Sunday, January 5, 2014

Final Bedroom Reveal

Well you know it's only temporarily final, right?

I'm constantly changing things out anyway - but for now - when there's so much else to do in this place it really IS a nice respite ( kind of depressing stepping out of it in the morning mind you and being confronted with 8 other rooms that look like crap )

So first of all I painted the walls white - and then I painted the floors white ( after my son and son in law sanded them )

and then I painted out the window frames - which did not go with the vision I had of this room whatsover...............and wallpapered

And then the decorating started.
Ok so now I'm going to start with the photo I used to draw you in lol - of the chair I redid a few years ago - and which I came OHSOCLOSE to redoing a couple of months ago ( before we found this place ) I'm actually thrilled I didn't because it words so perfectly in this room.
I paid 25.00 for it on Craig's List - it was a brown wood chair - and had an orange and green and brown flowered velvet fabric on it - it was horrid.  I painted the entire frame grey and layered it with a white wash - then reupholstered ( and tufted the back with tiny silver buttons ) it in a black silk.
I put a little more grey in it last week so that there would be more contrast in it for this space - but It looks like it was made to go in this room!!!  The basket was a typical colored basket that I spray painted white for the bedroom in our last house.  The sash is overkill I know - I'm looking at it now and it looks like a basket girdle - it's being removed.  Those blankets inside the basket are Soda's - she sleeps on our bed - so one of them get laid down on top of our blankets before she hops into bed :)
I think they were 2.00 each at Ikea

For those of you that have been following this renovation job - a lot of these photos are going to be repeats - sorry about that!

I don't have an " even " space for end tables beside the bed - because the window is not completely centered - and if I had to try to center things out visually - I at least wanted the window to be centered to the bed.  I'm not sure I'll live with those tables for long - but for now it enables us to have a lamp on either side. ( I may install " swing " wall lamps on either side eventually ) but we're big readers so lighting off each side was a must.

Most of you have seen my nook ( and most of you know that I'm having a bench with cushions made - making it a real reading nook )

But you didn't see the little carpet I found to go there

I spray painted the wreath black

John says - Did you paint the bloody wreath?
Suzan says - Yes I did - I like it better now
John says - It looks like it belongs in a funeral parlor
Suzan says - PERFECT - save it for mine - thanks

The cupboard doors were brown bifold doors - I simply painted them white

and because it was too complicated to adjust regular glass door knobs - I used large glass drawer knobs that I only had to screw in

this is the only before I can find

I added some bling to the cupboard wall with this sconce I've had for years now

and I place my Paris sign on the opposite side ( which Julie from Follow your heart wood working made for me )  she does incredible custom signs - if you haven't seen what she does - visit her please - you'll want to order something :)

On the opposite wall of the cupboards I hung up two black and white prints I also had on hand

You really don't need to know how many holes I may or may not have made in the freshly painted wall to get them to hang even -
You don't even have to know that I actually used a measuring tape and still was off by an inch a couple of times - but I'll tell you anyway

anyway - they look even

I KNOW I had three of them once upon a time - must have given one of them away - if anyone knows who inherited it - can I have it back?  Please?  Thank you.................

I put the black and white dresser ( that I painted while packing ) in the room

I'm only showing you a part of it because it has a t.v. sitting on it - and I can't move it just yet since it's the only place in the house we can actually watch it from :)

But here's a photo of it that I took when I painted it - use your imagination a little lol - it really does work lol

( the funny thing is I painted it with the hopes of making it a Kitchen Island - but you know how things change ) You can see that makeover HERE 
Ok - what else?

Oh and then of course there's my ceiling light - found at Costco - while looking for shower doors -
I came home with the light - and no shower doors.................

I also found a black velour blanket / throw for 20.00 that I placed on the bench at the foot of the bed
Again, not sure about this

I always use black pillow cases for sleeping on - because I can't stand how dirty white ones get so quickly ( I shouldn't admit that, right?  No one likes to think of dirty pillows ) but they DO get dirty fast lol - so I've mixed white ones with them - which are the ones we DON'T use.
The " bird " pillows I've had a while - they were in the living room in the last house - and will be put on the reading bench in the nook when it's done - for now they're ok on the bed

and that's about it folks - my new bedroom -



Costs involved were as follows:

Curtains for nook ( I already had the ones in front of the bed )
( someone asked me for the exact color code - but I had already thrown out the packaging - and believe it or not I went through half the garbage before giving up - sorry about that - but they're from Target - and they're kind of a champagne color )
29.00 a panel - so 60.00

Overhead light - from Costco

Wallpaper - 49.99 a roll - ( I only needed 6 inches from the second roll - $*$(*&@ ) so

Primer for the floor - I used Zinsser Cover Stain -
30.00 x 2 ( It took 2 quarts ) 

Behr - Porch and Floor paint -

Rustoleum ( can - not spray - ) black for windows

Black " throw "

Small round rug

The rental of a floor sander ( if you rent it on a Saturday - it allows you 2 days for the price of one - since they're closed on Sundays )  It would have been far more cost effective to do more than one room at a time - but it just wasn't possible in this case - so I'll be renting it again next weekend for the office and the upstairs landing -

A Son and Son-in-law willing to do it for free - PRICELESS

So the total cost for this bedroom comes to just under 600.00 dollars - 
I did most of my " shopping " from items I already had on hand.

And this post might have taken longer to write up than the actual makeover did LMHO

The dream of an all white house is slowly becoming a reality except by the time I'm finished I'll probably be ready to change it out and add color !!!

Now I'm going to jump into bed - curl up - and watch DOWNTON ABBEY!!!

You all have a wonderful Monday -
Much love, ( can you tell I like this photo? )


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  1. Everything turned out beautifully. It's cozy and warm and sophisticated at the same time. I love all the little glam details like the knobs and light fixture. Wonderful!

  2. can cross this off your list (most of it anyway). It is just gorgeous, Suzan! I think the black is such a nice accent and I never would have thought so until I saw this room. Just the perfect touches. It's amazing how white paint can make things look new again. The floors are fabulous and I love the dresser. I can't wait to see more!!


  3. Looks like a room in an upscale hotel! Love it that I'm included there with my Paris artwork... that is so COOL.

  4. Oh so beautiful, $600 WOW! I want that light wonder if Costco has it here!

  5. Amazing! It looks really beautiful Suzan! You have done a really great job on this remodel. I like the black and white scheme and the ceiling light is fantastic! Have a great week ahead.

  6. Looking good! Going white with the 'permanent' stuff allows changing out the soft goods with colour whenever the mood strikes. Just my 2 cents.

  7. It turned out just gorgeous Suzan! The painted floor is such a great base for everything. Love the bits of bling. $600?!! That's sooo fabulous! I just finished watching Downton. It's one of my favourite shows.

  8. Wow, Suzan! You did a fabulous job. I love your nook, as well as the curtains you chose. Your bed is pretty, too. The comment about where John can put the wreath is hilarious. XOXO

  9. Oh, Suzan! You are getting there. It looks wonderful so far. I know you have been working in overdrive but just think, by the time it is warm and you want to work outside you will be done with the inside. Hang in there-you are doing a great job- xo Diana

  10. O Suzan, it looks terrific. The bedroom turned out so nice, I really like it. My spring you will be done and can relax outside in your garden. Love the black in the bedroom.

  11. Wow! Suzan that is one gorgeous bedroom! (You know I adore black and white!) I love that painted floor and the shadows that new light throws out are beautiful. I'm so glad you have a sanctuary in the midst of your chaos. I'm also plenty envious...I'm still a long way from having even one room finished. You are an inspiration and Lord knows I could use one right now! Oh...and seeing your pretty sconce, reminds me that I have a pair that I won from you last year and soon I'll have a place to put them! Nice job Suzan....everything you touch turns to beautiful!

  12. Beautiful Suzan! Love your bird pillows, such a sweet touch and works so well with your walls. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  13. The final results not only look beautiful but comfortable as well! I know how happy you must be to have at least this room mostly finished

  14. Way to go, Suzan! I love it. The bird pillows on the bed look like they're part of a collection with the wallpaper. I love throws, so the black looks great IMO. Laughed at your comment on how it probably took longer to write the post than do the makeover - isn't that the truth?? Your funeral will look great with the wreath - go for white satin interior, with black satin pillow, of course! ;)

  15. Wow! This looks like a "Better Homes and Garden" piece. So beautiful! You really need to submit your before and after photos to some of those popular home improvement magazines. You are so talented and creative!

  16. What a difference paint makes!! great job!

  17. You must be thrilled to have a safe haven from all the construction chaos! Does it feel like home yet? I hope so. You are making it your own and it's amazing how quickly it's all coming together. I'm laughing at the black pillowcases...only because we can't have anything black in our house due to the dog hair. I don't even wear black clothing. LOL I'm very proud of you for bringing so much of yourself to this new/old house and before you know it, it will be Suzannah-fied from top to bottom and a real home to you and John. Hug that sweet boy of yours and his friends, too. They make a great team. Amazing! xoxo

  18. It is awesome, just like I knew it would be, and I love the nook!

  19. it looks beautiful...soft and inviting...and I love Downton Abby!!!

  20. You work a whole lot faster than I do!! But then, it just has to be the age...I'm older!! It looks great and I hope it is WARM. It's upstairs, right? So the heat rises. Can you tell I'm cold at the moment? It's cold here!! Below zero, F.♥♫

  21. Love how you made the room so sophisticated without taking away the homey feel. Beautiful!

  22. $600?!!! Are you kidding me? this room looked like it's worth a fortune!!! LOVE it Suzan! You are a real magician! Now for the best part - ENJOY!

  23. I hope you realize how much fun it is for us to witness these transformations as they happen. I am so impressed.
    I too think the bird pillows look so coordinated with the wallpaper.
    How how how do you spray paint in the winter? I really need to know.

  24. It looks beautiful, Suzan. Perfect spot to get cozy and watch Downton Abbey. xo Laura

  25. It looks FABULOUS, Suzan! Love your choices!!

  26. Suzan, your bedroom is FANTASTIC!!!!! As soon as I saw the picture pop up, I said I LOVE that chair!! So pretty. I hope it isn't getting colder then it was the other day. Stay warm.


  27. I love black & white and your room is gorgeous!!! So many elements that I covet ~ :) the little black lamp, the sconce, the nook and oh my, that chair!! The nook is absolutely wonderful and I can only imagine how much you'll enjoy it!


  28. It looks great Suzan! The before and after pics don't look like the same room!

  29. Given what they said on Tv about North America's temperatures, I hope you're staying safe and warm in your gorgeous bedroom. And how many times do I have to tell you not to drink before you try to hang frames evenly?

  30. Wow, I just love how the bedroom turned out, Suzan. It`gorgeous. And that chair: bring it here. Love it.

    Big hug from here

  31. Oh Susan it is gorgeous and certainly a sanctuary for you to go to at night away from the other rooms. It is absolutely beautiful. Great job. Just love it all.

  32. Your bedroom is wonderful, Suzan! You are truly putting your own special touch on everything.

  33. This is so incredibly beautiful! Love the transformation and love how you tell the story of pulling it all together. Fab!

  34. Sigh, it's just beautiful, Suzan! Love your chair, love the nook, love it all! Peaceful and serene. What a difference!

  35. Holy moly, all looks fabulous!!!! Right out of a chic magazine!!!! And fav is the pic of the awesome chair. :)

    xoox laurie

  36. Wow, what a transformation! Wouldn't ya just love to have the former owners take a peek at that. The built in nook will be the icing on the cake!

  37. Hi Suzan!!!!


    Did you mention the branches by the closet? He-he........What did John have to say about that? I love your reading nook the it is, but, I know it's going to look fabulous with your new bench!!!!! Love, love, and did I mention, 'I love your chair!!!!' I wish I could get one here for that price!!!

    Were the previous owners the original owners? Love what you did to the stairway!!!

    Great work woman!!!!

    Have a great week!!!


  38. just gorgeous! I love a white floor but I think I'll have to wait until the kiddos are grown to try it. It all looks so cozy and pretty!

  39. What a difference! Looks great. The bird pillows are too cute!

  40. Just beautiful. I would live in here. I don't know what my favorite is. We are also in the process of redoing our master bedroom. I hope ours turns out as nice as yours. I'm a new follower and I found you via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Love the bird pillows and the light fixture!

  41. Your room looks just beautiful. What a huge difference. Would love for you to come and share this at my Winter Blues Wednesday party.

  42. Beautiful, Suzan! Your bedroom transformation is amazing.

  43. All that hard work has totally paid off!! Gorgeous!

  44. I bet it's nice to have one room that resembles done. I love that wallpaper and the ceiling fixture! Are you pleased with how the Behr floor/porch paint performed?

  45. The bedroom looks amazing you did a fabulous job. Love that light fixture I would have come home with that too and that cute little rug. Everything looks so beautiful, quite the difference from the before pictures. I can not believe all that you have accomplished in such a short time. Must feel nice to have the bedroom finished and you can go in and shut the door to the rest of the caos . Tell me do you ever rest lol hugs Tobey

  46. stunning fabulous all that and a bag of chips lol love how the bedroom turned out

  47. your room looks fantastic!

    i adore that black and white wallpaper

    and that sparkly little sconce?

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded this week!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)

  48. Great changing , it's very nice ! :)

  49. Very pretty, Suzan! You did a great job. Love that chair. What a difference from the before picture!

  50. Wow! What a makeover! I love the window seat area, and that wreath is awesome. The sconce is just the right bling, and I adore those bird pillows. Beautiful!!

  51. Reeaaally love the birds on a wire!! ;)

  52. Beautiful Susan! That wallpaper is just gorgeous and Im loving the black and white!

  53. So, so, sooo awesome!!! Thaanks for linking it up at Monday Funday! A seriously WONDERFUL makeover!

  54. Your bedroom looks beautiful. I love the idea of an all white house----for others. If I tried that I would have to poke myself with a stick in my eye to bleed and put some color around...tee hee.....It always looks so beautiful in everyone else's homes......maybe having four kids close in age helped me stay out of the all white arena.. I can't wait for all the other rooms to be finished......

  55. ohmygosh, this is gorgeous, Suzan!!! I LOVE a painted wood floor, so many other fabulous touches!! great job!

  56. Your room is lovely, let me ask you this though... Is your bed frame white or lt. gray? And is your bed spread white? I ask because I bought a white matelassé spread for my bed thinking I was bringing my mahogany bedroom set to the beach house and turns out we bought a beachy looking white wooden bedroom set and am now concerned about having white on white... My walls are Dover Gray ( kind of a bluish gray) and my drapes are a dusty blue gray velvet like panels from Target (of course). I have ideas of just adding pillows with colors and texture to the bed to take away from the white syndrome.

    1. Thanks so much - AND my walls are white - the bed is white and the linens are white and I'm really liking the monotone theme ( for now lol ) I have pops of black here and there !
      Your bedroom sounds gorgeous !

  57. Wow looks amazing I love black, white and silver together planning on doing my bedroom like that .except I would love a crystal chandelier over my bed found a beautiful one at home depot for 99.00 I told my husband I want that for my B-day in July .:)

  58. Wow, wow and did I say wow?! I love your solution of using two different sized bedside tables. it all looks wonderful. Hugs!


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