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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Headboards behaving badly

Good morning everyone !!!

When I last left you with this dresser I showed you the headboard that went with it

Often - more often than not actually - I have no idea where I'm going with a piece of furniture until I sit down in front of it - I know it sounds ridiculous but furniture speaks to me ( I'm a furniture whisperer didn't you know )

Sometimes the direction it takes me in is not a direction I would have considered at all - the brush has a will of it's own almost - and when it comes face to face with a petulant headboard all hell can break loose, I swear ( by the moon and the stars in the sky )

in this case it wanted to have a little fun
I argued with it
I told it it was being silly
I told it I had a reputation at stake

but it insisted

what the hell was it thinking?
this has to be the ugliest headboard makeover I've ever seen
stupid thing - and I'm even stupider for listening to it in the first place.

John says - I like it - I really like it
( well isn't that just typical ? )
Suzan says - I hate it - I really hate it
John says -  Leave it a day - see how you feel tomorrow

Today is tomorrow - I hate it more

John says - Why don't you list it with the dresser and see what happens
Suzan says- I CAN'T do it - it makes me sick
John says - Why do you have to get so dramatic over everything?  For God's sakes - just list it - if it doesn't sell - change it
Suzan says - Can we say YOU did it?

But I just couldn't live with it - I ended up changing it when he went to bed - it's blotchy because the paint is drying............not because I tried to make it look like brushed suede LOL

Ok the reason I'm showing you this fiasco is this.
It's OK to make mistakes - ( especially with chalk paint - because it's so easy to sand off )
It would be nothing to even bring it back down to the wood with this paint - so don't be afraid to try!
AND do not listen to furniture - listen to your gut - them's golden words friends :)

Here it is dried -  and ready to stand with it's partner - the dresser ( you can see the dresser HERE - who, by the way, was far more complacent..............)

Headboard says- Hey stop it - what are you doing?
Suzan says - Ah - shut up already...............

Sometimes a little tough love is in order.

Well not that tough I guess - I did add a little something something in the end.

And that's the story of Headboards Behaving Badly - stay tuned - the 2 spoiled little end tables are coming up next

ASCP - Coco and Old White

Suzan says - OMG - I forgot to paint the finials for the top of the bed posts - where are they?
John says- WHAT the hell is a finial?
John says - WHERE do you come up with these words?

God love him

You can see this transformation

to this ( HERE ) still my favorite one

Have a great day all
Much love,

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just to send it on down the line....................

I'm like a human assembly line right now - they're coming in - getting painted - being sent down the line as a new one rolls in.

I just finished this -  you're only getting sneak peaks today - because I plan to get a lot of blog mileage
out of these lol

Which originally looked like this

I'm working on this - sorry for the quality of the photo - it's the seller's - and I've finally found someone who takes worse photos than me YAY - this is in pretty rough shape - but some real magic is happening.

( back to my Paris Grey and White Chalk Paint as you can tell lol )

I have a gorgeous dresser waiting in the van - can't find a photo

I'm picking this up tomorrow - no chairs - no extra leafs - but check out those legs!!!
Monica - if you're reading -  for your new house?

I sent an inquiry on the below desk - it was available - told them I'd pick it up the next day
When I sent a confirmation email that we were coming - they replied it had been sold in the meantime,
Don't you think if I had first dibs on it - they could have at least let me know?
What's the Craig's list protocol on this...............very very upset.

but I have a back up desk I'm working on here -

In the meantime - this set has become available ( huge argument going on around here about this - but I know - I just know I need to have it ) what do you think?

2 end tables

a ladies dresser

with mirror ( although the mirrors don't sell - I have a ton of them actually - if anyone needs a mirror )

But this next part I know you'll " get " - more than John ever will

I mean come on now, is that gorgeous or what?
Can you see the potential in it?
Would you have to have it?
Would it be worth the arguing that lasted for an hour?
Would it be worth the silent treatment he's now instilled on me?
YUP - I would think so
( actually it would be worth it just for the silent treatment alone now that I think of it lol )

"I work a 40 hour week for a living - just to send it on down the line..................."

Does anyone know that song?
One of my favorite bands - I used to BLAST this song constantly.................
If any of you get the band right - you can have the mirror LOL

Ok the break bell just sounded - time to get back to work
Have a good one!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

They're coming to take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Good Morning everyone :)

 Meet Abigail ( when you're looking at her - you're looking at country )

shabby, antique, makeover, chalk paint, annie sloan, white, aqua, before, after

I mixed Duck Egg Blue and Old White to create this custom color - ( Annie Sloan Chalk Paint )
Painted it old white first - then applied the custom color - so that when I sanded there would be layers
Once it was dry I dry brushed ( very dry brushed ) a coat of old white here and there )
I spray painted the handles ( original ) in White from Rustoleum ..................and I did an outline of old white
in the engraved design on the middle drawer

John says - I don't understand why you paint something and then take the sander to it
John says - It makes no sense at all
Suzan says - Maybe it's not for you to understand - maybe it has to remain one of those great mysteries in life
John says - But could you just tell me why you do it ?
Suzan says - Nah, if you don't get it looking at it - it can't be explained to you
John says - Well I think you went a little crazy there - there's actually wood showing through in some spots.
Suzan says - John leave me alone already - go contemplate your belly button or something
John says - FINE - I was trying to help you out here-  I thought maybe you didn't realize

Wait till I order myself some milk paint - he's going to have to do some deep soul searching to find the answers to that, let me tell you
Paint that chips and peels?
Does anyone else work with a chief inspector breathing down their backs????

I bought this shabby chic mirror on sale ages ago ( and now I wish I had bought 10 of them - the price was amazing ) it's such a perfect fit for Abigail, don't you think ?
I dry brushed some of the custom color to tie it in................

Suzan says - What do you think of Abigail now?
John says- WHO?
Suzan says - Abigail, the dresser
John says - You gave it a name?
John shakes his head
John says - Where did you find the name?
Suzan says - She told me ................
John says - What kind of flowers do you like?
Suzan says - You don't know by now?  Why?
John says - So I can fill the room you're going to be in, in the asylum, with them.....................

John walks casually by and picks up one of the books I'm staging with
John says - Oh Moby Dick - think I'll read that again
John chuckles - Why, Is Abigail going to read it?

Lindsay and Tony gave each of their Mom's a jewellery box as a " thank you " at the rehearsal dinner
Mine says Suzy - Q
Isn't it pretty?

With a bracelet inside - that reads Mom on one side - and their wedding date on the inside
and an explanation that wherever they go in life - we'll have their hearts -
I'm choked up again - I've been choked up for a week now - when do you stop choking after your kids get married????

Oh and John????
A room filled with these will do very nicely, thank you very much
BUT I don't want you to blame it on Abigail - if I end up in the nut house it won't be because of HER

You can take the book now

I'm all finished for the day

Oops - forgot the before - it was in rough shape - although it looks pretty decent in the photo!

Have a great Thursday everyone....................
Much love - gotta run - someone's at the door -
Hope it's not who I think it is........................

and a very happy 4th of July to my American friends


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