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Monday, November 24, 2014

Painted & Paisley Stencilled floor

Paisley Painted Floor

What do you do when your budget will not allow you to get new floors in a room where the floors desperately need to be changed?

Well you get down on your knees and pray
And while you're down there you grab a tin of paint - a roller - and a stencil.
Multi tasking ladies - it's all about multi tasking.

I first gave the floor 2 coats of a deep grey -with Behr patio and porch paint.
The floors were practically varnish free so I didn't even bother priming this time ( plus I was going with a dark color - I would never have attempted this with a light color )
NOTE:  If there are traces of varnish on your floor you MUST prime - ( or remove it entirely )

AND you're only allowed to look at the floor - nothing else - because this entire room was/is a work in process ( that's still not quite finished by the way - but pic monkey takes care of that )
Between installing a plank wall - making built ins - shutter window coverings and the floor - I was all over the place in this room
Anyway I painted 2 coats - allowing each one to dry for 24 hours

You can purchase the stencil through  Cutting Edge Stencil  ( I was not paid to do this post but thought I'd provide a link in case anyone wants to attempt this ! )
Here's the stencil ( s ) the large one - and the small one on top is to edge it off.

And so I started - this is far easier than you could imagine - time consuming - actually very time consuming - but super easy.

(You can see that the board seams almost disappear with the pattern)

Where I've indicated the arrows are where the " repeat " is for the pattern - simply placing the stencil so that part is covered allows you to continue on your next " stretch "

Paisley stencilled floor

Like this

Now most people use craft paint when painting with a stencil -
I chose to use Behr Porch and Patio paint ( which is the only product I use when I paint floors )
So the paint was a little thicker -
To make sure I didn't get any bleed through - I would paint 1 section ( the size of the stencil ) and then hang it up to dry LOL

20 minutes or so and I was ready to use it again -
Also note, eventually the paint will get thick on the stencil - any paint - and it has to be washed ( otherwise it will compromise the pattern.)
Craft paint can simply be washed off with soapy water - what I did was peel it off - which was quite easy -
I'd scrape an end a little and simply peel it off in long strips
I only had to do this twice for the entire floor.

You don't have to have an ounce of talent to do this project - only patience.
Oh, and a stencil

and a small sponge roller and tray
roll out the barrel roller and remove as much of the paint from it as possible

And scott towels or such to roll out even more of the excess

It probably took me a week or so to do this -
( mostly because I was working on other things in this fixer upper at the same time )
But I'm thrilled with the outcome

We've since added a white sofa ( Ektorp - Ikea ) into the space and I LOVE how the white sofa highlights the white paisley

Last night while we were watching t.v. in there

Suzan says - Don't you love the floor?
John says - You've asked me that at least 3 times every night since you finished
Suzan says - I have?
John says - Yes - and I keep telling you I like it
Suzan says - Well that's the problem then - it's not registering - you can't just like it John - you have to love it

We had to remove 2 layers of carpets - 2 layers of linoleum - and one layer of what appeared to be rotting cardboard and then scrape for days - what a sickening job these floors have been in this house - truly - I've never seen anything like it and I hope to never bear witness to anything like it again in my lifetime.............

Cost for this makeover:

Stencil - 54.95
Paint - ( grey - I had the white on hand ) 34.95

I put a coat of Polyurethane on top for protection - and that's it -
A lot cheaper than new floors, right?

We each have our own ottoman in front of the couch - I had to move one so that you could actually see the floor - the room's small so really only the edges show - but I'm still liking what little I get to see LOL

Have a wonderful day everyone !
From me to you

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

SO close...................................

painted & stencilled floor - paisley pattern

Oh my poor aching knees LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone

Hopefully this will be finished sometime this week to show you all - in the meantime I'll just bore you to death with progress !

More details to come when I'm finally up off my knees and can call this room done

Painted & stencilled floor - paisley design

Much love,

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painted floors Part Deux

Hi All!
Most of you know I live in a 100 year old Victorian Row House....................
Full of character?  check
Full of charm?  check
Full of history?  check
Full of sunlight?  nope - can't check that box off
The middle and back end have a " courtyard " type of thing where the building stops being connected
to the neighbours - and because it's a " courtyard " type of thing it makes our bedroom - which is smack in the middle of this " courtyard " type of thing very dark.
When I decided to paint the bedroom floor it was to cover up the ridiculous job that had been done prior to our living here ( see HERE ) I never thought for a moment it would brighten up the room as much as it's done
It's still, not by a long shot, flooded with light but it feels a lot brighter none the less.

paintied floor, white, polyurethane, behr,

I'm in the process of painting our dressers white - because I am determined to fool mother nature at her own
game ( plus deal with the shade from that " courtyard " type of thing )
Looking much better, isn't it?  I was going to paint the walls - but now that I see the white against the blue I'm liking the it's staying and it's one less job for me to do.
I'm hoping to have the house back in order for Monday morning - and I've reached that point -
You know the one just before total despair at the monumental task you've taken on - and the moment
you realize you absolutely positively made the right choice?
Yeah, that one - that's where I'm at.....................
And boy, does it feel good!
Pretty soon I'm going to need sunglasses to walk in there :) despite that " courtyard " type of thing......................
I'm on the computer till 7 a.m. - I am soooo behind on replying to emails - and then I'm computer free for the rest of the day - HAVE to get organized here!  Yesterday I truly felt like one of those people from Hoarders as I was rummaging through dresser drawers in the living room looking for a pair of clean underwear............
Have a great Saturday

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