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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sometimes I feel like a Mule Skinner - sideboard makeover


Music inspires me - ALL music - Jazz - Rock 'n Roll - Rock - Folk - Gospel - Reggae and Country - I love it all - which is why I try desperately to infuse you with lyrics that get stuck in your head all day.
( you're welcome )

I woke up yesterday morning - and belted out Good Mornin' Captain !!!

John says - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SCREECHING FOR?  as he buries his head under the blankets

Suzan says - I'm yodelling

John says - That's NOT yodeling - who do you think you are Julie Andrews?

Suzan says - Julie Andrews yodelled?

John says - Yeah - when she was escaping the mountains with all those kids

Suzan says - Oh - that's not the type of yodelling I'm doing..................

John says - Well it's horrid - can you stop please?  Because you're NO Julie Andrews!

Suzan says - Well you're no MERLE HAGGARD - as I scream out Hee Hee Ha Ha Hey Hey .....

Suzan says - I feel like an old Mule Skinner - so no I don't think I will stop

John says - What in God's name is a Mule Skinner?

Suzan says - Someone who keeps Mules in line - so it's very appropriate

John grew up on classical hymns - I grew up with Mule Skinner Blues -

And if I can appreciate and love " Were you there when they crucified my Lord "

Well .....................then he should learn to appreciate a little Hee Hee Hee ha ha HEY HEY -

don't you think?

You should see how quickly I can paint a piece of furniture listening to this kind of music blasting.

John says - When you're finished - could you make me a tea please...............

Suzan says - dancing out of the room - Sure - I'll bring the buck buck bucket down - whah whah whah


John says - Just one morning - I'd give anything for just ONE NORMAL MORNING...................

John yells - You ARE NOT playing that music outside in the summer !!!!!!!

( I had an Uncle that sang this to absolute perfection -

Bonus points if any of you knew which song I was talking about

And this is what I painted ( mostly to this type of music ) You can hate it but you can't deny it's energy
Man can this song get me going - seriously !  If you're at work DON'T blast this - if you're at home, go for it - this songs needs to be LOUD

Another treasure found on CL -
Solid?  Yes
Functional? Yes
Boring ?  Yes

I decided this needed to be lightened up - too dark and foreboding - it came from a Church and it looks like it's about to give a sermon on Fire and Brimstone - and it smells of incense like you wouldn't believe...............A good dose of shallac can take care of the odor ( or 2 ) and a good painting can take care of the rest :)

I painted it with Annie Sloan's Old White - and added a little detail to the doors -

Then I distressed - using a sander and by hand until it was just the way I wanted it

I painted the handles in place ( pulling an Annie Sloan here )

Then I decided to add a little to the inside!

I did the stripes in different directions for even more of a little surprise

I like the little bit of wood showing in them - because that's the only place any wood is left on her!

Here's one I did a couple of years ago - aren't they fun?

ok - back to the buffet

I painted the interior cupboards with a pale yellow I had on hand ( just latex paint, shhhh, so I'll have to seal it with some polyurethane )

and while that was drying - I attacked the doors

She wants to show you her backside ( something she could NEVER do in Church )

( that's why the lady is a tramp  ♪♫♪♪  )

how many songs can I fit into one post?  ohhh probably just about as much as the nonsense I can fill it with.

Well...................♪ she never picked cotton  like her Mama did - and her Brother did and her Sister did and her Daddy died young  ( working in the coal mine ) ♪




John says - Oh look, there's a line outside
Suzan says - Huh?
Suzan says - Don't tell me - An electric wire's down?
John says - No - A LINE - For your performance

LMHO - really - he keeps me in stitches!

I just put it on full blast as I'm getting ready to sign off - John immediately got up from his desk and left the office - mumbling something about living in a madhouse.............
Soda promptly followed him.
The two of them need to lighten up.

Cha cha cha !

P.S. - I'm giggling here by myself picturing some of your horrified reactions to Mule Skinner Blues -
really - LMHO -
This is the type of thing that keeps me blogging LOL
Have a great day :)

P.S.S. and if you want to see the controversy that painting furniture can stir up - check out my post on Hometalk HERE - whoa there's some angry people out there !

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another coffee table makeover

Hello !  ( is it me you're looking for ? )

Ok before I type up this post - I have to tell you this -

I had this piece of hair ( bangs? ) that kept getting in my eyes all day - and I kept blowing it out of the way - finally I tried to clip it all back - but this hair kept falling into my eye - it was just a strand - just one single piece of hair - but it wasn't growing out of the top of my head.
It's happening - I'm becoming a witch - just waiting for a wart to sprout out on my nose..............

Here we go -
which wicked witch made a coffee table switch

This table is huge - think dining room table with short legs ...............seating for 8 easily

Perfect spot for a cauldron actually ( but alas it's not mine )

After cleaning it with TPS - this lady took 3 coats of paint

after 3 coats and finito !

a little sanding here

and there

 LOVE the " pitting " that was already on the table top

It now looks like the paint has worn off after many many decades of cleaning - updated but keeping the look of an older piece ( which it is NOT by the way  - this is clearly a reproduction piece )

Annie Sloan chalk paint - old white - 3 coats
Annie Sloan clear wax

And not only is it hard to get rid of things that I do - it's now getting hard to give things back things that don't even belong to me !!!!!!!!
It's far too big for this place and yet ...................
I want it LOL

Have a good day my pretties -
I've got some serious plucking to do

Much love


If I have to become a witch - I want to be her

not the one below ( sorry - most of you won't know this particular witch - but she's the premier of my province AND I don't like her OR her politics - which are so divisive that she has neighbors hating neighbors - family members arguing with family members - communities distancing themselves with communities.
People screaming at people on the streets to PARLE FRANCAIS - people screaming back - THIS IS CANADA - I'LL SPEAK ENGLISH IF I WANT - awful - really just an awful time in this province's history and very very heartbreaking to be a witness to it all.  Civic unrest is in the air.  People that once switched back and forth from either language now stubbornly refuse to speak the other.  It's like a modern day West Side Story - except without the choreography.
I know you have your problems in the States - but really - I'd take yours any day of the week over what's happening here right now.  We have an election in a couple of weeks - and though she's trying to make this a secular state ( no religious symbols allowed to be worn by government employees AND hoping employers will ban it in the private sectors too ) I can guarantee you there will be a LOT OF PRAYING going on for the next week or so - one big fat hell of a lot - that she's voted out of power.
She's the head of a Separatist party - hell bent on removing Quebec from Canada.
If people can't speak French it's their problem.
If people can't speak English it's their problem.
If people want to wear a cross - or a scarf - or a kippah it shouldn't be any of the governments
Other then the garb that covers the complete body and face - for safety purposes - I could care less what people wear or believe.
It's a different world now - something a lot of people have a very difficult time with - but until we learn to embrace the new way - we are hell bent to live one miserable existance.
I don't see such a difference in a government that MAKES people wear religious symbols - and a government that MAKES them take it off.
You can't - you simply cannot - leglislate RESPECT - you have to earn it Madame -
Ask Putin .........................

I may or may not be arrested for calling her a witch in English instead of French - so this next sentence is for her

MADAME MAROIS - VOUS ETES UNE SORCIERE  (by law - all French words have to be larger than English words - think I'm joking?  )

I'm counting on all of you guys bailing me out - if and when I'm arrested for this  ( think I'm joking? )

In the meantime - I'm working on a musical - entitled, what else?
QUEBEC - THE MUSICAL..............
I wonder if these guys are still available?

And if I have any Separatists that follow me - and who may be offended by this - well you can simply
SEPARATE from my blog - no referendum required to do so.

Please keep in mind this is not about French People - or English People - this is about a government and the percentage of people who voted them in.  The French and English - for the most part - get along incredibly well - there are many many French people in my world whom I love dearly -
The Government?
Not so much

Party Time !!!

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