Saturday, January 18, 2014

Me, Myself and a little black paint..................

paint, windows,black

la la lalala la la
da dum di dum di
boom chucka lucka
a tisket a tasket
na na na na na na - hey hey
Shirley Shirley bo birley bonana fana to firley

What you guys doing today?

I'm painting in the kitchen - you know those little touches .....................

And I have the C.D. player blasting - and I'm humming and I'm singing

John says - Can you keep it down, a little, do you think?
Suzan says - Why does it bother you if I sing a little?
Suzan says - If I'm singing I'm happy -
Suzan says - Would you rather I be witching ?
Suzan says - Why do I have to be quiet anyway, what are you doing?
John says - Trying to read the paper

Suzan SCREAMS - Reading the freaking paper?  There's a house with a million things to do in it!
Suzan sings as loud as she can " I READ THE NEWS TODAY, OH BOY - ABOUT A LUCKY MAN WHO MADE THE GRADE..................... " ♪

Who lounges around reading the paper when you've just bought a major fixer upper?

I love this little old window - ( there's a matching one in the bathroom - that's been covered up by tile - have no idea why - but it'll be exposed when the bathroom gets renovated - and the reason I KNOW there's a window there is because there's 2 of these on the outside of the building )
If it doesn't work in the bathroom, I'm going to have it transferred to a perfect little spot in the kitchen.

It's become a little redundant since we updated the kitchen - the configuration doesn't allow it to open more than a few inches - but still I wanted to keep it right where it was ( the new window will be the one that gets opened up to allow those gentle winter breezes to form pretty icicles on my dishes...............:)

The glass is old - very old - and wavy and dimpled and I just love the little bit of original character it
brings into the room - hoping it'll look ok with the custom French Chateau window we've ordered ( which will be black as well ) because they're on the same wall - I think I'll have to plant a lilac tree or bush outside this wall - just ignore me - that was an internal thought as I was typing away.

I also painted out the wood trim that acts as ledge against the marble tiles and then " sealed " the marble ( including the floor thresholds I used as a back splash ). Fingers are crossed that it holds up for at least a year :)

marble, tiles, countertop

Here's how that view looked when we bought it by the way

Next I painted the back door - still singing - until John rudely put the T.V on super loud..............
I silently painted.  ( well singing on the inside - but that doesn't count really )

The only reason I have the window covered ( and it's temporary ) is because the mud room off of
it is in a terrible state - I used these panels I found once at the Dollar Store - 2 in a pack
( I did a post on them a long long time ago - when the earth was green )

They come in different patterns of which I have all ( OCD anyone? nah - not me ) haven't a clue which box they're in so used what I could easily find :)
They attach by little rings in those holes you see along the perimeter - you simply hook them up to the size you need.
I put them on a little rod  - and hung them on the outside of the door

and voila - a little privacy and no hardware to look at - for under 5.00

Doo ♪  - Doo - Doo ♪ ♪
Lookin' out my back door......................

( it's too cold out - otherwise there'd be happy people dancin' on my lawn, don't you know )

EVERY girl should have a little black dress - AND a little black window :)

Much love,

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  1. It's looking amazing! The window is adorable. It will just add to the character of the room.

  2. Hi Suzan,

    I am in AWE! of all your gorgeous makeovers, from your master bedroom, bath, linen closet, (yes, I, too, could live in there!), and especially your fabulous kitchen!! Your custom, black French Chateau window will be the icing on the cake, and if you do plant that sweet scented lilac bush, you can have your cake and eat it, too!


  3. I love the privacy panel idea and the black paint just pops! Love the kitchen!

  4. I love that little window, too. No wonder you kept it. The black paint has prettied it up very nicely.

  5. I love how the window swings in, it is just perfect. Sing on girl!!!

  6. I'm so glad you're keeping that old window - it has such character. Love, love, love the black frames and door. And the countertop is just awesome! Hm, I might steal your idea for my kitchen door - it has a window and the view is the garage...why? ( I ask that a lot about my farmhouse...not sure what they were thinking on some of it ) lol

  7. I love the old window too. It will bring in a nice breeze when the weather warms! Have fun! la la la la la!

  8. That is quite the transformation. I love the it!

  9. What a neat window, I'm glad you kept it. Looks like an amazing transformation on your kitchen too. I wouldn't have thought to use floor thresholds as backsplash but I think it's a great idea, and I might just borrow it!

  10. Your kitchen is looking fantastic, Suzan! Sing away, it keeps you young. And your blog wouldn't be the same without it!
    Debbie :)

  11. Lovin it Suzan. So pretty. You go girl!!!!!

  12. Your kitchen is amazing - love how it looks, I am so glad that you kept the window. Love all the black paint - really accents the kitchen. Your home is looking so good Suzan.
    Have a great week.
    Have found any squirrels there?

  13. I love your little window! Yes, keep it.

  14. Suzan, That window is a treasure and it opens enough to get a gentle breeze. I hope you will be able to use the bathroom window in the kitchen.
    My daughter lives in an old house in Illinois. It has the old wavy windows. She has debated about keeping and I am so glad the kept them.
    xoxo Ginger

  15. I am super hearting your kitchen!!! Love, love, love it!!! Patty/BC

  16. I love the character given by that little window...sweet. And, hey, how come I never see great finds like that at the Dollar Store.

  17. What a sweet window. I'm glad you kept it and painted it black. I like the cute window covering things on the door. I've never seen them but they are pretty and work for some privacy!

  18. Love the black trim. It adds so much character and charm to your kitchen. The lacy covers on the door windows are as cute as they are functional.

  19. Love the black! That little window is wonderful and I love the kitchen now. You've done so many incredible updates. Not sure why John discourages your singing.....


  20. Quirky little window is darling. The progress you're making is headspinning!

  21. The window looks beautiful. Love the black, and the back door looks fantastic. Love what you did here. You are so very creative, my friend.

    Big hug to my favorite

  22. Hi Suzan!!!!

    AMAZING!!!!...And that's what the hubby said when I showed him the before and after pics.

    Don't you just love dollar stores?!!! Last summer I found faces(eyes, nose, mouth and ears) that you put on trees that were just $2 per face. When I started to put them on our trees, two girls out riding their bikes stopped to look and started to help me. So cute!!!

    Thank you Suzan for having your wonderful Blog!!! It inspires me to do better in my home and sometimes it's the good swift kick in the butt that I need. You are so talented, amazing, creative and most of all A GREAT SINGER!!! LMBO!!!!!!! I love your personality...Of course I do...You were born in Le Belle Province!!! Did I ever tell you how much I love Montreal?!!! (I'm in such a mood today!!!)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and by the way...YOUR VISION FOR YOUR HOME IS AMAZING!!!!!!


  23. I love the sweet little window. I know it's happy you kept it.

  24. Oh your kitchen makes me happy! I just love it. It is so much like the one in my shelving...white and black! Love it...:) You have lovely taste. The door looks those panels. Have a lovely week....Vicky

  25. always. :-) I love it. The sweet window is just that, sweet.

  26. I love how crisp and clean it looks. Tell John to hush, he's disturbing your songs. ;)
    xxx, T.

  27. Holy moly, what a transformation! I You are amazing, Susan...first to have the vision as to what to do, and then to execute it. LOVE that little black window, and plant the lilac bush!

  28. Great call on the black paint! The kitchen already looks SOOO much better! Nice work!

  29. Oh I love that I have been contemplating painting the inside of my front door black and you have sold me on it. Great Job

  30. It's beautiful. You are making such progress on the kitchen. It looks fabulous.

  31. I love your black window and your hanging panels in your door. Keep singing Suzan and it totally counts when you're singing on the inside!

  32. As Danni says keep singing Suzan! That is what makes you special! I love the window. The black is a great contrast. It is looking fabulous.

  33. Cute Cute CUTE!
    and the privacy panels for the back door. Do those come in extra EXTRA Large...I need privacy panels for my house!

  34. Happy noise is good noise. A guy I was once dating had a particularly cranky day and grumbled about how loud the cat was purring. Seriously, dude?

  35. I'm glad you kept that little window, otherwise I would never know it's the same room! May I tell you you (of all people) are a no-reply comment blogger? I found out when I tried to reply to your comment! Thanks for taking the time to visit while you are so busy!

  36. the window is so cute, reading the bloody paper and telling you to keep it down, John isn't looking forward to a long life LOL, I really like the $ store decals that's a great idea. My sister wants to do some furniture painting, I sent her to your blog, she's the second person to ask if I am embarrassed to have you look at my stuff...yeah my family are encouraging LOL

  37. love love love the black trim but your lil make due curtain awesome looks super cute i would totally leave it up love how the new place is coming together awesome job susan

  38. Oh cute! I would have kept that window too, its very charming. I really love a black framed window. Your new place is already looking amazing!

  39. Love black, gives anything a touch of class! Love the window, too cute! Keep singing! Happy hearts sing!

    Happy I found your great blog.

  40. Nicely done Suzan! Lovely new and fresh crispness. Just right for spring. :)

  41. that little black number is so adorable in the kitchen------you don't want to remove it----it adds so much charm.......kind of like a woman getting a facelift----you want to keep enough of the old to know it is still the same old gal.

  42. Love the black window!! I just painted my moldings and doors in my guest room / office black and love it!

  43. Those sweet guys--can't appreciate a great singer when they hear one...Keep on singing, I'm going to join you! You have given me the courage to paint my little bathroom window frame and cabinet black in my yellow tiled, black edged bathroom. The walls above the yellow tile are white, with 12 foot ceilings and I have a small black chandelier in there. Thanks for the great idea!

  44. Love the $ store thingys. Where did you get the Paris mugs?

  45. I love the splash of black. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic project on The Inspiration Board at homework. I featured you in the spotlight!
    homework &

  46. It looks amazing Susan... keep singing sweetheart :)

  47. I love your kitchen! And that window! Oh my!!!
    What an Extraordinary makeover!!

    p.s. I'd love for you to link this up at Project Inspire{d} ~ Our party runs from Monday night to Friday morning.

  48. What a huge difference! Love the new look! Thanks for linking up to Freedom Fridays - we're featuring you at this week's party! It goes live tonight at 8:30 pm EST! Stop by and grab a button if you would like one - and we can't wait to see what you share this week!

  49. I'm so glad you stopped by to share this at Project Inspire{d} really is a stunning makeover!!


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