat eyes
woah woah

 Sometimes you have to work with what you have
and I really do believe that anything can look better
Even 70's furniture with plastic molding
that looks like a cat when you squint your eyes
Cats DO NOT belong in landfills either

Have a good one!
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just to send it on down the line....................

I'm like a human assembly line right now - they're coming in - getting painted - being sent down the line as a new one rolls in.

I just finished this -  you're only getting sneak peaks today - because I plan to get a lot of blog mileage
out of these lol

Which originally looked like this

I'm working on this - sorry for the quality of the photo - it's the seller's - and I've finally found someone who takes worse photos than me YAY - this is in pretty rough shape - but some real magic is happening.

( back to my Paris Grey and White Chalk Paint as you can tell lol )

I have a gorgeous dresser waiting in the van - can't find a photo

I'm picking this up tomorrow - no chairs - no extra leafs - but check out those legs!!!
Monica - if you're reading -  for your new house?

I sent an inquiry on the below desk - it was available - told them I'd pick it up the next day
When I sent a confirmation email that we were coming - they replied it had been sold in the meantime,
Don't you think if I had first dibs on it - they could have at least let me know?
What's the Craig's list protocol on this...............very very upset.

but I have a back up desk I'm working on here -

In the meantime - this set has become available ( huge argument going on around here about this - but I know - I just know I need to have it ) what do you think?

2 end tables

a ladies dresser

with mirror ( although the mirrors don't sell - I have a ton of them actually - if anyone needs a mirror )

But this next part I know you'll " get " - more than John ever will

I mean come on now, is that gorgeous or what?
Can you see the potential in it?
Would you have to have it?
Would it be worth the arguing that lasted for an hour?
Would it be worth the silent treatment he's now instilled on me?
YUP - I would think so
( actually it would be worth it just for the silent treatment alone now that I think of it lol )

"I work a 40 hour week for a living - just to send it on down the line..................."

Does anyone know that song?
One of my favorite bands - I used to BLAST this song constantly.................
If any of you get the band right - you can have the mirror LOL

Ok the break bell just sounded - time to get back to work
Have a good one!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

They're coming to take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Good Morning everyone :)

 Meet Abigail ( when you're looking at her - you're looking at country )

shabby, antique, makeover, chalk paint, annie sloan, white, aqua, before, after

I mixed Duck Egg Blue and Old White to create this custom color - ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint )
Painted it old white first - then applied the custom color - so that when I sanded there would be layers
Once it was dry I dry brushed ( very dry brushed ) a coat of old white here and there )
I spray painted the handles ( original ) in White from Rustoleum ..................and I did an outline of old white
in the engraved design on the middle drawer

John says - I don't understand why you paint something and then take the sander to it
John says - It makes no sense at all
Suzan says - Maybe it's not for you to understand - maybe it has to remain one of those great mysteries in life
John says - But could you just tell me why you do it ?
Suzan says - Nah, if you don't get it looking at it - it can't be explained to you
John says - Well I think you went a little crazy there - there's actually wood showing through in some spots.
Suzan says - John leave me alone already - go contemplate your belly button or something
John says - FINE - I was trying to help you out here-  I thought maybe you didn't realize

Wait till I order myself some milk paint - he's going to have to do some deep soul searching to find the answers to that, let me tell you
Paint that chips and peels?
Does anyone else work with a chief inspector breathing down their backs????

I bought this shabby chic mirror on sale ages ago ( and now I wish I had bought 10 of them - the price was amazing ) it's such a perfect fit for Abigail, don't you think ?
I dry brushed some of the custom color to tie it in................

Suzan says - What do you think of Abigail now?
John says- WHO?
Suzan says - Abigail, the dresser
John says - You gave it a name?
John shakes his head
John says - Where did you find the name?
Suzan says - She told me ................
John says - What kind of flowers do you like?
Suzan says - You don't know by now?  Why?
John says - So I can fill the room you're going to be in, in the asylum, with them.....................

John walks casually by and picks up one of the books I'm staging with
John says - Oh Moby Dick - think I'll read that again
John chuckles - Why, Is Abigail going to read it?

Lindsay and Tony gave each of their Mom's a jewellery box as a " thank you " at the rehearsal dinner
Mine says Suzy - Q
Isn't it pretty?

With a bracelet inside - that reads Mom on one side - and their wedding date on the inside
and an explanation that wherever they go in life - we'll have their hearts -
I'm choked up again - I've been choked up for a week now - when do you stop choking after your kids get married????

Oh and John????
A room filled with these will do very nicely, thank you very much
BUT I don't want you to blame it on Abigail - if I end up in the nut house it won't be because of HER

You can take the book now

I'm all finished for the day

Oops - forgot the before - it was in rough shape - although it looks pretty decent in the photo!

Have a great Thursday everyone....................
Much love - gotta run - someone's at the door -
Hope it's not who I think it is........................

and a very happy 4th of July to my American friends


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