Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Headboards behaving badly

Good morning everyone !!!

When I last left you with this dresser I showed you the headboard that went with it

Often - more often than not actually - I have no idea where I'm going with a piece of furniture until I sit down in front of it - I know it sounds ridiculous but furniture speaks to me ( I'm a furniture whisperer didn't you know )

Sometimes the direction it takes me in is not a direction I would have considered at all - the brush has a will of it's own almost - and when it comes face to face with a petulant headboard all hell can break loose, I swear ( by the moon and the stars in the sky )

in this case it wanted to have a little fun
I argued with it
I told it it was being silly
I told it I had a reputation at stake

but it insisted

what the hell was it thinking?
this has to be the ugliest headboard makeover I've ever seen
stupid thing - and I'm even stupider for listening to it in the first place.

John says - I like it - I really like it
( well isn't that just typical ? )
Suzan says - I hate it - I really hate it
John says -  Leave it a day - see how you feel tomorrow

Today is tomorrow - I hate it more

John says - Why don't you list it with the dresser and see what happens
Suzan says- I CAN'T do it - it makes me sick
John says - Why do you have to get so dramatic over everything?  For God's sakes - just list it - if it doesn't sell - change it
Suzan says - Can we say YOU did it?

But I just couldn't live with it - I ended up changing it when he went to bed - it's blotchy because the paint is drying............not because I tried to make it look like brushed suede LOL

Ok the reason I'm showing you this fiasco is this.
It's OK to make mistakes - ( especially with chalk paint - because it's so easy to sand off )
It would be nothing to even bring it back down to the wood with this paint - so don't be afraid to try!
AND do not listen to furniture - listen to your gut - them's golden words friends :)

Here it is dried -  and ready to stand with it's partner - the dresser ( you can see the dresser HERE - who, by the way, was far more complacent..............)

Headboard says- Hey stop it - what are you doing?
Suzan says - Ah - shut up already...............

Sometimes a little tough love is in order.

Well not that tough I guess - I did add a little something something in the end.

And that's the story of Headboards Behaving Badly - stay tuned - the 2 spoiled little end tables are coming up next

ASCP - Coco and Old White

Suzan says - OMG - I forgot to paint the finials for the top of the bed posts - where are they?
John says- WHAT the hell is a finial?
John says - WHERE do you come up with these words?

God love him

You can see this transformation

to this ( HERE ) still my favorite one

Have a great day all
Much love,

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  1. Hi Suzan. The headboard became beautiful. Love how it turned out at last.

    Big hug from here

  2. The end result is lovely. I like the stencil.

  3. OMG, I started to laugh at the first try. The results are great though.

  4. Yeah-Sorry-but that looked bad. Never let your furniture whisper to you again! MUCH better now- I actually LOVE it. And tell John the thing on top of his shoulders is a human finial. xo Diana

  5. Ha… I said a word the other day and Deb asked me the same question… "What the hell are you talking about." Who knows, it may have been one of my own MADE UP words. LOL

  6. I think try 3 was the answer, it looks perfect now :)

  7. The stencil makes it, I love the end result. I love that about chalk paint too, when we screw up we can just sand it off or wash it off and start again. love the headboard. hugs Tobey

  8. I enjoy reading your posts so much, you're so funny! Thanks for making us all laugh over the attitudes of furniture.

  9. Perhaps Look #1 is a British thing.... my first reaction upon viewing it was that it reminded me of something from a Monty Python movie. Please do not ask me to explain that. (It's not an insult - I love me a good Monty Python movie.)

  10. Suzan
    I am new to chalk paint down here in Kokomo, In. I did go to a class but the teacher pretty much made me feel like I am a failure. I painted our piano and I need to ask a few questions. I can't ask the teacher she will say "I told you so." I put on the wax but didn't buff it off. I just realized that I should have. It's been a month. It's still sticky. Any suggestions to fix it??

    1. Hi Pam - you'll have to sand or wipe off as much as you can - and put another coat of paint ( you can paint right over the wax )
      If you google " how to apply ASCP wax " there's video's out there to show you how to do it!
      Good luck

    2. Great!! Thanks. Glad I can salvage it!!

  11. I liked it the way you initially did it, it felt kind of royal somehow, but the way you re-did it, especially with the beauty of a decoration is even better.

    And now I'm off to go look up 'finial.' Happy Thursday to you! :)

  12. I like the end product! Looks pretty with the white decor things in the centre.

  13. I like both, but the end result is the best. IT is a great headboard and I am sure it will sell immediately.
    You and John are so funny - you compliment each other.
    Have a warm weekend.

  14. The end results are great!!! I think sometimes we have to make "mistakes" to get it right, don't you!!!! And I love your husbands comment about finials....cracked me up. Thanks for the laughter. :)

  15. I like the second version better, and I think it will sell! But I can see why he liked the other one. It looked like standards or upside down shields and a castle's parapets, sort of British and quirky.

  16. By the second I mean not the in-between version.

  17. I think the finials are where you stash your drugs, at least that's what they did in a movie I saw. :-)

  18. It must be the new moon 'cause that headboard had some weird ideas! Perhaps you should get it out of your house now. :)

    Looks beautiful now ~ you're so talented.


  19. It turned out to be beautiful!!!

  20. You mean I'm not the only furniture whisperer??? Mr. Frugalista and my family for that matter think I'm nuts when I say that the pieces "speak to me". Like you I rarely start a piece knowing what I'm going to do with it. I've gotta say though, that headboard was just having fun with you, seeing how far he/she could push you. I'm glad you came to your senses because that stenciled detail is fabulous!!
    Marie~The Interior Frugalista

  21. The beauty of the paint...mistakes are not unfixable. I love the end result, Suzan! The stencilling really makes it.
    Debbie :)

  22. I liked both versions, but the second is a bit more elegant than the more rambunctious, fun one. :-)

  23. It ended looking fantastic good luck selling. I wish you were a little closer so I could pick your brain on chalk paint.

  24. Sorry I've been MIA here lately. I'm catching up on your posts. This one made me LOL...seriously, I laughed out loud. "Can we say YOU did it?" Too funny! I love how it turned out in the end with that stencil. Gorgeous! ~Deborah

  25. Ok, well you may not get it the way you want right off the bat, but ultimately, you come through with a stunner. I would SO buy that headboard. Love what you did with the stencil.

  26. I love the way you write.....but love your painting even more! Ya, it was definitely a homely dresser before!

  27. This is the funniest headboard story I've read all day!

  28. Suzan this is just beautiful! Would love it if you came by and shared it at Hugs, Tammy

  29. Susan this is exquisite. Absolutely love it!!!

  30. I like what you did, in the end....the stencil was perfect....
    Is that gray? love it.

  31. Turned out great Susan.
    It is good that you listened to your gut and not John or the headboard.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. Just stopping by to thank you for sharing at One More Time Events and let you know you have been featured this week! Hope to see you at this weeks party! Hugs, Tammy

  33. My battles with furniture usually concerns the color I want versus the color they have. Great transformation. John needs a distressed, chalk-painted finial for his car as a hood ornament.

  34. I like how it finally turned out. I love the "banter" between you and the headboard! :D


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