Thursday, January 23, 2014

Buffet Makeover ( with wallpaper )

Good morning everyone!!!

I wallpapered my kitchen buffet :)

using wallpaper on the back of a hutch

On Tuesday I showed you our buffet HERE - that I couldn't work on because John was very busy doing undercover work for the American Government - ( he still won't admit it to me )

Here it is as it was ( well after it's first transformation a few years ago anyway ) I had started painting the interior with Duck Egg Blue ( ascp ) and then gave up - probably had to paint something for a client you know that old adage - the Shoemaker's kids went without shoes?

As much as I loved the chicken wire - I removed it to keep peace in the house - John was constantly cutting himself on it ( clutzy I think - since I never did - well I may have once or twice but I just sucked it up because it looked nice )

Suzan says - for what?
John says - for removing the weapon you had installed on the doors

And because the kitchen is black and white - and because I had that roll of wallpaper left over from the bedroom ( you can see that makeover HERE btw ) and because Danni from SILO HILL FARM -
whose favorite colors are black and white - DID NOT WANT IT -

I decided to try it out on the back of the buffet :)

Danni told me she has never wallpapered anything in her life -
How is that possible?
Not even ONE botched attempt?
So although I'm absolutely positive the rest of you know how to wallpaper - this one's for Danni - God love her :)

Tools of the trade ( for many years I used to just use the bathtub and a sponge and run up and down the hallway with soaking wet pieces of wallpaper, seriously. and I wallpapered many a wall like that in my youth )
All of these can be bought at Home Depot - or a paint store - they make the job quite effortless

Tools of the trade for wallpapering

and a wallpaper tub ( also from Home Depot )

You simply thread the wall paper under the rod and the whole sheet comes out perfectly wet ( no dreaded dry spots that leave bubbles everywhere )

You measure and precut each piece you'll need and slap it on the surface :)

Painted, wallpapered hutch

Then press out the bubbles going in a diagonal direction first - then up and down  ( have a rag ready - because glue will come out as you do this - a LOT of glue actually )

Next you cut off the excess edges - by using your exacto knife - and " scoring " down firmly along the edge

and then you use the roller to make the seams look " seamless " by pressing firmly and rolling up and down several times

it really does work!!!  ( sometimes better than other times lol )

It made a big difference for the look of the buffet

Black, white, wallpapered hutch

I gave it a fresh coat of white paint - and even got ambitious and painted the inside of the doors
( something I was too lazy to do previously )

and filled it up with a few thotchkes and lots of dishes

wall paper on back of kitchen hutch

My soup tureen ( from the Salvation Army - 25.00 - did they rip me off? ) takes center stage now

accessorizing a hutch

Having lights in it makes for a very pretty " night " light - unfortunately it only lights the top because I installed wood shelves in there ( it didn't come with any shelves at all - but originally they would have
been glass to allow the light to filter through to the bottom )  Glass would, however, be far too fragile for constant every day use with dishes and glasses.

It's served me well - actually very well - since my last kitchen had very few cupboards -

Did I mention that I paid 37.50 for this piece originally?

But that was when it looked like this - I painted it right in place when we got it home !!!

I included it in the sale of our last place - but the new owners didn't want it - maybe it isn't as pretty as I think it is LOL

before - kitchen hutch

One more item checked off for the kitchen - now if only the window would get here - I'd be one happy camper ( oh and the floor - I'm getting ulcers looking at the freaking floor HERE.

Kitchen hutch makeover

Now that I'm looking at the photos I'm thinking the chicken wire should go back on LMHO
He'll kill me -

Have a great Thursday everyone
( Danni - get yourself a piece of plywood and wall paper it lol )

Much love,

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  1. OH, MY!

    Your cabinet is beautiful and you have styled it perfectly.

  2. Love the addition of wallpaper! Oh, I am one that has never wallpapered unless you count adding a border to the top of the wall back in the 80s. (After which my husband said that we would NEVER do anything like that together again!) My dad was the wallpaper expert in our family. I have all of his equipment and now maybe I will know what to do with it. Unless, of course, you would like to make a trip down over the border to the land of the Amish and show me so I am sure!

  3. Um...NOW I want some of that wall paper! I never thought of doing anything else with it but putting in on a wall, which I was clueless about! You are so awesome! Thanks for the shout out AND for the lesson in wallpapering. I might try it. Okay, I will try the spring...with a couple of friends and a lot of wine!! LOL! I pinned this so I have a personal tutorial when I'm feeling brave enough! Your cabinet is lovely and I'm glad John is safe now! XXOOXX

  4. Did you use thin strips of wood on the inside of the doors to cover the sharp edges of the chicken wire? It really shouldn't be too sharp if you cover the edges. It is very pretty with the wallpaper. I love a good black and white room.

  5. Looks GREAT and is perfect in your kitchen!

  6. LOVE the cabinet! I have a thought to "quilt" the top drawer front of the chest I am putting in my daughter's room. By quilt I mean actually using pieces of fabric and liquid starch mixed with a bit of water as the "glue" and then a coat or two of a sealant. What do you think? As I read about the night light in your china cabinet, I thought "oooh, be careful of the heat." I have the same type of china cabinet with the light and over time it gets quite warm and could dry out the glue on the paper quite fast! But of like to wallpaper! ;-)

  7. Love the wallpaper on the hutch, it looks amazing. I am stripping layers and layers of wallpaper in the house I bought, So I am not a fan of wallpaper at the moment. And will probably never allow it in the house. Some rooms have 3 layers aaaaaaaaa. hugs Tobey

  8. That looks fabulous! Great job Suzan!

  9. I love the wall paper backing Suzan! It looks beautiful.

  10. wow wow wow - fabulous! and your kitchen is lovely :)

  11. That is awesome. I'm so excited to see your whole house tour when complete… hint hint!

  12. Such a beautiful piece! Great idea,

  13. So pretty!!!

    Generally, people don't wallpaper in Arizona. It's too dusty and hot. I don't know anyone with wallpaper in their home.

  14. It looks amazing Suzan...another win!!!


  15. Fantastic! That piece makes all the difference in storage. Hang in there.....your new floor will be worth the wait.
    I'm wondering if John walks thru the house not touching anything? He'd never know what you painted that day.......hahahaha!

  16. So pretty Suzan! Loving the wall paper-something I have not tried yet! :)

  17. It looks wonderful! I love the wallpaper and also prefer the doors without the chicken wire.

  18. It was beautiful before, now with the wallpaper it is stunning! But I agree, I like it with the chicken wire.
    I've used wallpaper to line dresser drawers, but haven't put it on walls in years...
    Debbie :)

  19. This came out so great but I am not surprised. What a deal and what a huge transformation. I personally love this piece.


  20. lol You are such a hoot, girl. Always so ambitious and full of energy! Your buffet looks fabulous and so chic! Your house is coming together just beautifully!!! You're going to have to do a bunch of before and after pics when you get everything completed. :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. I love, love this hutch. I am dying to do this to one I have that belonged to a loved one but haven't got up the nerve yet. The wallpaper was the icing on the cake!! Keep up the good work.

  22. Love it! I can't say I like's always challenging - haha, but I think it looks so pretty on the back of that buffet. I think the people who bought your last place missed out - the piece is gorgeous!
    Still no ceramic tiles? How frustrating. I'm looking forward to seeing that and your window!
    I like the chicken wire!

  23. This turned out beautifully! And you've staged it so elegantly. I'm enjoying the new house projects you're focusing on. You're staying busy, but doing such fabulous work. XOXO

  24. All I can say is the folks who bought your hone have no taste! I would have been doing flips to have that piece.....gorgeous!!! Lovin' the wallpaper and everything in it!

    Blessings, Vicky

  25. i loved this hutch from before but now with blk & white im swooning lol luff it great job on its new look

  26. Absolutely amazing! I love it...the wallpaper idea was brilliant.

  27. suzan says- Glass would, however, be far to fragile for constant every day use with dishes and glasses.
    monkey says- add and john at the end of that sentence ...if he can't handle chicken wire which you should put back cover edges with half round ...he would bleed to death cutting himself on glass shelves xx

  28. I love your blog because it is light-hearted and humorous and not solely devoted to "look at my McMansion and how much money I've spent." Those of us who live is small (800 sq. ft.) trailers, can relate to your trials and tribulations; even tho' your decorating style is not mine, and your home is much larger. Somebody needs to do a blog about making a trailer a home on a fixed income (Social Security). Thanks for the laughs.

  29. That is awesome Suzan!! I love the wallpaper, it adds the perfect touch. I'm with Danni, I have never wallpapered either. Unless a border around my son's bedroom counts. ;) Now I need to find something to wallpaper!!

  30. Oh Suzan, I love the wallpaper in your hutch - it looks terrific and what a difference it makes. It looks so good in your kitchen.
    Everything you are doing looks so good and hopefully your window will be delivered soon.
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  31. I think the wall paper really look pretty inside, very elegant. Go ahead put up the chicken wire, John will deal with it, well maybe after a few conversations!

  32. Gorgeous Suzan! I thought it was beautiful without the wallpaper, but with it is so elegant and crisp! You really do have a great eye.

  33. This is beautiful Suzan! Great job - can't believe the difference in this before and after!

  34. I love that piece and what a great use of that leftover wallpaper. I know it is crazy but I used to LOVE to wallpaper. I do think it is coming back- I have seen it in a couple of model homes int the past few months. Lovely!!! xo Diana

  35. The new owners were crazy not to want that piece, but it was meant to be that it stay with you. I loved the chicken wire, but WOW, the wallpaper is gorgeous! Took it from casual to elegant. Confession: I've never wallpapered a thing, either!

  36. I think it's the prettiest piece of furniture I've seen. the wall paper really works! Too bad about the chicken wire... I loved how it looked too.

  37. I wasn't sure of the wallpaper in there but I just gotta say it looks awesome. So very sad to see on the news this morning about the seniors complex burning. I can't imagine how the families of the victims are dealing with this. So tragic :(

  38. It's so beautiful I can't get over how cheap you guys get things for seriously you don't find them for that price here under $40 is amazing

  39. Gorgeous! I think there's a whole new wallpaper supply world out there now...these things were not available when I hung paper. Honestly, you've done a beautiful job on this but please don't put the chicken wire back! I'm with John on this one ~ :)


  40. That is the best $37 piece of furniture I've ever seen! I would leave the chicken wire off so it doesn't distract from the wall paper. It's absolutely stunning just the way it is!

    I would love for you to share some of your lovelies at my link party. The first one is Friday, Jan 31st at Hope to see you there!

  41. Susan...I love the wallpaper addition!! Glad you had a vision for that piece from the beginning. :)

    It would be lovely to have you link it up at our Project Inspire{d} link party at :) Hope to see you there!!

  42. Susan!
    Just visiting from Ivy and Elephants-can't believe it has taken me this long to find you!
    Wow! I love your ingenuity and style-beautiful and a new follower too!

  43. Your hutch turned out fabulous. Love that hubby called your chicken wire a weapon and so it was nice of you to remove it. lol

  44. Great transformation Susan. You've made John happy in the process so a good outcome. :)

  45. this is an amazing transformation. I love the addition of the wallpaper and the chickenwire ~marvelously creative of you.

  46. Hi Suzan!!!!

    I love the wallpaper on the inside!!!!

    I've been looking for a bottom piece for a hutch top that we bought. I love this hutch and would love to find anything near as nice as the bottom for mine!!! What I like about DIY'ers is that we end up with a one of a kind. I hate going into someones place and it looks soooo generic. It's like in the late '70's anyone who was engaged, had the same ring...BORING!!! Nice, but, BORING!!!!

    I like being different with my decor...It's unique as much as I am(Family is still trying to find out where I came from LOL!!!).

    Take care!!!



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