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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another coffee table makeover

Hello !  ( is it me you're looking for ? )

Ok before I type up this post - I have to tell you this -

I had this piece of hair ( bangs? ) that kept getting in my eyes all day - and I kept blowing it out of the way - finally I tried to clip it all back - but this hair kept falling into my eye - it was just a strand - just one single piece of hair - but it wasn't growing out of the top of my head.
It's happening - I'm becoming a witch - just waiting for a wart to sprout out on my nose..............

Here we go -
which wicked witch made a coffee table switch

This table is huge - think dining room table with short legs ...............seating for 8 easily

Perfect spot for a cauldron actually ( but alas it's not mine )

After cleaning it with TPS - this lady took 3 coats of paint

after 3 coats and finito !

a little sanding here

and there

 LOVE the " pitting " that was already on the table top

It now looks like the paint has worn off after many many decades of cleaning - updated but keeping the look of an older piece ( which it is NOT by the way  - this is clearly a reproduction piece )

Annie Sloan chalk paint - old white - 3 coats
Annie Sloan clear wax

And not only is it hard to get rid of things that I do - it's now getting hard to give things back things that don't even belong to me !!!!!!!!
It's far too big for this place and yet ...................
I want it LOL

Have a good day my pretties -
I've got some serious plucking to do

Much love


If I have to become a witch - I want to be her

not the one below ( sorry - most of you won't know this particular witch - but she's the premier of my province AND I don't like her OR her politics - which are so divisive that she has neighbors hating neighbors - family members arguing with family members - communities distancing themselves with communities.
People screaming at people on the streets to PARLE FRANCAIS - people screaming back - THIS IS CANADA - I'LL SPEAK ENGLISH IF I WANT - awful - really just an awful time in this province's history and very very heartbreaking to be a witness to it all.  Civic unrest is in the air.  People that once switched back and forth from either language now stubbornly refuse to speak the other.  It's like a modern day West Side Story - except without the choreography.
I know you have your problems in the States - but really - I'd take yours any day of the week over what's happening here right now.  We have an election in a couple of weeks - and though she's trying to make this a secular state ( no religious symbols allowed to be worn by government employees AND hoping employers will ban it in the private sectors too ) I can guarantee you there will be a LOT OF PRAYING going on for the next week or so - one big fat hell of a lot - that she's voted out of power.
She's the head of a Separatist party - hell bent on removing Quebec from Canada.
If people can't speak French it's their problem.
If people can't speak English it's their problem.
If people want to wear a cross - or a scarf - or a kippah it shouldn't be any of the governments
Other then the garb that covers the complete body and face - for safety purposes - I could care less what people wear or believe.
It's a different world now - something a lot of people have a very difficult time with - but until we learn to embrace the new way - we are hell bent to live one miserable existance.
I don't see such a difference in a government that MAKES people wear religious symbols - and a government that MAKES them take it off.
You can't - you simply cannot - leglislate RESPECT - you have to earn it Madame -
Ask Putin .........................

I may or may not be arrested for calling her a witch in English instead of French - so this next sentence is for her

MADAME MAROIS - VOUS ETES UNE SORCIERE  (by law - all French words have to be larger than English words - think I'm joking?  )

I'm counting on all of you guys bailing me out - if and when I'm arrested for this  ( think I'm joking? )

In the meantime - I'm working on a musical - entitled, what else?
QUEBEC - THE MUSICAL..............
I wonder if these guys are still available?

And if I have any Separatists that follow me - and who may be offended by this - well you can simply
SEPARATE from my blog - no referendum required to do so.

Please keep in mind this is not about French People - or English People - this is about a government and the percentage of people who voted them in.  The French and English - for the most part - get along incredibly well - there are many many French people in my world whom I love dearly -
The Government?
Not so much

Party Time !!!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Shabby Chic Coffee Table!

Good mornin' - Good mornin'
rainbows are shining through
Good Mornin'
Beunos Dias
to you!!!

I'm posting this because I feel bad that I haven't shown a furniture makeover
in awhile - and Dee asked me what was going on ( slave driver ) 
So I'm still only going to announce the winner on Monday 
  I'm out the door in a few minutes,
if that's ok with you ( she asked, wondering what she would do exactly if you said it wasn't) 

Ready to see what a little paint, Gel Transfer and an image from the Graphics Fairy can do to a boring dated table?
Okay - then I'll show you

french provincial, coffee table, before, paint, ascp

                                                                                TA DA!!!!!!!!!

coffee table, makeover, before, after, shabby chic, gel transfer

coffee table, makeover, artisan enhancements transfer gel, transferring, image

shabby chic, coffee table, white, transferred graphic, graphics fairy, ascp,

French Shabby Chic - I feel like having une petite morceau de chocolat .....................

french graphic, shabby chic, coffee table, transformation, before, after, white,

Crazy day tomorrow - and Saturday - and Sunday - and Monday - and - well you get the picture -
BUT - doing what I love to do - so it's okay.

Winner and tutorial Monday morning :)

Have a great Friday all!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

And I'd like to keep this too, please

Well the disorder continues - day after day - without any sign of abating whatsoever -
Is there medication for this?
I don't think there's any in Canada - but maybe you guys have something in the States 
that can help me out?  We could smuggle it in with a can of ASCP and no on would be the wiser..................

Ok on to today's post.

Remember this beauty?

And this is really where I sometimes get too smug and think I'm some kind of pro or something - the visions are flying around in my head and the excitement starts to build and I'm practically doing a happy dance all over the place.  Who do I think I am?  Really?  I'm just a " Suzan "............and every now and then things happen to remind me of that. 
I wanted to do a reverse stecilled table top on this - like I did with the Anne of Green Gables dresser - with different shades of grays - 
In comes one tin of Martha Stewart oops paint - a beautiful charcoal gray - now keep in mind I really only at this point use ASCP - so.......................completely not thinking I paint the entire surface with this beautiful paint WITHOUT PRIMING OR SANDING - because that's something I so rarely have to do anymore.

doesn't the contrast against the white look pretty?
Next I painstakingly applied the floral stickers.......................

than painted over the entire surface with Paris Grey ( annie sloan ) 
then very very carefully peeled away the stickers to reveal this

and this

OMG - really Suzan?
Can you really be that stupid?
You betcha!

John says - What now?
Suzan says - Before you come in - I'm warning you that if you shake your head and tell me " I told you so "
I'll completely break down into uncontrollable tears - DO NOT COME HERE UNTIL YOU PROMISE ME YOU'LL HELP ME OUT WITHOUT A SCENE
John says - I think you're overreacting ( but he can sense my despair and very kindly says ) anything can be fixed ( which is NOT his typical response btw ) 
Suzan says - Ok come in - you're simply the best you know - I don't know what I would
John interrupts - What the hell happened here?
Suzan says - I didn't prime the table so the paint didn't take
John says - Well I don't understand - why would you skip such a crucial step?
Suzan says - I messed up - it happens you know - I'm not perfect 
John says - Why the hell do you always have to go one step too far anyway - what's with the flowers - if I've told you once I've told
Suzan interrupts - YOU MADE A PROMISE - ok get out - with my finger pointing out of the room - 
John says - You know you're getting an artist's temperment, you know that right?
Suzan says - I'm NOT an artist, I'm just a " Suzan "
John says - ok - what do you want me to do?
Suzan says - Could you sand the entire surface down for me honey bunny schnookums?
John says - I'm getting fed up of this - it's happening too often - I just wish you'd THINK before you start these projects....................FLOWERS DON'T BELONG ON COFFEE TABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do your blogger friends know where you keep the sander? No I didn't think so!  You don't tell them that I have to crawl under the dining room table to a box you keep under there and dig through it to find the sander, do you? You don't tell them I crack my head every single time, do you?  

Thank God he doesn't read my blog - because he would kill me if he knew I posted this photo LOL
But because he really is simply the best - he took it outside and sanded the top down - brought it back in - plunked it down in front of me and

John says - Here you go Picasso, a blank canvas - please, though, keep all things botanical off of it.

So - starting all over again - it's gonna be rough - so rough - but we're gonna make it

Agghhh - get that bloody flower away from me - I'm sickened by it now
This time I painted the top with COCO ascp - and the base in Behr "paint and primer in one"
and left some of the details peeking through

Then I applied dark wax to the top and buffed and buffed and buffed until I had this

Suzan says - I'd like to keep this - it fits in our living room better then the one we have now
John says - Oh please don't start this again Suzan
Suzan says - Well I'll just sell the one we have for the same price I would have asked for this one - no difference is there

So - now this one is for sell lol

Far too big and chunky for this small room ( thank god we no longer have a basement - because it would stay as well ) 

Stay tuned for the next disaster I had last week - you won't believe it!

Meanwhile I'm going to sit on the chair - with a good book - and a cup of tea - and put my feet up on this

Have a great supercalifragilisticispialidocious kind of Sunday

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