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Monday, August 31, 2015

Haddon Hall Dresser ( French Provincial Makeover )

Painted French Provincial Dresser

You have no idea what I went through to get these pics.................
Last week I casually mentioned to John that a lot of people take photographs of their pieces outside - and that I'd wished I could do that since our spaces are small and dark ( ish )

John says - Well why don't we do that then?
John says - It makes perfect sense
Suzan says - Oh - I never wanted to ask you because I figured you'd flip out
John says - Why do you always make me out to look that way?
John says - Just ask - I'll help you - no problem


So I scurried around yesterday to try to have it done before sundown

Painted Dresser

Trying to beat the clock so quickly that I didn't finish waxing the skirting or one side - it was now or never

Suzan says - John do you think you could help me bring the dresser outside to take photos?
Suzan says - We talked about this last week - you said to just ask  you !
John says - Well I'm in the middle of a show
Suzan says - It's going to get too dark soon
Suzan says - You said it made sense to do it !
John says - You always pick the worst moment possible !

But every moment is the worst moment possible - I can't win.

He wouldn't help me carry it to the back - so most of the pics have an ugly asphalt street behind them

John says - You're going to play with your monkey anyway
W.T.H. ???
It takes a moment before I realize he's talking about Pic Monkey

( the blanket is on the top of the dresser because I'm picturing this as a changing table for a nursery )

Suzan says - Do you think you could help me move it away from the street ?
John says - You're kidding me?  Just take your photos and lets get it back in already

But I insisted and he caved.

I ran around frantically while he stood there with his arms folded and tapping his foot..............
Add that to the fact that I can't take a decent photo to save my life and there you have it - I won't be
" dancing with dressers outdoors " anytime soon.

My favorite part of this makeover is the knobs

French Provincial dresser knobs - painted

I just gave them a quick coat of a metallic paint that I had on hand (with a brush - usually I spray paint them) I love them - I want to do it to every knob and handle I have in the house LOL
Don't they look a little patina ( ish ) ?

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™ - Paris Grey & Old White................and clear wax
I did a teeny bit more distressing then I normally do

because she just looked like the perfect shabby canadidate

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Paris Grey & Old White

This piece is a Haddon Hall ..........which means it comes from the iconic Canadian EATON'S - a little research told me that they were produced in the mid 50's - and were part of their high end or " Prestigious" line  - a dresser like this would have went for approximately 395.00 in it's day.................big money when you consider that you could buy a house for under 10,000 - but 60 years later it's in incredible shape and will be around another 60 ( and longer ) without a doubt.

I'm pretty certain there's a before pic floating around somewhere in the archives - but I can't find it - and only remembered to take a photo of the last drawer before I painted it as well

Actually it was almost identical to these end tables I made over last year

Just in case you're interested - here's the makeover over of those pieces ( HERE ) these were keepers and are in my bedroom

And that's it - I'm thinking the rest of my furniture makeover photos will be taken indoors............

Except maybe for the next one up !

Which I can't wait to get started !

Have a wonderful Monday everyone


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Shabby Chic Coffee Table!

Good mornin' - Good mornin'
rainbows are shining through
Good Mornin'
Beunos Dias
to you!!!

I'm posting this because I feel bad that I haven't shown a furniture makeover
in awhile - and Dee asked me what was going on ( slave driver ) 
So I'm still only going to announce the winner on Monday 
  I'm out the door in a few minutes,
if that's ok with you ( she asked, wondering what she would do exactly if you said it wasn't) 

Ready to see what a little paint, Gel Transfer and an image from the Graphics Fairy can do to a boring dated table?
Okay - then I'll show you

french provincial, coffee table, before, paint, ascp

                                                                                TA DA!!!!!!!!!

coffee table, makeover, before, after, shabby chic, gel transfer

coffee table, makeover, artisan enhancements transfer gel, transferring, image

shabby chic, coffee table, white, transferred graphic, graphics fairy, ascp,

French Shabby Chic - I feel like having une petite morceau de chocolat .....................

french graphic, shabby chic, coffee table, transformation, before, after, white,

Crazy day tomorrow - and Saturday - and Sunday - and Monday - and - well you get the picture -
BUT - doing what I love to do - so it's okay.

Winner and tutorial Monday morning :)

Have a great Friday all!

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Painful Beginning

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I was going through some old posts last night  of furniture to add to a board on Pinterest and nearly peed my pants looking at some of them.
Can you remember starting your first job when you were younger - and not knowing what in God's name you were doing?
Can you remember that feeling of being completely alone in a new world?
Can you remember trying to figure out where you fit in - which group seemed most like you?
Can  you remember trying to look very very busy and efficient when the whole time your brain 
was trying frantically to make sense of things that were completely alien and foreign to you?

That's exactly what my first 6 months of blogging were like - 
I had no voice - absolutely none - 
My posts showed no reflection of my character whatsoever
I was struggling to find my place in a world where literally hundreds of thousands of people had got there before me - I'm always late to a party.

So I wrote my posts - I uploaded my photos - and ambled along that way for quite awhile.
No one came.
No one commented.
No one knew I was alive.
then one day it happened
I found my voice 
my ridiculous
that I was too afraid to use in the beginning
And the magic happened
People actually came by 
they commented
they showed so much love that I was overwhelmed
and my blog grew
  I feel so connected to every single one of you 
that loyally come by day after day 
even when I'm overwhelmed and can't get back to you as soon as I should.

We're almost at 700 followers 
and that means we're almost at another give away 
Unless I just stay at 696 forevah
and that would be so over the moon ok with me!

The below is one of those posts from my anonymous days
I get to repost it because I was anonymous then lol
and I actually may start reposting some of the other things I did
from time to time.

If anyone were to ask me for advice today on blogging 
the thing I would shout off the rooftops is this
and use it
every day
It won't be for everybody 
Some people won't like your voice 
They'll come 
and then they'll go 
But eventually people will find you
and surprisingly they'll like your voice
and for the most part they are the one's who
for those of you that have stayed I can't tell you how very dear you've become to me

I also want to give a shout out to Maryann from  Power of Paint
who has been kind enough to feature me a few times - and has featured me again today
Visit her site if you aren't already following her - she's one of my go-to's.

And lastly 

 Here's a post from the old days - the dressers pretty nice 
the post is boring as hell lol
( and I had to redo all the photos to watermark them because I had no idea how to do that back in the day )
and the collage?
I made that up today also lol

Shabby, Dresser, White, Gray, Appliques, distressing

The dresser was first painted Old White - and then Paris Grey was lightly dry brushed over the surface
to give it layered old " worn " look

shabby, gray, white, layered colors,

shabby, dresser, gray, white, detailing

legs, details, gray, white, dresser

Such beautiful details - and the colors make the details stand out - I painted the
wooden handles in both of the colors - white - then the gray in the middle - and
then sanded them to expose some of the original wood color.  Hope she
sells as quick as the last one, do not want to have to look at her for too long or
I may never be able to say goodbye ;(


oops - here is the before shot - minus the drawers because I had already gotten
my greedy hands on the paint before I remembered!!

and this is what the drawers looked like - I was still working on the middle one in this pic - lol

shabby, details,legs,knobs,gray,white,layering paint,dresser

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